Effective Signage Tips for New Businesses

Exterior business signs

When opening a business in a new location, one of the most important aspects to plan for is the signage. It has been found that 50% of business for start-up companies comes from sign exposure. This means having effective signage is crucial for a new business.

An effective sign not only has to be designed well, but it needs to be implemented in the right way. Here are some tips on design and implementation of signs:


When designing a sign, new businesses need to take these factors into consideration: color, materials, contrast and size. The team at Infinity Signs NW can make design process suggestions to help create the best sign possible. Many of the design decisions will depend on budget and the building constraints.


How the sign is implemented might be even more important than the design. Even if a sign is expertly designed, if it is not properly placed or installed then the design will be ineffective. Here are some implementation tips:

  • Viewpoint

The sign needs to be seen easily for it to be effective. Retail stores often place their signs high above the building to attract customers who may be passing by on the street. Other types of businesses might be better served with signage that is at eye level.

  • Placement

It can be worth it to experiment with signage placements before making the installation permanent. Ask customers for their preferences and see where the sign is most effective.

  • Regulations

There are regulations, permits and building codes that surround business signage. These factors need to be taken into consideration before the design process even starts. City ordinances can have an enormous impact on the type of sign and how large it can be.

Signage can have a tremendous influence on attracting customers, which is important for new businesses. Talk to Infinity Signs NW about creating effective business signage for new businesses in Boise and throughout the Treasure Valley.


3 Tips for a Successful Grand Opening

An effective store grand opening can be quite time consuming and expensive. Get the most benefit from your grand opening by getting the word out and attracting potential customers. To create a successful grand opening event, incorporate these:

  1. Signage

Get the attention of people walking or driving by with a grand opening banner. Often people aren’t aware there is a grand opening for a new store until they see the new banner advertising it. They are usually large and bright, with bold colors and text. The team at Infinity Signs NW can create the perfect grand opening banners to hang outside the new store.

Signage might also include smaller signs or flyers posted around town, or for people on street corners to hold and spin. The more signage used to advertise, the more people will know about the grand opening. Seeing signs more frequently also increases brand awareness and creates a certain excitement for the grand opening event.

  1. Advertising

Advertising is a must for any business. Different businesses will reach their target audience with different forms of advertising. They can use print, yard signs, radio, television, benches, social media, etc. Most new businesses will want to advertise the grand opening using more than one advertising medium.

  1. Promotional Items

People like free stuff. That’s why promotional items work well to attract people to grand openings and other events. Have smaller promotional items, like key chains or bottle openers, on hand to give away to guests when they arrive. A great way to attract an even larger crowd is to create a drawing or contest for visitors to enter. A large gift basket full of promotional items and merchandise from the store makes a great prize for the winner.

The team at Infinity Signs NW can help coordinate all of the grand opening signage and find the perfect promotional products for the event. With the right mix of the three factors mentioned above, any grand opening can be a success.