Outdoor Sign Maintenance

Outdoor business signs are an important investment. Keeping these signs maintained with some regular upkeep will help the business get its money’s worth. Keep outdoor signage lasting for years to come with these sign maintenance tips:

  1. Lighting

If the sign is illuminated, check on the lighting regularly whether it’s an LED sign or lit from the inside. It’s pretty easy to tell if a bulb has gone out in a sign. Partially or dimly lit signs can give customers a bad impression, so fix any lighting issues as soon as possible.

  1. Cleaning

With all of the different weather conditions in Boise and the Treasure Valley like rain, snow, and even sunshine, outdoor signs can get dirty or faded over time. Clean the signage monthly, or more depending on how dirty it gets. During cleaning is a great time to check for cracks, and chipped or peeling paint, which Infinity Signs NW may be able to repair.

  1. Interior

If the sign has an interior, it will also need some maintenance. Check for clogged drain holes due to leaves, dirt, and even insects or animals. Birds frequently like to nest in signage, which could create some electrical problems.

Business signage is often the first impression a customer has of a business, so it should be in top shape all the time, but not every business owner has the time or resources to do regular sign maintenance. Infinity Signs NW can help. We offer sign maintenance and repairs for our customers. If the sign has become faded, chipped, or rusted, we can get it back to looking like new, or replace it with a new sign if it is beyond its lifetime.

Contact Infinity Signs NW today for sign services and repairs, or to get the ball rolling on creating a brand new sign.