Don’t Forget About Your Sign

Round signs

As I drove around town recently I noticed something about the majority of construction and commercial real estate signs – they were hidden by weeds or brush that have overtaken the area.  It got me thinking that it might be a good idea to remind our customers to check on your signage every now and again.  You made a substantial financial investment in having good signage because you know the impact it can have in attracting the attention of your customers, but it’s all lost if it’s hidden in overgrown landscaping.

In many situations customers select a beautiful, durable wooden-framed sign for real estate or construction needs.  The advantage is that these signs will look nice for a very long time and can withstand the elements, however they don’t come with a built in weed Wacker.  So while your sturdy sign may look amazing you’ll still need to revisit the site periodically to take care of whatever may have grown up and surrounded it, or trash that may have blown and gotten stuck around it, or clean off random bird poop that has fallen on it.

Your sign is a representation of your company, and you want to be sure it’s looking its best.  Not only could you be losing business simply because the sign has gotten swallowed up in the surroundings, but you could also be making a poor first impression for those that do see the sign.  We strongly recommend that our customers visit their various signs every few weeks to make sure they’re still looking their best.  This will also help you address any minor maintenance needs for your sign before too much time goes by and the issue becomes more substantial.

Both real estate and construction are long term projects that will require signage to look its best for many months, or years, to come.  If you notice that one of your signs is really in need of a facelift contact the design team at Infinity Signs NW for an upgrade.  We can create a beautiful full-color architectural sign that incorporates your graphics and messaging in an eye-catching way.  Our team of professional installers can get it put in place for you in no time and can walk you through the best way to maintain both your amazing new sign, as well as the landscape around it.


Choosing the Right Material

When ordering an outdoor sign there are a variety of things to consider – color, size, material, lighting, and much more.  One of the most important decisions, and often the most confusing for those who are new to sign ordering, is which material to use.  Beyond choosing the correct material you’ll also need to be sure to order the correct thickness.  All of this can be tricky if you haven’t done it before.  Infinity Signs, NW has the answers you need.

For customers who are looking for heavy-duty construction site signs, such as a hazardous material sign, we would recommend using .125” thick aluminum.  In general aluminum is one of the most popular options for outdoor signage.  It’s lightweight, looks great for years to come, is affordable and is incredibly durable. For our real estate customers looking for small yard signs we would recommend a thinner .040” thick aluminum.  For something slightly more rigid .080” thick aluminum is also a good choice.  As an example this is the thickness of the stop sign at the end of your street.

Similar in appearance to the aluminum sign is a dibond material.  These signs are thicker than aluminum alone but have an aluminum surface, which means you keep the beautiful look but add dimension.  Dibond also increases the strength and durability of the sign, and is available in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes.  It’s priced comparably to aluminum but does even better in outdoor conditions.  Many commercial real estate companies will use dibond for their signage because of its balance between durability and portability.

Another popular choice is dura-wood.  For those who are looking for signage that has the classic look of wood but the durability of vinyl.  Dura-wood is ½” thick and can be custom cut into any size you need.  It’s one of the best options for those who are looking to make use of full-color graphics but want something that’s still easy to mount and can stand up to the outdoor elements.  Many customers prefer dura-wood because it can be printed as a double-sided sign.

Whether your business is real estate, construction, or something else entirely we recommend considering the use of one of these 3 materials.  There is so much you can do with each of them and our design team is here to help you create something that suits your business perfectly.  Give Infinity Signs, NW a call today.

Selecting The Right Size For Your Poster

printed posters

The most common sizes for posters are 24” x 36”, 18” x 24”, 11” x 17”, and 8.5” x 11” but how do you know which size to choose for your upcoming need?  There are several factors to consider such as where you’ll be placing the poster, who your target audience is, how much information you’ll need to convey, and how long the poster is expected to hang.  Here are some recommendations with regards to the different sizes.

The 24” x 36” large poster size is actually the standard for posters.  If you contacted virtually any size company and ordered a large poster, this is the size you would receive.  It’s the most versatile size, and the perfect choice for many applications.  This size is large enough to be used in outdoor applications, such as a menu posted outside a restaurant, but is also appropriate for indoor use.  If you picture your favorite poster hanging on your bedroom wall when you were a teenager, it was likely this size.  It gives you plenty of space for powerful graphics as well as thorough information.  You can use a large font size to increase long-distance visibility while still having enough space for more detailed information.  This size can also be a great way to improve the look of your office as it’s perfect for décor.

A medium size poster, 18” x 24”, is most commonly used in storefront promotions.  It’s not so large that it will dominate the space and prevent customers from seeing inside, but large enough to grab the attention of people walking by. This is the size used when looking to promote an upcoming event such as a concert, boat show, or non-profit event. Most business owners are willing to allow posters this size to be hung in their window for a period of time. While not as much space as the large poster, you’ll still have enough room to get your message across while keeping your font large enough to read.

The 11” x 17” small sized poster is ideal for promoting upcoming events in areas that have limited space.  This size is often hanging in employee breakrooms to promote safety notices, upcoming company events, or community activities.  It’s recommended that you keep posters this size simple.  Minimal graphics, large letters, simple message.  You simply don’t have enough space to get into too many details but you can certainly put contact information or a QR code to show people where they can learn more.

The final size is the standard sheet of paper, 8.5” x 11”.  As the smallest size poster it’s really more of a flyer.  This is often the size chosen for mass distribution such as at school or church.  It’s also a good size to keep next to a cash register if you’re looking to promote something to customers.  Because this size is not intended to be seen from a distance you can really make it as simple or detailed as you prefer.  Generally, a larger font with key information at the top then leading to smaller font and more detailed information at the bottom is effective.

Effectiveness of Sign Spinners

Sign Spinners

Everyone has seen those people that stand on the street holding a sign and dancing like crazy, or spinning the sign around, or dressed like a gorilla.  Do these gimmicks actually work?  Recent studies have found that having a person standing with a sign actually does improve customer responsiveness.  In fact it found that the response rate when the sign was being held was more than 150% higher than when the sign was simply standing alone at the road.  The driver responsiveness increased another 15% if the person holding the sign was doing some type of action – dancing, spinning, etc.

The study looked at a variety of other variables as well.  As you might imagine there are many do’s and don’ts associated with getting the attention of the public when using a temporary sign.  Here are a few of the ones most important when designing your street sign:

Simplicity – the most important thing to remember is to keep your sign and your messaging simple and to the point.  Your sign needs to use as few words as possible to give drivers enough time to read and comprehend your message.  Avoid using graphics and designs as these can detract from your primary messaging and make it more difficult for drivers to read your sign.

Color – selecting a color contrast for your sign will make a big difference in its effectiveness.  A bright color for the background or text contrasted with white or black works extremely well.  If you don’t want to use color at all a simple white background with black text was almost as effective in getting driver response during the study.

Text – it’s critical that you select a font that’s easy-to-read, bold, and sized appropriately.  You certainly can’t have someone holding a sign that’s ridiculously big so you’ll need to make sure that the number of words you print will fit in a standard size sign while maintaining a large font.  It’s far better for drivers to read 5 words and understand them than to see 20 words but be unable to read them all. The study found that short messages were over 90% more effective than longer ones.

The most important thing for business owners to take note of is that signs work!  People definitely notice signs when driving.  Their response to your sign is heavily dependent on its design and messaging, but they’ll definitely notice it.  In addition, it’s worth the cost to have an employee standing outside holding your sign.  If you can increase driver interest by 150% that will pay for your employee cost in a hurry.  Get your sign designed and printed today from Infinity Signs, NW.

Exterior Signage Spring Clean-up

Monument Signs

Spring is a good time to get out there and give your exterior business signage a hard look.  Does it look fresh, clean and professional or faded, outdated, and worn?  Often time’s signage is a critical decision for a new business but then gets crossed off the mental “to do” list and never revisited.  This can be detrimental to your company though as customer’s either fail to notice your sign at all because it’s been part of their world for so long, or worse yet they do not notice it because it looks like it needs some love.  It’s important to complete regular maintenance and cleaning on your exterior signs to avoid the negative effects that time and weather can have.  The team at Infinity Signs NW can help you keep your sign in tip top condition.

If many years have passed since your sign purchase, it might be time for something new altogether.  A new monument sign is the best choice for many non-retail customers.  Infinity Signs NW can design, build, and install a beautiful monument sign from virtually any material.  Select a material that fits the persona of your business – concrete, brick, wood, stone, stucco, and many more.  There is no better way to have a strong presence and excellent street visibility than with a monument sign.  You want your business to be easy to locate and make a great first impression, a monument sign gets the job done.

It may seem like a big task to get a new sign but we can help.  We have years of experience negotiating with landlords, property management companies, contractors, homeowner’s associations and others to make sure our clients have the appropriate permits in place and meet local requirements.  We will ensure that you get a sign you love, without upsetting the neighbors.

Infinity Signs NW has a huge variety of architectural design options, background colors, and optional features for you to select from.  We can be sure to make your sign stand out whether that’s literally with raised lettering or just figuratively with a beautiful new look.  Our professional installers will have the job done right and right away.  Get your sign ordered today and enjoy the benefits of attracting new attention this summer.

The Power of a Refresh

Sign refresh

I recently walked through an airport that I’ve walked through hundreds of times.  You know how it goes when you take the same route over and over.  You stop really seeing anything, it’s all just a blur of vaguely familiar images.  Interestingly this time I actually noticed the signs for the bathrooms, dog walking area, baggage claim and others.  I realized that the reason these signs were suddenly grabbing my attention was that they were all new signs.  While of course the information they provided was the same as it’s probably been for 50 years, for the first time they actually stuck out to me.  What if the same thing could happen for your business?  What if those customers that drive by day after day, but never really see anything, suddenly noticed you?  A new sign could make that happen!

A new sign doesn’t have to be a dramatic change from the old one, sometimes simply a facelift will get the job done.  The airport signs for example went from being black signs with white lettering to being metallic signs with colored light illuminating the letter cut-outs.  They were subtle, but different.  Just enough to grab my attention.  If you’re happy with your color scheme, there’s no reason to completely revamp it.  Instead look for new ways to present the same colors, graphics or logos.  Maybe this is changing the material type for your sign or using the same font and material but adding lighting to create a halo sign.  Creating a new look doesn’t have to be dramatic or expensive.  There are a variety of simple ways to create something that will grab people’s attention.

Another option is changing the location of your sign.  I noticed that at the baggage claim area they had relocated the signs from hanging centered over the luggage conveyors, to being located on cement poles at the end of each conveyor.  Again the information was the same but because it was not in the place it’s always been in, it stuck out in a whole new way.  You could also consider changing the size of your sign.  Make it slightly bigger or smaller than before and it will register in your customer’s mind that something is different, which will cause them to give it a second look.

These simple changes- size, material type, lighting, color, or location can yield big sales results.  They can be effective on exterior signage, directional signs, and interior informational signs depending on your goal.  If you need to get people to a new area of your store or business try new signs inside, if your goal is to bring in new customers altogether than let’s upgrade the outside.  Whether you need 1 new sign or a 100, interior or exterior, a big revamp or something subtle, the team at Infinity Signs NW can get the job done.  Give us a call today to get your business to stand out again.

Trade Show Booth Options

trade show booth

Trade shows are an invaluable marketing opportunity for every company.  Whether you plan to attend just one or a whole year’s worth of shows there are different booth set-ups to fit your needs and your budget.  Let’s look at a few of the different options and compare the pros and cons of each.

Modular Displays – a modular display is perfect for those who will be attending multiple shows, or those who want to save the hardware from year to year.  These displays are completely customizable with the ability to configure and reconfigure again and again.  The concept is simple, a lightweight frame is easily built using several pieces and then either a banner or fabric display is attached.  The advantage is that you can use these frame pieces to build various size and shape displays for every booth.  If your booth size is smaller at one show you just set up fewer frames.  If you add product to display and need to relocate the display it’s no problem to do so.  This is by far the most versatile and long-lasting booth set-up.

Panel-and-Frame Booths – this is the best choice for those who want to create a freestanding display or are looking to create “walls” to separate various booth areas.  Your marketing material is printed on a series of panels that all connect with one another when assembled at the show.  The con of this display option is the additional time needed on-site for assembly, as well as the permanency of the marketed material selected.  The pros are the beautiful, professional look it gives the booth, the affordability, and the flexibility to order in both straight line shapes as well as arcs.  This is the most common option selected for shows.

Tension Fabric Displays – while tension fabric can be used in conjunction with modular displays they can also be used independently.  Tension fabric is a great choice if you’re setting up a smaller booth that doesn’t warrant a more elaborate display, or for use in one area of a larger booth to allow you to market something more specific in that space.  They’re affordable, quick to set-up, easy to store and last a long time.

Pop-up Displays – this type of display involves a graphic printed on a vinyl material that is contained in a spring-loaded roller.  To assemble you just extend the framework and unroll the graphic to fit tightly on the frame.  These are a good way to display more detailed information in a busy booth, or to place closer to aisles to attract attention from those walking by.  Another advantage to pop-up banners is their versatility.  They can easily be used for trade shows, outdoor festivals, and then set-up inside a storefront.  They can also be printed in virtually any size and both in a flat or curved display.

For many customers using these items in conjunction with one another gives the perfect finished product.  It’s best to work with the design team at Infinity Signs NW to layout the full scope of your booth and determine which features will work best together.  Let our team help you come up with a trade show booth that will drive sales for years to come.