Park and Public Space Signage

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Creating a park or other type of public space includes a lot of little details. One of these details that should not be overlooked is signage for the area. On a basic level, this signage will provide information and direction. It can also encourage learning, set and maintain an image, communicate rules, and more.

Location of these signs is key to meeting specific goals and needs set forth in the public space. Placing them near other amenities like benches, restrooms and more is a good way to achieve these goals. They have a larger impact when placed in conjunction with other features in the space.

A few different types of signs needed for parks and public spaces are:

  1. Maps

To help visitors stay oriented to their surroundings and know how to find certain locations within the area, maps are needed at the entry points as well as set distances. Maps guide visitors and highlight points of interest.

  1. Educational Signs

Inform visitors of events that happened in a certain spots or other unique aspects of the space. They can also be a way to let visitors know the rules of the area such as all pets need to be on leashes.

  1. Directional Signage

To help visitors find the right path or location, directional signage should be posted throughout the area. They can be near landmarks, where trails split off, close to restrooms, etc.

Signage in public spaces needs to be designed in a way that will catch attention while being informative and placed in the right areas. Infinity Signs NW can help figure out the types of signage needed, design and produce the signs, and install them.

They can also develop site project signs while the space is being built and designed. Visit Infinity Signs NW’s website to see some of their previous work.

5 Digital Signage Statistics

A lot of business owners are starting to wonder about digital signage and if it could help their business. These five statistics might help with this decision:
1. Digital Stands Out
A 2012 study found that 71% of people felt advertising on digital billboards stood out more than online ads. They are also more prominent than television ads according to 46% of the participants.
2. Digital Signs Reach More Customers
Seventy percent of Americans report having seen a digital video display in the past month. Another interesting fact is that 75% percent of people recall seeing a digital billboard in the past month while traveling, which means the digital signs are reaching more than just the people who live in the particular town where the sign is located.
3. Digital Holds Attention
Drivers spend significantly longer looking at digital billboards than traditional billboards as they are driving. Giving these signs more attention helps viewers recall the digital advertisement later, especially when it has an animated and colorful display. Although driver distraction was a concern when these signs first became popular, experience has proven this is not a problem.
4. People Remember the Message
Of people who have recently seen a digital billboard, 55 percent could recall the specific message displayed. Advertisers frequently find it challenging to get people to remember a specific message through an advertising campaign, but digital signage has proven to be one of the better ways to reinforce the message.
5. Drive Sales
When people see an ad, it can make them want that item immediately. Digital advertisements can do the same thing when people drive by and see them. Nineteen percent of consumers claim to have made an unplanned, impulse purchase of products they’ve seen digitally advertised.
If your business has decided to use digital signage talk to the team at Infinity Signs NW. We will work to find the right digital sign for your business needs.

Custom Mini Fridges


Students have been customizing their book covers, lockers, and everything else for years. In college, this trend doesn’t disappear, so why not help them customize their dorm room by getting a custom wrap for their mini fridge.

Infinity Signs NW can wrap just about anything, even refrigerators. The vinyl wraps are easy to clean, can withstand the wear and tear that comes with college life, and can even be removed, if necessary.

Here are some fridge wrap ideas:

Sports Teams

For those dedicated to their sport and team, Infinity Signs can design a wrap that will show off their pride.  Football, baseball, soccer, hockey, you name it and they can create it. Whether it’s the team logo or their favorite player, it will be sure to show off their team pride.

School Spirit

Use a fridge wrap to show off their excitement about the college they’re attending. Use the school logo, mascot, or seal to decorate the vinyl wrap. Their room could be the envy of the whole dorm floor!

Sorority or Fraternity

Let students show off their Greek pride with a fridge wrap dedicated to their new fraternity or sorority. It can be a fun way for them to show off their letters, colors, sorority/fraternity animal, and more.


Retro designs are always in. Turn their mini fridge into an old Coca-Cola machine, or an old gas pump. It will be a blast from the past.


For a student who loves all things outdoors, consider a wrap that features a picturesque mountain scene, a forest, or some camo if they love hunting.

Give their college dorm room a little added customization with a vinyl wrap for the mini fridge. Or wrap the fridge at home that’s in a man cave or workshop. Either way, Infinity Signs NW can make any idea a reality.

Advertising with Sidewalk Signs

Small businesses in areas with high volume foot traffic often use sidewalk signs for advertising purposes. They can be used to let customers know of a sale, promote restaurant specials, discounts, and more. These practical and affordable signs have many benefits for these businesses.

  1. Attention

Businesses using signage that is purposefully placed outside, increase their sales and profitability according to studies. Sidewalk signs with a clear message will attract customers to the business. To make the sign more readable, leave blank space around the text. Attract more attention with a border around the message.

  1. Changeable

Sidewalk signs with changeable lettering allow the business to create as many different messages as they want. Often sidewalk signs include a section with a chalkboard or whiteboard so a new message can be easily drawn at any time. They are also generally double-sided, giving the business the opportunity to gain exposure from both directions.

  1. Portability

At the end of the day, businesses can bring sidewalk signs inside to protect them from vandalism and the weather. They can also be moved to different locations if needed due to being lightweight. If the sign is not needed, it can be folded flat for storage as well.

  1. Inexpensive

These signs are relatively inexpensive, and can draw a lot of attention from potential customers. After the sign is purchased, it can be used to advertise every day without any additional money being put into it. That’s what make sidewalk signs a good investment for storefronts and other small businesses.

  1. Customization

Most businesses will want to include their business logo in a permanent fashion on their sidewalk sign. However, since many of these signs allow for writing, it gives the business the ability to customize the sign any way they want. They can use colorful markers or chalk, create a border, draw a picture, and more. Customization lets the business show their personality to customers.

Talk to Infinity Signs NW about purchasing a sidewalk sign. They can help direct businesses to one that matches their businesses needs perfectly from the materials it’s made of to the proper size. Visit the Infinity Signs NW website to see more of their sign services.

3 Tips for Creating a Company Logo

Creating a company logo is an important step in starting a new business. It helps to shape the identity and often is the first thing customers will see. This is why it needs to symbolize what the company stands for.

There are three types of logos:

  • Font-based logos: these are made up of a type treatment with a twist so they aren’t just simple print
  • Illustrative logos: this type is literally an illustration of what the company does
  • Abstract graphic symbols: these logos don’t necessarily have anything to do with the actual business, such as the Nike swoosh

Not everyone is a creative genius, which can make creating a company logo difficult. That’s where Infinity Signs NW comes in. Their graphic design team can help create the perfect company logo to put on signage, promotional products, and more. However, coming in with a few ideas is helpful. Here are some ideas to get started:

  1. Seek out the competition

Some logos might not fly in a certain industry. It can be a good idea to check out what other companies are doing and which type of logo is used a lot in that industry. It can also give companies an idea of how to make theirs stand out.

  1. The message

The logo is a direct message to customers telling them what the company is about. If the company is more conservative, the logo should reflect that. The target audience should also be taken into consideration.

  1. Concise

Logos can’t afford to be cluttered. They need to be clean and able to be put on anything from a business card to the side of a vehicle. The best logos are easily reproduced and distinctive.

While actually creating the logo oneself isn’t the best idea, brainstorming some ideas can really help expedite the process. Talk to Infinity Signs NW about creating the perfect company logo to go on any sign or product needed.

Brochure Design Elements

Along with a variety of signs, promotional products, and vehicle wraps, Infinity Signs can also help design and manufacture brochures for businesses, non-profits, events, and more. When designing a brochure, there are some elements that make up a good design.


Brochures come in different formats. Some formats work better than others for certain brochures and the type of information being presented. The most common format that comes to mind when people think of brochures is a tri-fold brochure. This format allows a lot of information to be presented because it is broken up by the folds. However, if big pictures and luxury products are going to be in the brochure, then a tri-fold style might not be the best choice.

White Space

While people want to include as much information in a brochure as possible, they also need to leave room for white space. Without balanced white space the brochure will look cluttered and confuse the eye.


The colors should coordinate with the company logo and color scheme. Avoid going overboard with color because too much will be off-putting. However, using no color will make the brochure boring and people will be less inclined to pay attention to it.


Because brochures are to be read, the font, its size and spacing matters. Avoid using small fonts just to cram more information on the page. Keep the text simple and easy to read. It needs to be large enough for the audience the brochure is targeting and should have sufficient spacing so it doesn’t look like the words are sitting right on top one another.

Those who plan on designing their brochure themselves before having Infinity Signs print it, should keep these elements in mind. The graphic design team at Infinity Signs can also help design brochures. Talk to them about creating the perfect brochure for the next company event.

Preventing Faded Window Signage

After spending money on signage for a business, the last thing anyone wants is for that sign to fade quickly. If the sign is in the store window, there are some ways the business can help to prevent this from happening.

  1. Window Film

A polyester coating can be applied to the inside of the window. There are many different types of window films and some of these have a UV coating that can filter out 99 percent of UV radiation. This can reduce the amount of sun hitting the sign, which will lower the chance of it fading over time.

  1. Solar Screen Shades

Solar screen shades reduce glare and block out UV rays. These protect the window signage, store merchandise, and can even lower cooling costs for the business. While available in many different tints, the clear option will allow for the best visibly so customers see inside the store and see the window signage. These shades have the option to be installed as either interior or exterior protection.

  1. Awnings

Mounting an awning above the store windows can reduce the amount of sunlight entering the store. The amount of sunlight it reduces depends on which direction the windows are facing however. For south facing windows, an awning can reduce incoming heat by 65 percent and 77 percent for eastern and western facing windows according to the Consumer Energy Center. Awnings could be a great way to prevent the bleaching effect the sun has on signage and merchandise near the windows.

Signage is a necessary investment for businesses and should be taken care of so it lasts as long as possible. Talk to Infinity Signs about their sign maintenance services, which includes repairs and cleaning. For those businesses who have faded signage, Infinity Signs can design and manufacture a new sign. Be sure to implement one of the above preventative measures to keep the new signage from fading.