Choosing the Right Material

When ordering an outdoor sign there are a variety of things to consider – color, size, material, lighting, and much more.  One of the most important decisions, and often the most confusing for those who are new to sign ordering, is which material to use.  Beyond choosing the correct material you’ll also need to be sure to order the correct thickness.  All of this can be tricky if you haven’t done it before.  Infinity Signs, NW has the answers you need.

For customers who are looking for heavy-duty construction site signs, such as a hazardous material sign, we would recommend using .125” thick aluminum.  In general aluminum is one of the most popular options for outdoor signage.  It’s lightweight, looks great for years to come, is affordable and is incredibly durable. For our real estate customers looking for small yard signs we would recommend a thinner .040” thick aluminum.  For something slightly more rigid .080” thick aluminum is also a good choice.  As an example this is the thickness of the stop sign at the end of your street.

Similar in appearance to the aluminum sign is a dibond material.  These signs are thicker than aluminum alone but have an aluminum surface, which means you keep the beautiful look but add dimension.  Dibond also increases the strength and durability of the sign, and is available in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes.  It’s priced comparably to aluminum but does even better in outdoor conditions.  Many commercial real estate companies will use dibond for their signage because of its balance between durability and portability.

Another popular choice is dura-wood.  For those who are looking for signage that has the classic look of wood but the durability of vinyl.  Dura-wood is ½” thick and can be custom cut into any size you need.  It’s one of the best options for those who are looking to make use of full-color graphics but want something that’s still easy to mount and can stand up to the outdoor elements.  Many customers prefer dura-wood because it can be printed as a double-sided sign.

Whether your business is real estate, construction, or something else entirely we recommend considering the use of one of these 3 materials.  There is so much you can do with each of them and our design team is here to help you create something that suits your business perfectly.  Give Infinity Signs, NW a call today.

Signage for House Selling Season

Real Estate Signage

Spring is almost here and along with the warmer weather and beautiful flowers comes house selling season.  Are you a realtor who wants to be ready when the market gets hot?  Have you taken a look at your signs recently?  If your signage is old or has had a rough winter, maybe it’s time for a fresh, new look.  You certainly want your signs to stand out against the crowd and grab the attention of potential buyers and the creative design team at Infinity Signs NW can get the job done for you.

There are a variety of options when it comes to real estate signs, and we’ve got experience with them all.  Of course most real estate agents use some type of yard sign both to indicate that a home is for sale as well as to let people know when an open house is being held, but there is still a lot of variety within these yard signs.  Many people opt for the durable and lower priced option of the traditional metal sign.  These signs can withstand the elements and last a long time, all while getting the job done of providing your contact information and letting the public know which house is for sale.  Our team can help you put together various layouts to determine which look is right for you.  This includes consideration of logo placement, graphics, color scheme, photos of the realtor, and many more options.

Looking for something different than the metal yard sign?  Wooden-framed signs are a great choice for those looking to take it up a notch.  These signs provide all of the same information as the metal signs, but with the additional features of a brochure box and rider sign.  They also add a touch of class that can really send a message to buyers that this is a high-end home.  Infinity Signs can even assist with the installation of these signs.  Just like the metal version, the wooden-framed sign can be completely customized for your business and can come in a variety of colors.

Are you looking to sell your home yourself?  For-sale-by-owner can make buyers uneasy about whether the process will be smooth and professional, but you can put those fears at bay by using professional signage to promote your property.  We have options to help you get a beautiful sign for your hard as well as directional signs to place at the major road intersections to direct buyers to your home.

If you want to be ready for the busy spring season it’s time to get your new signage ordered today to make sure it’s ready when you are.  Don’t wait until the daffodils start coming up to give your presentation a face-lift.

For-Sale-By-Owner like a Professional

for sales sign

More and more sellers are considering selling their home themselves, and with an average cost savings of just over $14,000, it’s easy to see why.  While many buyers are quick to make great use of the internet, various apps, and even the MLS they forget about the value of printed material.  Making a small investment in professionally printed signage and brochures can help you sell what is often your largest investment.. For a minimal cost you can market your home just like a professional real estate agent.  The print professionals at Infinity Signs NW are here to help.

First let’s consider outdoor signage.  You’ll want a nice sign in your yard with your contact information and possibly a fact or two about the house.  You’ll also need some signs to put at major cross roads to get the word out to the public that you have a property for sale in the area.  Both of these can be done with excellence by utilizing a professional designer.

Second, you’ll definitely need flyers or brochures to hand out to offer the full background on your home.  This is an opportunity to provide the basic information as well as much more.  Photos printed professionally on flyers makes a huge visual difference verses photos printed from your home printer.  Given that these images are likely to be referred back to by potential buyers many times, it seems worth the time and money to make sure they’re high quality.  For most people selling a home is something they only do a few times in a lifetime so having the expertise to properly layout a flyer is not something you’re likely to specialize in.  The design and layout can be overwhelming if far too much information is provided, and completely disorganized if not done correctly.  You want to make sure the most critical information, the high points of the home, and details that are important to buyers are displayed in the most clear and concise manner possible.

With quick turnaround available, Infinity Signs NW can sit down with you right away to design everything you’ll need to sell your home professionally but without the hefty realtor fees.  If you want to get the most money for your home then your home needs to command that price, and it starts with a professional presentation of everything it has to offer.

Different Font Uses

When designing a sign, the choice of font matters. The right font should help the customer to read and understand the message quickly, while the wrong font will leave them confused, or could cause people to not read the sign at all. With thousands of fonts available, it can make choosing the right one difficult.

Almost every font can be put into one of five categories: Serif, San Serif, Script& Cursive, Text, and Novelty.


These fonts are the easiest to read, which is why Times New Roman is commonly used in publishing. A serif is a small angled line projecting from the upper and lower ends of the letter. When dealing with large amounts of text, like in a book, newspaper, or brochure, a serif font is the best way to go.

San Serif

The word sans means “without” in French, which means the letters in this font are missing the serifs from the top and bottom. When there are few words and a large font is needed, san serif is easy to read. This type of font is commonly used for street signs. When creating large signage for a business, this is a great type of font to use.

Script and Cursive

There is a different between these two stylish and formal fonts. Script is when the letters do not touch each other. If the letters are touching each other, the font is considered cursive. These can be difficult to read, so be careful when putting them on signage.


These are the most difficult fonts to read. Generally, these can be found on newspaper mastheads (the logo at the top) and company logos. It probably is not the best font for a sign, unless it is already part of a logo.


Novelty fonts should be used for novelty signage, such as a holiday special or important promotion. These fonts are easy to go overboard with and should never be mixed together on a sign.

Keeps these font suggestions in mind when thinking of a new sign design. Still not sure which font to use? The team at Infinity Signs NW can help find the right font for any sign they help to create and manufacture.

Promotional Sign Design

Promotional signs need to quickly grab people’s attention. The best way to do this is with color. Some experts think a yellow background with black text is the best way to get attention while others claim red is the best choice. Those aren’t the only colors businesses use for promotional signs, though. When choosing colors, keep these factors in mind:

Color Value:

When using a white background, avoid light colored lettering. It will not be visible. A dark color, which has a high value, will show up much better because it contrasts with the low color value of the background. Same goes for using dark lettering on a darker background. It will not contrast enough, making the sign illegible.


Consider where the sign will be placed. The sign needs to stand out from the surrounding environment. A white sign in a snowy area can get lost in the snow around it. A green sign in an area with a lot of shrubbery or trees is unlikely to stand out. Take the surrounding environment into consideration when designing signage.

Two vs. One Color

Adding a second color almost always improves the design. This doesn’t mean a color on top of a white background, but a yellow and black sign or something similar. Two colors require two films, two screens, two setups, two runs, and two cleanups. This means two coloring printing costs more, but in the end it will be worth it. The lettering will stand out better.

Color is just one aspect of designing a promotional sign. For help with the rest of the designing process, contact Infinity Signs. Their graphic design team can work with business owners to create a promotional sign that is sure to grab attention.

Visit the Infinity Signs website to see some of their previous sign work and learn more about the services they offer.

Getting the Most Out of Real Estate Signs


Real estate signs need to grab people’s attention, whether they are for commercial or residential purposes. Real estate signs are just one type of sign that Infinity Signs can create. To get the most of the real estate signs, try these tips when designing:

  • Use Borders

Borders can be used to direct the eye exactly where it needs to go whether that is the name if the realtor, the price, or the contact information. Use them to box in the most important information.

  • Color Combination

There should be two other colors besides white on the sign. Generally the color combination are decided by the company logo and branding. Use strong colors, but make sure they complement each other well. Avoid using red alone because it can be too alarming to the eye.

  • Graphics

Be sure the logo is large enough for people to see it and recognize it when driving by. Having a larger logo will help potential buyers remember the sign and be able to recall the real estate company. If a new realtor doesn’t have a logo yet, Infinity Signs can help come up with the perfect logo too.

  • Personalize

Unique signs will stand out more than a standard “for sale” sign. The graphic design team at Infinity Signs can help design a unique sign to draw in potential buyers. Signs with a unique twist help potential buyers be able to recall them.

  • Frame

The frame for the sign doesn’t have to just hold the sign up. Frames can also be used to distribute materials such as flyers and brochures.

For unique, personalized real estate signs that will get a property noticed, contact Infinity Signs. Their graphic design team can help design exactly what the realtor dreams up. Or they can work with the realtor to come up with a design to fit their needs.