New Year, New Look


As we begin 2019, is it time for your business to get a new look?  Do you need to mix it up to grab customer’s attention again?  The best way is to reevaluate your signage.  After a while people drive by the same signs over and over and completely miss what they even say.  Haven’t you ever had that experience?  You drive through an area you’ve driven through a thousand times before and all of the sudden realize there’s a store there that you never knew existed.  Many times it turns out that the store has been there for 20 years.

What can you do to make sure your business isn’t in that situation?  Change up the look of your signage periodically.  Having something fresh and different will stand out to customers and cause them to take a second look.  Getting a new look can mean an entirely new exterior sign, the addition of an electronic sign, a new banner or special event sign, or simply a facelift of the existing signage.

Infinity Signs NW can help with all of these services.  Our installation team can take a look at your existing signage and make recommendations on everything from giving it a good cleaning to servicing and repairing anything that’s been damaged. The design team is also available to work with you if you’re looking to go in a new direction entirely.  You’ll need to consider whether you want to keep some of your existing sign features such as font, color, or use of images or scrap everything and completely start over.  This is where working with a design artist can be extremely helpful.  Let us work up some images for you to give you an idea of what it would look like to make big changes verses smaller ones and then you decide which best reflects your business.

The quick turn around on manufacturing from Infinity Signs NW means you’ll be getting the benefits of your new signage right away.  You’ll be sure to get everything you can out of this New Year.  The installation staff will have your new signs up promoting your company before you know it.  Make 2019 the year your company stands out from the crowd with a new look in the community.  This could be just what you need to bring in new customers and grow your business this year.

Designing a Logo

Logo Design

Designing a new company logo can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t have a background in creative design work.  Many of our customers contact our design team looking for suggestions on where to start.  At Infinity Signs NW we are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with customers from the very beginning of logo design all of the way through to business cards and signage.  Our years of experience have allowed us to come up with some tips to help you get started on your new logo design or our designers can design a new logo for you.

  • Color – selecting a color pallet can be a helpful place to start, and an extremely important decision.  The colors you go with will bring life to your logo, they will draw people in and catch their attention.  One important note to keep in mind is that while you’re color choices will have a big impact, your design needs to also look good in grayscale and/or black and white as there will be times when that will be necessary.
  • Trends – steer clear of the current design trends.  Often some designs come into favor and get way overused for a short time period.  Unfortunately, your logo will often far outlast the fad.  Choose a logo that you can use for the long haul, not just what you currently see all over town.
  • Font – a custom font is a great way to make your logo stand out from the crowd.  This is the time to spend some money to buy a new font option rather than just choosing from the drop down menu.
  • Simple – you don’t have to have an incredible complicated or intricate design for your logo.  Consider that some of the most recognizable logos are very simple – the Nike® swish or the Apple® logo for example. If there’s a single icon or item that fits your business maybe just find a way to tweak it a bit and make it your own, this could lead to a simple but powerful statement.
  • Patience – understand that more than likely you’re first attempt at a logo won’t be your final product.  In most cases it takes some revisions, alterations or complete do-overs to reach the ideal logo for your company.  You may go through multiple ideas before ever getting to something you would consider taking to print, and that’s ok.  This is too big of a decision to rush so take your time and keep working it until you absolutely love it.

Unique logo designs

Promotional Coffee Mugs

Promotional Products

Searching for the perfect fall promotional product? Go with custom coffee mugs! Everyone is trading in their cold brews and iced coffees for warmer drinks with the temperatures dropping. It’s the perfect time to invest in promotional coffee mugs whether they are ceramic, insulated to-go varieties, or stainless-steel tumblers.

One of the reasons coffee mugs are such a popular promotional item is their usefulness and the popularity of coffee throughout the years. Coffee is a staple in most people’s lives. They drink it to wake up in the morning, on the drive to work, and even in the afternoon for a pick-me-up. This morning brew won’t be going anywhere soon, which is why coffee mugs continue to be a great promotional product investment for many businesses.

Even those who don’t drink coffee find ways to use ceramic coffee mugs. Some other uses include: holding pens, using them as vases, candy dishes and more! To-go mugs and tumblers can be used for more than just coffee too. Their versatility is a huge advantage.

Besides their versatility in use, coffee mugs can be uniquely designed with graphics, logos, mission statements and more. They are also versatile with many styles, colors and sizes of coffee mugs available. A basic diner mug is great for home or work, and to-go mugs are great for those who are always on the go.

To use coffee mugs for increasing brand awareness, hand them out as gifts for people who purchase something from the company or include them in a gift basket with other goodies. It might seem like a small gift, but is likely to get a lot of use and brand visibility.

See some of the coffee mugs Infinity Signs NW can order and design in our catalog or give us a call at 208-473-2916 for details on coffee mugs and other Promotional Product Specials.

Using a Professional Graphic Design Service


Creating a strong brand image requires quality graphic design work. Cheap, non-professional graphic design work will ultimately lead to disappointment and is unlikely to achieve the desired results. Using a professional graphic design service to help build a strong brand image will lead to benefits like:

Saving Money

Graphic designers know the most cost-effective way to design graphics and materials for businesses. Also, the more professional the design, the better response it will have from customers. A poor design can be lackluster, created in a difficult to use program, or may not print ready, all of which can cost a business extra money later.

Stand Out

A strong brand image sets a business apart from their competition. A thoughtfully designed graphic helps to accomplish this goal. Generic logos and graphics won’t get a second look. The imagery needs to provide an instant connection to the products and services offered, which Infinity Signs NW can do.


To be taken seriously, a company’s logo and other graphics needs to be designed well. The logo only has a fraction of a second to make a first impression. A poorly designed logo can make customers and clients feel like the business itself is unprofessional.


A professional graphic designer can create many different graphics for multiple projects, while making them look cohesive and consistent to better represent the brand’s image.

Saving Time

Having a knowledgeable graphic designer create the design incorporating the details wanted will save the business time. Beyond giving the designer specifics of the project and approving the design, there’s not much else required from the business owner, letting them focus on the day-to-day specifics of their business instead of graphic design.

Let the graphic design team at Infinity Signs NW take care of all the graphic design needs for logos, brochures, banners, signs and more.

Updating Business Cards


Business cards are a great way to reach out to potential clients, spread brand awareness, and make community connections. However, out-of-date cards might send the wrong message. That’s why it is recommended to update business cards when any of your information changes or when you have new business services or a new logo.

While some people might recommend updating them yearly, that may or may not be often enough. Here are three instances when updating business cards is necessary:

  1. New Information

When information changes, so should the business card. A change in information could be any of the following:

  • New Address
  • Name Change
  • New Phone Number
  • New Email
  • New Website
  • New Social Media Networks

If any of these changes occur, the card needs to be updated to reflect the change. Someone calling the wrong number or going to the wrong office won’t be happy when they do reach the business.

  1. Design

Over the years, logos are should be updated to look more modern and clean. When there is a change to the logo, the business cards need to be redesigned to match the new logo. Also, font preferences are constantly changing. Keep cards looking modern with a font update if necessary. Lastly, consider updating the color scheme of the card, or adding color if none is currently present. This will make the new cards stand out more to current clients and prospective new clients.

  1. Materials

Business cards today look nothing like they did 20 years ago. With technology and design capabilities constantly advancing, there are more options for creating business cards than ever before. They can be finished with gold leaf, aqua foil, embossing and more. The designers at Infinity Signs NW can add many little touches to make your business cards stand out.

Updating business cards ensures the business is giving a good first impression. Learn more about the design options available through Infinity Signs NW on our website.


3 Tips for Creating a Company Logo

Creating a company logo is an important step in starting a new business. It helps to shape the identity and often is the first thing customers will see. This is why it needs to symbolize what the company stands for.

There are three types of logos:

  • Font-based logos: these are made up of a type treatment with a twist so they aren’t just simple print
  • Illustrative logos: this type is literally an illustration of what the company does
  • Abstract graphic symbols: these logos don’t necessarily have anything to do with the actual business, such as the Nike swoosh

Not everyone is a creative genius, which can make creating a company logo difficult. That’s where Infinity Signs NW comes in. Their graphic design team can help create the perfect company logo to put on signage, promotional products, and more. However, coming in with a few ideas is helpful. Here are some ideas to get started:

  1. Seek out the competition

Some logos might not fly in a certain industry. It can be a good idea to check out what other companies are doing and which type of logo is used a lot in that industry. It can also give companies an idea of how to make theirs stand out.

  1. The message

The logo is a direct message to customers telling them what the company is about. If the company is more conservative, the logo should reflect that. The target audience should also be taken into consideration.

  1. Concise

Logos can’t afford to be cluttered. They need to be clean and able to be put on anything from a business card to the side of a vehicle. The best logos are easily reproduced and distinctive.

While actually creating the logo oneself isn’t the best idea, brainstorming some ideas can really help expedite the process. Talk to Infinity Signs NW about creating the perfect company logo to go on any sign or product needed.

Different Font Uses

When designing a sign, the choice of font matters. The right font should help the customer to read and understand the message quickly, while the wrong font will leave them confused, or could cause people to not read the sign at all. With thousands of fonts available, it can make choosing the right one difficult.

Almost every font can be put into one of five categories: Serif, San Serif, Script& Cursive, Text, and Novelty.


These fonts are the easiest to read, which is why Times New Roman is commonly used in publishing. A serif is a small angled line projecting from the upper and lower ends of the letter. When dealing with large amounts of text, like in a book, newspaper, or brochure, a serif font is the best way to go.

San Serif

The word sans means “without” in French, which means the letters in this font are missing the serifs from the top and bottom. When there are few words and a large font is needed, san serif is easy to read. This type of font is commonly used for street signs. When creating large signage for a business, this is a great type of font to use.

Script and Cursive

There is a different between these two stylish and formal fonts. Script is when the letters do not touch each other. If the letters are touching each other, the font is considered cursive. These can be difficult to read, so be careful when putting them on signage.


These are the most difficult fonts to read. Generally, these can be found on newspaper mastheads (the logo at the top) and company logos. It probably is not the best font for a sign, unless it is already part of a logo.


Novelty fonts should be used for novelty signage, such as a holiday special or important promotion. These fonts are easy to go overboard with and should never be mixed together on a sign.

Keeps these font suggestions in mind when thinking of a new sign design. Still not sure which font to use? The team at Infinity Signs NW can help find the right font for any sign they help to create and manufacture.

Business Card Rules

Businessmen and women hand out hundreds to thousands of business cards each year. To make sure those business cards are making the right impression, be aware of how its format and information are coming across to potential contacts. Follow these five rules for an effective business card:

  1. Only Important Information

Not every single detail needs to be put on a business card. Cluttering it with a small font can make it difficult for people to read or lose their attention. The basics should be the only info on the front of the business card. These include: name, title, business name, phone, email and website.

  1. Legibility

The text on business cards should be simple and easy to read. While it might be tempting to add a fun font, it isn’t the best idea. The logo design can be a different, fun element that adds interest, while allowing the font to stay simple.

  1. Printing

While printing business cards at home might save a little money, they won’t make as good of an impression as professionally printed business cards. The team at Infinity Signs NW can print business cards, as well as help design them for customers.

  1. Keep the Audience in Mind

Business cards for a tailoring business will look different than those for a plumbing business. They will need to be designed thinking of the people receiving the business card and how they will receive the design.

  1. Call to Action

To make a card memorable and interactive, consider including a call to action. It can be a discount, a QR code, or something else interactive. It can help generate leads and get people to call or visit your website.

Not sure where to start? The graphic design team at Infinity Signs NW can design business cards for any kind of business. They can also help design a logo for new businesses. Contact Infinity Signs today.

Advertising with Window Wraps

In buildings with multiple businesses, it can be hard to stand out. One way to catch the public’s eye is with window wraps. Whether it’s for decorative purposes or advertising a sale, a window graphic can draw more attention to the business and provide these benefits:

  1. Brand Building

Window wraps can help a business show off who they are with a logo or slogan, rather than just tell customers the hours of operation like most windows seen on buildings. A creatively designed window graphic by the team at Infinity Signs NW can turn heads and help build a brand.

  1. Enhance Privacy

If the business wants some privacy for their clients, such as a gym or hair salon, window wraps could help. They can be designed to block people from seeing completely in the building, and keep outside distractions from bothering employees as well.

  1. Provide Information

Sometimes a window wrap simply needs to provide information to customers. They can list the hours of operation, which way the door opens, or the services provided.

  1. Promote Specials

If the business is in an area that gets a lot of foot traffic or people driving by, using window decals can be a great way to promote specials. By using bright colors and fun graphics, window wraps can grab attention of passing people and inform them of a sale.

  1. Block the Sun

Windows facing the rising or setting sun can let in blinding light. This can bother both customers and employees. Window wraps can be used to block out some of the sun’s rays and make the building more comfortable. It might even cut down on heating and cooling costs by blocking the sun from heating the building.

Talk to Infinity Signs NW about designing a window wrap for any business or occasion. Their graphic design team can create an eye-catching design or logo to fit a variety of windows.

Company Logo Colors

New businesses need to create a logo, but first they have to decide on the color scheme of that logo. Colors portray certain feelings and emotions, and can influence how clients or customers see a company.

Companies choose colors for many reasons, some have merit, and some are just personal. If the company owner has a favorite color, they might go with that. Or, they might do some research on colors and pick which portray the right emotions they want their customers to associate with them.

Here are some popular logo colors and what they portray:


  • Calm
  • Honest
  • Strong
  • Caring
  • Trustworthy

Many companies choose blue because it is associated with trust and caring. Some notable companies with blue logos are: Facebook, Ford and Visa.


  • Love
  • Action
  • Passionate
  • Energy

Red is a vivacious color that makes a bold statement. Red should be used carefully in logos and signs because it can be aggressive. Some notable companies with red logos include: Coca-Cola, Red Bull, and Kellogg’s.


  • Happy
  • Friendly
  • Sociable

Orange is happy and bright, making it a good color for companies with a younger demographic. Companies with an orange logo include: Nickelodeon, Fanta, and The Home Depot.


  • Growth
  • Natural
  • Organic
  • Earth

Green is mostly associated with a down-to-earth feeling these days. It can also be associated with money and growth. Some notable companies with green in their logo are: Starbucks, Green Giant, and John Deer.

Designing a company logo can be hard for those who don’t have a creative eye. If a new business needs help creating a logo to put on their signs and promotional products, contact the creative graphic design experts at Infinity Signs. They can help choose the right colors and design a logo to put on interior/exterior building designs as well a variety of promotional items.