Purpose of a Sign

Sign Function

When thinking through the signage needs of your business you may immediately start thinking graphics, color schemes, sizing and location but you might want to slow down a bit. There are a whole host of different types of signs and choosing one that will be most effective comes down to knowing what the goals are for that sign. Take a few minutes to think about the primary function of your sign. Is it directing people to your location or navigating them through an event? Is it going on the outside of the building or hanging in the window? Will it be for permanent use or a temporary need? Here are a few specifics to think about when determining the function of your new sign.

Directional Outside Signs – these signs are intended to help customers find their way quickly and safely from the street to your store. They have to be placed perfectly and easily read by people passing by in moving vehicles. This type of sign can be critical if your business is located towards the back of a shopping plaza or is hard to see from the road. You need to inform the public that you’re there as well as direct them how to get there, all with enough time for them to change lanes, slow down, and turn into your parking lot. That’s a lot to ask from just one sign which means the design must be well thought out.

Awareness Signs – nearly 50% of people who were recently surveyed said that they had failed to find a business because the signage was unclear or too difficult to see. If you’re creating a sign with the primary purpose of letting customers know of your existence, then it must be clearly visible from the street and easy to read. Awareness signs that are unclear and unsuccessful in getting customers to your business have failed their primary function.

Move to Purchase Signs – outdoor signs that have the goal of getting people to make an impulse purchase can be tricky. They need to be as large as is reasonable for the location and placed in a highly visible area. Usually bright colors and limited text work best. Often these signs are very focused on a specific sale or promotion that can be enough to get a customer who wasn’t formerly thinking about buying a piece of jewelry to stop what they were doing, come inside your store, and make a purchase.

Increase the Average Sale Signs – after a customer has decided to make a purchase you want to do everything possible to increase the amount of that sale. This can be done through indoor signage with the function of prompting an add-on purchase. This can be done with signs throughout the store about sale items or signs right at the register about low priced point-of-sale purchases. If this is the goal of your sign it needs to be eye-catching and enticing with text that motivates immediate purchase.

Creating Effective Retail Signage

Retail Signs

You have a very small window of time, say about 3 seconds, with which to grab the attention of your customer and entice them to do something. In order to be effective in that limited amount of time you’ve got to have high impact signage. Not only are you fighting the short attention span your buyers have, but you’ve also got to overcome the rapidly increasing online shopping experience. You’ve got your work cut out for you, but Infinity Signs NW is here to help.

The research has proven that good signage can drive sales, and recent surveys have found both large and small businesses are planning to spend more on good signage in 2020 than ever before. Repeated studies have shown that retail signage impacts purchase decisions by navigating customers through the store in a particular traffic flow, increasing brand recognition and informing about new or different products. If all of this has you ready to increase your sign budget this year, here are some tips to make sure you get the best possible return on that investment.

Be Concise – in the era of complete conversations boiling down to a tweet or an emoji there’s no place for tons of words on your signs. Try to keep it to just 3-5 words to convey your messaging in just a glance.

Call to Action – let the customer know exactly what you want them to do after reading your sign. The best way to do this is by listing the primary benefit that you’re offering your customer. For example, “Carpet Stained? Schedule a Cleaning” or “Eliminate Flea and Tick Risk”.

Possession – just like when a real estate agent shows you a house and tries to get you to picture your kids in the backyard or your couch in the living room…you’ve got to do the same thing. Use the words “you or yours” in your sign copy to get the buyer visualizing themselves using your product or service.

Placement – where you place your sign can have a huge impact on its effectiveness. If you feel it isn’t working, try moving it to a different location. Sometimes the best place for your sign isn’t the most obvious. If you’re not sure ask a friend or family member what signs they noticed when they visited your store, and use that feedback to place new signs.

Color – the colors you use on your signs should be contrasting, not matching. The best options for color combinations that allow the words to jump off the page are: yellow on black, white on blue, black on yellow, green on white and black on white. Other color combos can leave readers struggling to make out the words.

There are many other tips and tricks for creating perfect retails signs. Contact Infinity Signs, NW to discuss the specifics of your business and come up with the perfect signage plan for 2020.

The Powerful Effect of Combining Materials

Multi-layered Sign Materials

When considering your interior and exterior signage designs don’t limit yourself to the use of just one material.  In many cases combining different materials, such as wood with metal, creates a truly unique and striking look.  The metal letters stand out sharply in contrast to the wooden background and really draw the attention of the people driving past.  The same is true for many other combinations of materials.

The addition of a second material gives your sign added dimension, which is a fantastic and increasingly popular look.  You can also achieve that 3 dimensional look by layering the same material on top of itself.  Let’s say you used a brushed stainless or aluminum background material but then layered your text in the same material on top.  You could use a bright color for the letters to make them stand out from the background, while maintaining the feel of the metal.  This is also the perfect way to bring your company colors through to your signage and further increase your brand recognition in the community.  Another way of doing this is by using two different colors or types of wood all on one sign.  A lighter colored wood for the background but a dark wood for the logo is a powerful look.

By using a different material for the lettering you also have the opportunity to create spacing between letters and background, which is the perfect place to add in some halo lighting effects.  You could do white light or colored to really make the letters pop.  Lighting improves your sign’s visual effects during the day as well as increasing visibility at night.

Layering multiple materials is not just for exterior signage.  This look is a fantastic addition to your company’s lobby as well as in the production of directional signs. It gives your business a fresh, modern look in addition to being sure to be noticed by anyone walking through your hallways.  Give Infinity Signs, NW a call today to discuss how we can help you take advantage of integrating multiple materials into your next signage project and you’ll have the confidence that your sign will literally stand out from all the others.

Metal Signs…A Truly Refined Look

Metal Business Signs

When you consider signage for your business it’s important to give serious thought to the perception you want the community to have about the culture of your business.  Do you want to be perceived as fun and whimsical or more serious and refined?  A metal sign is the perfect choice if you want to give the impression of a classy, stable, and serious business.  Many of our customers who are in fields such as finance/banking, legal work, information technology, or insurance will opt for a metal sign for exactly this reason.  You want your customers to feel confident that your business is solid and reliable and trust you enough to give you their money.

The image you portray through your signage can go a long way towards establishing trust.  The power of the first impression is unmistakable, it simply sets the tone for how your customer will think of your business for years going forward.

When it comes to metal signs you have a variety of options.  Some of the most popular include aluminum, brass, copper and stainless steel.  You can then choose whether you want the material shined up or with more of a brushed look. This tends to be more a choice of personal preference since both options send the same message to customers.  You may want to consider the rest of your company’s color pallet as well.  For example if your lobby is painted orange you may want to steer clear of brass for your sign.  The colors there will clash and be visually off-putting.   In addition, you want to be sure that the color you choose matches with your logo.  There may be times when the logo ends up near your signage and again you want them to go well together.

Metal signs are a great option for those looking for something that will look beautiful for many years.  Whether inside or out metal signs are up to the job of lasting through the test of time. The materials are all very weather resistant and won’t fade as the years go by. Each metal sign created by Infinity Signs NW is custom cut meaning that it will be unique to your business and can be customized to fit your preferences.  The sign can be any shape, size or font you like.

Infinity Signs, NW has worked with many companies throughout the Boise area to make stunning metal signs that set their company apart from the competition.  Our signs are professionally installed, reasonably priced, available quickly, and low maintenance.  Give us a call to discuss the design of your next sign project.

Proper Sign Maintenance

Sign Maintenance

No one wants to think about it but it won’t be long before the weather starts to change and it’s far less pleasant to be outside doing maintenance on your company’s signage.  The time to address cleaning, maintenance, or upgrades that your signage needs is right now.  Infinity Signs, NW helps many of our customers with regular maintenance and cleaning of their signage to help them ensure that their investment lasts as long as possible.  Here are a few tips we’ve put together to help those of you who are up to tackling sign maintenance themselves:

  1. Cleaning Signs – this is often overlooked as people just simply don’t think of their sign as a place that gets dirty, but it certainly is. Exterior signage should be cleaned at least once a year to remove dirt and grim, bird droppings, lawn clippings or dust all of which could be accumulating over time.

Plastic Signs – One of the best ways to clean your plastic sign is by using a power washer. Stand at least a foot or two away from the sign and use a circular spray nozzle set lower than 2000 psi.


Acrylic Signs – For acrylic signs use a clean, soft cloth and some lukewarm water to just wipe it down.  Be sure not to use anytime of harsh cleaning agent or abrasive tool as this will ruin your sign’s appearance.


Metal Signs – For metal signs use a soft cloth, dip it in a bucket filled with warm water, a cup of liquid dish soap and a cup of white vinegar.  Gently wash the sign down and dry with another clean cloth.

  1. Maintenance – inspect your sign regularly for things such as damage to the lettering, burned out bulbs, exposed cables or wires, loose brackets, etc. If you find any of these items you should address them right away either by replacing worn out items or repairing them and putting them back to their original positioning. If you notice signs of cracking or peeling contact Infinity Signs, NW immediately before it destroys the appearance of your sign. In some cases a protective coating can be applied to the sign every few years that can also help improve its longevity, this will depend on the type of sign you have.

It’s important to remember that the condition of your sign has a direct impact on your customer’s opinion of your business.  A shabby looking sign sends the message that you can’t be trusted to meet their needs.  Some simply, regular maintenance can make all the difference in the perception the public has of your company.

Choosing the Right Material

When ordering an outdoor sign there are a variety of things to consider – color, size, material, lighting, and much more.  One of the most important decisions, and often the most confusing for those who are new to sign ordering, is which material to use.  Beyond choosing the correct material you’ll also need to be sure to order the correct thickness.  All of this can be tricky if you haven’t done it before.  Infinity Signs, NW has the answers you need.

For customers who are looking for heavy-duty construction site signs, such as a hazardous material sign, we would recommend using .125” thick aluminum.  In general aluminum is one of the most popular options for outdoor signage.  It’s lightweight, looks great for years to come, is affordable and is incredibly durable. For our real estate customers looking for small yard signs we would recommend a thinner .040” thick aluminum.  For something slightly more rigid .080” thick aluminum is also a good choice.  As an example this is the thickness of the stop sign at the end of your street.

Similar in appearance to the aluminum sign is a dibond material.  These signs are thicker than aluminum alone but have an aluminum surface, which means you keep the beautiful look but add dimension.  Dibond also increases the strength and durability of the sign, and is available in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes.  It’s priced comparably to aluminum but does even better in outdoor conditions.  Many commercial real estate companies will use dibond for their signage because of its balance between durability and portability.

Another popular choice is dura-wood.  For those who are looking for signage that has the classic look of wood but the durability of vinyl.  Dura-wood is ½” thick and can be custom cut into any size you need.  It’s one of the best options for those who are looking to make use of full-color graphics but want something that’s still easy to mount and can stand up to the outdoor elements.  Many customers prefer dura-wood because it can be printed as a double-sided sign.

Whether your business is real estate, construction, or something else entirely we recommend considering the use of one of these 3 materials.  There is so much you can do with each of them and our design team is here to help you create something that suits your business perfectly.  Give Infinity Signs, NW a call today.

Outdoor Message Boards

Message boards

Many companies are looking to display information for those walking by in a format that allows for regular, easy updating.  Sidewalk signs are a great way to promote an upcoming sale or event, but they tend to hold a limited amount of information, and are not something that can be updated and reused.  Outdoor message boards are the perfect solution.  These boards are like having a physical Facebook page for your business front.  They create a space to post notices, share details about upcoming activities and events, display a new menu and generally post anything you want to let the public know about your business.

For many customers these boards function like an information center.  They use them not only to promote the business but also to post job postings, company announcements, and more detailed descriptions of the business.  Think of a spa that wants to post all of their available services – 5 different types of massages, various manicure and pedicure options, facials, etc.  Then they want to be able to describe each of those different massages in greater detail so that a customer can choose what fits them best and also to sell them on coming inside for a time of relaxation.  This is the perfect place for a message board.  For a lot of companies the message board provides similar information to that which is on their website.

These outdoor message boards are made from materials that can withstand the elements – rain, snow, and insects and continue to look great for years.  Most people select one that is made from high density polyethylene that will not rot or crack over time.  They come in a variety of styles and colors depending on the size you’re looking for, and how you want to access them.  Some can be free standing to allow for messages to be placed on both sides, while others attach to the building with single sided message access. Some have one or two hinged doors that open to insert information, while others are top loading.  The doors are made from shatter-resistant materials and are lockable to keep your information safe.

Message boards are an incredibly cost effective way to draw people to your storefront, entice them with thorough information, and get them to come inside to make a purchase.  They’re easy to install and available quickly.  Contact Infinity Signs, NW today to get one for your business before you miss all that summer foot traffic.