A New Look – The Better Business Bureau®

Interior Office SIgns

When thinking about your office space it’s important to consider the overall flow of the lobby and building entrance.  It’s important that the images, text, color scheme, and layout fit the culture of your company and set the correct tone for your customers. Infinity Signs NW recently completed this multi-wall job at the Better Business Bureau® office. Each of the 3 different spaces is conveying unique and powerful information to customers and employees, all while maintaining continuity with the use of the logo and the color scheme.

The team working on this project made use of the solid blue wall as an accent color to really make the white text and image pop off the wall.  The large wall art with the map catches your attention and quickly indicates the size of the area served by this organization.  The logo and location are incorporated in all 3 areas and help to tie everything together nicely.  Wall art such as the map are a great way to use images to send messages without the need for text.  The 3-dimensional text on the other two walls makes the text and logo jump out, as well as adds a clean look.  The color choices convey a soothing tone and send the message that we are an organization you can trust, while the modern font and layout let people know that this organization is staying up with current trends and is not dated.

Many companies are beginning to see the value of going beyond just having the company name on the wall behind the receptionist in the lobby.  There’s so much more that can be done with that space and it can be incredibly powerful in reaching both customers and employees with the vision of the business.  The professional designers at Infinity Signs NW can work with your company to come up with the best way to get the most out of your lobby space as well. We regularly work with companies moving into new locations as well as those just in need of a facelift.  Regardless of your needs, or your budget, we’ve got options that will help you build brand awareness and gain market share.  Your business can go from a design to a completely redesigned, beautiful looking lobby in just a matter of days with the help of Infinity Signs NW professional design and installation team.  This is the perfect time to get your new look before the holiday season and the start of another new year.

BBB Lobby SIgns

BBB Lobby Sign

5 Reasons to Choose Corporate Apparel

Corporate Apparel

The attire in the office or workplace sets the tone for the environment but many managers wonder whether actually requiring corporate apparel is in the best interest of the employees or not.  No one wants to be the guy that forced uniforms on everyone and led to a revolt over uncomfortable, out-of-style shirts.  The good news is that there are some significant benefits to corporate apparel and that studies have shown that the majority of employees actually like wearing them.  The options for selecting various shirts now include materials that are comfortable, chic and flattering.

The research shows that there are some notable benefits to selecting corporate apparel, here are 5 that do more than enough to give you the push to make a change.

  1. Create a Company Culture – corporate apparel instantly creates a dress code which sets the tone for the type of company you are. It sends a subliminal message to potential employees as well as customers about what type of business this is. Studies have also shown that employees who wear corporate apparel are more likely to buy in to the company mission, goals and values and will do a better job representing the company well to customers.
  2. Build Connections – corporate apparel builds connections between employees by instantly creating an “in-crowd” of everyone working for the same corporation. Employees feel that they belong to something.  It also breaks down barriers between employees on various levels of the company by creating a visual appearance of the employees all being equal.  This has led to better communication and an increased free flow of ideas.
  3. Save Money – corporate apparel saves employees money in wardrobe costs. Many people spend a significant amount of money buying work appropriate clothes, most of which they don’t wear outside of the office. Eliminating this cost for employees is a great perk.
  4. Improve Brand Awareness – employees aren’t just putting their work clothes on at the office they’re wearing them when they buy their coffee on the way in, when they pick their kids up after school, or on their way to the gym. This increases the exposure the public has to your brand and thus increases overall brand recognition.  All of this can certainly lead to an increase in sales.
  5. Eliminate Dress Code Disputes – it seems that no matter how well your dress code policies are laid out they always get called into question at some point. There will be someone who pushes the envelope and a dispute will result.  Corporate apparel eliminates this issue entirely and allows HR, employees, and managers to focus on more important things.

The Power of Color

choosing a color

One of the most powerful tools you have when creating brand recognition is color.  The right color selection and placement will stick with customers, and forever be associated with your name.  However it can be tricky to select the colors that best suit your business, so here are a few tips to help you get started.

First, keep it simple.  Too much color will be overwhelming and completely lose its effectiveness.  You want the customer to associate the color with your brand so limit it to 2 main colors and 1 accent color.  The 2 primary colors should have similar tones and go well together, while the accent color should be different thus causing it to really pop off the page.  Your primary colors should both be either warm or cool.  Browns, tans, blacks, golds and beige are considered warm while white, silver, gray and ivory would be cool colors.

Second, be consistent.  Once you’ve settled on the colors you’re going to use they should be everywhere.  Your signage, website, logo, literature, company shirts, and advertising should all use the exact same colors.  You don’t want to have one set of colors for your website, but a different set for your building signage if you’re trying to build brand awareness.  Keep the colors, even the hues of the colors, the same across the board.

Third, consider your personality.  There are some key areas to look at for the personality type of your business, and thus the colors that will best reflect that to your customers.  Take a look at the break down below to help you sort it all out.

Feminine (pink) vs. Masculine (dark blue/brown)

Playful (orange/yellow) vs Serious (green)

Luxurious (purple) vs. Affordable (light blue/white)

Modern (black/white) vs. Classic (brown)

Youthful (pink) vs. Mature (black/brown)

Loud (red) vs. Subdued (gray)

Finally, know your audience.  While it’s important that your colors reflect your company, it’s equally important that they speak to your potential customers.  Give some consideration to the personality type your most likely to find in your customers and whether that’s reflected in your color choice or not as well.  Choosing your color scheme is a big decision and the designers at Infinity Signs NW are here to help.  We can work with you to make sure your colors will help establish your brand, speak to your customers and reflect your business personality.  Infinity Signs NW can take you through the whole process from choosing colors to turning that into signage, literature and employee shirts.

Why Salespeople Love Brochures

52979613 - salesman showing brochure to couple

As more and more customers come into the sales process already thoroughly educated on the product they’re looking to purchase, thanks largely to the plethora of information available on the internet, it changes the sales process some.  The customer is no longer looking for the basics, they already have that, instead they’re looking for your salesperson to be an “expert”.  Having a high quality, print brochure can help your salesperson immensely in striving to meet this demand and earn business.  Here are a 5 reasons why:

  1. Legitimacy – customers realize that virtually anyone can put up a website that can appear authentic, while in fact they may be a fly by night business. Having a well-designed brochure gives the impression of a solid, stable company that’s invested in their industry and will be around long after the sale is complete. It immediately improves the impression that person has of your salesperson.
  2. Messaging – your brochure is a great way to make sure all of your salespeople are delivering the same message to your prospects. Encouraging, or requiring, the use of this tool will make sure the most critical points about your product or company are covered in every sales discussion.  It allows you to have some control over the messaging that’s being delivered in the field.
  3. Talking Point – the brochure actually makes life easier for the salesperson by providing images they can reference during a discussion, fast facts that answer many questions that the customer is likely to ask, and creating an easy flow through the conversation. For many salespeople a good brochure is all they need to walk a client through their entire sales presentation.
  4. Notepad – most sales calls require pricing discussions and many salespeople love to use the brochure to note price options, available discounts, and pricing for add-ons. It keeps all of the most critical information in one place for the prospect to reference after the salesperson leaves, and in many instances it can give the impression that this pricing is special, just for this client and just for this window of time, which encourages the prospect to move quicker in the sales process.
  5. Images – in many cases the salesperson won’t have the actual product or service they’re selling with them so having good images is critical. The images in the brochure will draw people in, break up the stream of words, and explain complex concepts.  In the end the image is what is most likely to stick with someone after they close the brochure.

While it may seem that printed literature is a dated concept, it actually remains incredibly relevant in the sales process.  If you ask your sales team they’ll tell you that there are very few more effective marketing tools for them to have in their toolbox then a well-designed, eye-catching, quality brochure.  The professional designers at Infinity Signs NW are available to work with you and your team to create your perfect brochure.       

Promotional Products for Dental Offices

Business Marketing Materials

Almost everyone dreads going to the dentist. However, getting free things after a trip to the dentist can make it a little better for both kids and adults. Dentists have a great opportunity to increase their patient’s dental health, improve visits, and increase brand awareness by handing out branded promotional products.

Here are some fun ideas for branded promotional products:

  • Stress Ball

The dentist brings out all kinds of stress and anxiety. A branded stress ball will help patients keep their anxieties under control during the visit and after. Both children and adults will get use out of it. There are many different shapes of stress balls like lips or a tooth that relate back to dentistry.

  • Lip Balm

After dental work, sometimes the patients’ lips can get dry. Relieve that issue with some branded lip balm. They’ll continue using it long after leaving, which could possibly remind them to take better care of their teeth and recommend the dentist to friends.

  • Toothbrush

Everyone needs an extra toothbrush or two at home in their bathroom. Whether the patient uses it themselves, or gives it to a guest who forgot to pack one, it can help increase brand awareness. It may not be the most exciting promotional product, but a practical, useful one.

  • Compact Mirror

Compacts are generally used for adjusting makeup, but they can also be useful for flossing after a meal. Every time the compact is pulled out and used, it can be seen by others, increasing exposure.

  • Water Bottle

Part of dental health is staying hydrated. Make it easier for patients to stay hydrated with a branded water bottle. There are tons of styles and sizes to choose from.

Talk to Infinity Signs NW about investing in these and other promotional products for dentist offices. Learn how they can be beneficial for bringing in new patients and maintaining a better relationship with current patients.


Advertising with Balloons

printed logo balloons

When it comes to promotional items, there are many choices available. From pens and pencils to coffee mugs and koozies, there’s a promotional item for every business. One that is often overlooked is the latex balloon.

They’re present at parties, tied to cars in car lots, and handed out to children at events. Why not use them to advertise?

Infinity Signs NW can print your company logo or other company message on natural latex balloons that are 100 percent biodegradable. Have them print a logo, or event information. Two-sided color imprint is also available. These balloons come in a multitude of colors that can be standard, luminous, and pearl.


At an event with a booth, balloons can be a good way to get people’s attention. If they’re positioned high enough, they will catch people’s attention over all of the other banners, posters, and everything else going on.

They can also be passed out at events. This works especially well at family-friendly events with children. The kids probably won’t care what is on the balloon, just that they can have one. When the balloon is presented to the child, the parent will take notice of the company logo, creating brand awareness, which is associated with a positive memory.

Real Estate

With millions of signs everywhere these days, sometimes real estate signs can be overlooked. One way to get them to stand out is by securing balloons with your company logo to them. They aren’t expected and will catch the attention of those passing by. Hosting an open house that’s a little difficult to find? Use signs with balloons tied to them to direct people to the property. Advertising is important in real estate and balloons can help.

Talk to Infinity Signs NW about using printed balloons for advertising purposes. They can also help design and manufacture the sign or banner needed for the next event or open house. Visit their website today to learn more about the promotional items they have available.

3 Ways to Use T-Shirts to Grow Revenue

Embroidered Shirts and Hats

Many companies use T-shirts as part of their company uniform without realizing some of the other benefits T-shirts can bring to business marketing. Increase revenue and brand awareness by using t-shirts in the following ways:

  1. Client Appreciation

Businesses thrive by gaining and retaining clients. One way to demonstrate your appreciation for clients is with gifts. T-shirts with the company brand show customers they are an important part of the company’s success, and how much they are valued.

  1. Brand Buildingscreen-printed-t-shirts

T-shirts can be a cost effective way to build brand awareness. Having employees wear them, passing them out at events, or selling them at your storefront, creates a mobile billboard for others to see. The more people wearing your T-shirts around town, the more eyes see your brand. Including a creative design or catchy phrase on your shirts may even stimulate conversations which will further help to promote your business. This nearly free publicity may even open doors to other companies when the shirts are worn in the workplace.

For companies with smaller marketing budgets who can’t afford large advertisements, t-shirts can really get the company name out there. Prospective clients become aware of the brand due to the t-shirts they have seen, making them more comfortable with the brand and company.

  1. Improved Employee Relationships

boise-realtors-t-shirtsAs mentioned above, one way to help brand awareness is with employee t-shirts. However, that isn’t the only benefit that can come from giving employees company–shirts. These shirts can give the employees the sense that they are part of a team, which can lead to increased productivity and a positive work environment.

Talk to Infinity Signs about designing a company t-shirt and starting a t-shirt program. The team at Infinity Signs can design t-shirts, or add your business logo almost any other type of clothing to help businesses grow.