Keeping Sales Momentum through Year End

Sales banners

With Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday in the past how can you keep up the momentum through the end of the year?  There are a variety of ways to go about maintaining strong sales throughout the month, and good signage can be a key to your success.

Store Hours – many businesses adjust their hours for the holiday season.  If you’re a business that will be closing earlier, or on specific days, the last thing you want is your clients showing up, finding you closed, and leaving frustrated. On the other hand if you’re increasing your hours of operation you want to be sure that customers are aware and traffic stays strong through those extended hours.  In either situation it’s critical that you have effective, highly visible signage to keep buyers informed. Consider putting signs throughout the store, not just on the front door. Placing a sign near the cash register or in the lobby will make sure they don’t get looked over.

1 or 2 Day Sales – while you may be prepared to run a sale through the entire holiday season, it’s better to run multiple different campaigns throughout the month. Promote the upcoming sale heavily, but limit the length of it to create a sense of urgency. You’ll need good signage to effectively pull this off.  Banners are a great way to make a big impact. Consider ordering several different banners each promoting a different sale. This will ensure customers take notice as the banner is regularly changing. Proper signage is also extremely helpful in clarifying for customers exactly what is, and is not included in the sale. There’s nothing more frustrating for a buyer than getting to the register and finding out that the product they thought was on sale is actually excluded. Rather than risking the whole sale over a miscommunication, use clear signage throughout your store to keep everyone informed.

Bundle Products – the ultimate goal is to increase the value of the average order or purchase. One great way to do this is by bundling several items together at a slightly discounted price. Making 30% on a $100 sale is better than 40% on a $30 sale. Find similar products that the customer may have interest in acquiring and offer a nice package deal. Depending on the product, you could even offer to literally bundle them into a nice basket or holiday wrapping to make them the perfect, and easy, gift item. Consider the use of a sidewalk sign to let customers know about the current bundled package being offered.

Record sales are expected in this year’s holiday spending and if you want to make sure you finish strong be sure to effectively use signs both – big and small – to encourage your holiday shoppers to fill their stockings with the perfect item from your store.

Choosing the Correct Size for Your Banner

banner signs

With the festival season upon us many people are looking to purchase banners to promote their event, booth, or goods and services.  Unfortunately, most people have little experience designing a banner and thus are very unsure about what to purchase. Infinity Signs NW has helped many of our customers talk through the objective for their banner, the location it will be hung in, and the features it needs to have to help them determine exactly what they should order.  It’s important that your sign be large enough to be read from a distance, but not ridiculously big where it’s intended to hang on the side of the building, not the front of a trade show booth.

Banners are the absolutely perfect way to stay within your marketing budget, while doing an excellent job promoting your business.  The standard size for an outdoor vinyl banner that will hang horizontally is 2’ x 6’ or 3’ x 10’ while one intended to hang vertically is often 4’ x 10’ or 4’ x 6’. A banner of this size can easily be seen by hundreds of people walking around at an event or driving by in their car.  Smaller size banners are also available if you’re intending to promote an individual product within your store or only to foot traffic.

If you’ve got a special occasion coming up – birthday, graduation party, family reunion, wedding, baby shower, etc. then you may want a banner to announce the location and promote the event.  Typically these banners are 3’ x 6’ up to 4’ x 8’.  This is the appropriate size if you want to hang the banner on a wall or over the celebrant’s table.  If you’re an organization looking to make a big announcement such as the opening of a new location, a ground breaking ceremony or even an upcoming Vacation Bible School you’ll want to look at a larger vinyl banner.  10’ x 8’ would be considered a medium size banner for this type of promotion, but you can certainly go larger.

Regardless of the event, business or product you’re looking to promote a banner is a great way to get the information out there and bring the customers in.  Infinity Signs NW is ready and willing to help you come up with the perfect banner.  We can customize your banner for your color preferences, graphics and images, as well as font and texts.  Give us a call today and let us get the word out!

Summer Banner Season

banner signs

Now is the time to start preparing for summer, and while you may think all things digital are the way to go it turns out that studies continue to show that signage is critical.  In fact adding a banner to the front of your business can increase sales dramatically.  One study found that 68% of American consumers said they recently purchased a product or service based entirely on a sign catching their eye and getting them to go inside the store.  Those are sales that would never have happened without a good sign, or banner.  This same survey found that nearly 80% of people entered a store that they’d never been to before simply because the sign was so intriguing. That gives you a lot of power to influence your customers by choosing a well-designed sign.

It’s important that you do more than just hang something in front of your business.  Two thirds of those surveyed believe that the quality of the sign is a direct reflection on the quality of the products or services found inside. Infinity Signs NW understands how critical sign quality is and we make sure that our customers have a beautiful, professionally installed sign or banner every time they partner with us.  50% of the people surveyed said that they’ve decided not to go into a store because of poorly-made signage.

Sign quality is of the utmost importance, but placement and readability are equally critical.  A cluttered, difficult-to-read sign is just as bad as a low-quality sign, or one that’s hung in a difficult to see location.  Before Infinity Signs NW goes to work on your sign we’ll help you make sure that you’ve included only vital information, aesthetically appropriate graphics, and lettering that is the correct size and color for easy reading.  By working together we can make sure you’re getting your message across in the most concise manner possible.  Your customers will only spend a few seconds glancing at your banner or sign, we have to make each one count.

If you want to grab those summer strollers this year and get them to give you a closer look consider updating your signage and adding a banner.  More people will be out-and-about now that the weather’s improving so there’s no better time to take advantage of that additional exposure.

Trade Show Booth Options

trade show booth

Trade shows are an invaluable marketing opportunity for every company.  Whether you plan to attend just one or a whole year’s worth of shows there are different booth set-ups to fit your needs and your budget.  Let’s look at a few of the different options and compare the pros and cons of each.

Modular Displays – a modular display is perfect for those who will be attending multiple shows, or those who want to save the hardware from year to year.  These displays are completely customizable with the ability to configure and reconfigure again and again.  The concept is simple, a lightweight frame is easily built using several pieces and then either a banner or fabric display is attached.  The advantage is that you can use these frame pieces to build various size and shape displays for every booth.  If your booth size is smaller at one show you just set up fewer frames.  If you add product to display and need to relocate the display it’s no problem to do so.  This is by far the most versatile and long-lasting booth set-up.

Panel-and-Frame Booths – this is the best choice for those who want to create a freestanding display or are looking to create “walls” to separate various booth areas.  Your marketing material is printed on a series of panels that all connect with one another when assembled at the show.  The con of this display option is the additional time needed on-site for assembly, as well as the permanency of the marketed material selected.  The pros are the beautiful, professional look it gives the booth, the affordability, and the flexibility to order in both straight line shapes as well as arcs.  This is the most common option selected for shows.

Tension Fabric Displays – while tension fabric can be used in conjunction with modular displays they can also be used independently.  Tension fabric is a great choice if you’re setting up a smaller booth that doesn’t warrant a more elaborate display, or for use in one area of a larger booth to allow you to market something more specific in that space.  They’re affordable, quick to set-up, easy to store and last a long time.

Pop-up Displays – this type of display involves a graphic printed on a vinyl material that is contained in a spring-loaded roller.  To assemble you just extend the framework and unroll the graphic to fit tightly on the frame.  These are a good way to display more detailed information in a busy booth, or to place closer to aisles to attract attention from those walking by.  Another advantage to pop-up banners is their versatility.  They can easily be used for trade shows, outdoor festivals, and then set-up inside a storefront.  They can also be printed in virtually any size and both in a flat or curved display.

For many customers using these items in conjunction with one another gives the perfect finished product.  It’s best to work with the design team at Infinity Signs NW to layout the full scope of your booth and determine which features will work best together.  Let our team help you come up with a trade show booth that will drive sales for years to come.

The Value of a Great Banner


As the weather warms up, more and more events will be taking place outdoors. The best way to promote at an outdoor activity is with the use of a banner.  It’s not practical to take traditional signs to most outdoor settings but a lightweight, highly durable vinyl banner is easy to transport, weather resistant, and quick to set-up.  Banners are a budget friendly, very eye-catching way to market your business, and are exceptionally useful when promoting something short term such as an event on a specific date or a temporary discount or sale.  You can’t afford to spend a lot of money on something that won’t be relevant in a few months, but it’s got to stand out from the sea of other messages being marketed to your customers.   Our combined 30+ years of sign and graphic design experience give Infinity Signs NW the edge to help our customers stand out.

Banners are one of the oldest forms of marketing, but they’ve stood the test of time for good reason – they work! They can promote your message quickly and clearly to large numbers of people and draw customers to your company.  However, deciding what to put on your banner to really capture people’s attention can be difficult, the team of trained designers at Infinity Signs NW is happy to help.  They are available to provide advice and guidance about making the most effective banner possible.  So bring in your ideas and Infinity Signs NW will work with you to create the perfect banner to visually market your company.

For many outdoor events and festivals, a banner stand will come in handy to draw attention to your banner as well as to provide quick set-up and tear down.  Infinity Signs NW offers a whole selection of different styles of banner stands.  Many are designed to change inserts making them ideal for use with different banners throughout the year. If you would prefer to hang your banner, grommets can be added to make it easy to hang your banner from fences, a canopy or table top.

Another advantage to a banner is the longevity.  They look brand new for a long time, with proper care, so they can easily be reused at multiple events throughout the year. We utilize state of the art large format digital printing technology and color matching services to ensure the highest quality banners.  A custom banner is by far the best way to promote your company or upcoming event.  In addition to your banner being completely unique and of the highest quality materials, it can be available right away.  We understand that your business needs banners fast so we guarantee on-time delivery. Whether you’re looking for an indoor banner, outdoor banner, feather banner or retractable banner – Infinity Signs NW can help.

5 Ways to Safely Secure Banners

Secure Banners

Banners can be used for many applications both inside and outside of a building.

Here are some of the most common methods for safely securing banners in different environments:

  1. Suction Cups

If the banner needs to be positioned over glass, suction cups are an excellent way to hold it in place without making permanent changes to the building. They are a quick and inexpensive way to suspend lightweight banners. Suction cups are gentle on surfaces and are easy to move if necessary.

  1. Zip Ties

For construction projects with fencing, zip ties allow the banner to attach to the fence securely. Zip ties have a strong hold, which can protect the banner from flying away during windy weather. If the banner is larger, multiple grommets and zip ties might be needed to keep it in place.

  1. Velcro

Often at trade shows a banner needs to attach to a fabric-covered table. Velcro brand hooks and loops can stick to many fabric surfaces and provide a simple solution for this situation.

  1. String

When weather isn’t a concern or the banner will be placed inside, using a heavy-duty string will work just fine. Simply thread the heavy-duty string or thin roping through the grommets and tie it to an appropriate support.

  1. Bungee Cords

In areas with high winds, bungee cords can be used to securely fasten the banner while allowing it the flexibility to move with the wind. Since bungee cords have some give, while banners do not, putting the extra tension on the bungee cord instead of the banner will help prevent the banner from tearing.

No matter how your banner needs to be secured, Infinity Signs NW can accommodate it during the design process. Learn more about applications for banners and see Infinity Signs NW’s previous work on our website or give us a call at 208.473.2913 to get started on your next business banner.

Seasonal Vinyl Window Graphics

Vinyl window graphics have many advertising uses, but one that is often overlooked is during holiday sales. As the calendar heads into October, now is the time to start working on holiday advertising plans. Window graphics can be used for this in a variety of ways:

  1. Holiday Hours

Many stores change their hours during the holidays, but go back to regular hours right after. A window graphic is a quick and easy way to inform customers of the changing hours that can be taken down after the holidays are over. What better way to inform customers of changing hours than to put it directly on the building?

  1. Sales Promotions

Let everyone know about an upcoming or current sale or special deal with a window graphic. Most businesses have sales or specials during the holidays or close to the end of the year. Temporary window graphics can attract attention to these promotions. When installed early enough, they can entice both early bird shoppers and procrastinators.

  1. Holiday Graphics

A festive environment is likely to make customers and clients happier during the holiday season. Happy customers and clients are likely to spend more money. These festive graphics can also boost employee morale. Work with the team at Infinity Signs NW to create beautiful graphics celebrating any holiday this season.

Open window space is begging to be used for marketing purposes, especially during the holidays. Take advantage of this space to bring in new customers, inform current customers, and welcome the changing seasons.

Vinyl window graphics are a snap for Infinity Signs NW to install, and even easier to take down once the promotional is over. Visit the  Infinity Signs NW website to learn more about using vinyl graphics for advertising and see some of the pervious graphics that have been created.