Nighttime Signage

Signage colors

There are some businesses that make the majority of their money at night – think liquor stores, night clubs, casinos, and even emergency rooms. If yours is a business looking to compete for the after dark dollars, your signage could be making a big impact on your effectiveness. The human eye sees some colors more easily than others, especially at night. Choosing the right color for your sign could make all the difference for viewing after dark.

Red and white are the two best choices. White is a great option because it reflects all the colors of the light spectrum. This makes it more visible when there is less light. Other colors, such as blue or black, will absorb whatever small amount of light is available but the white will reflect it.  White can be further highlighted by pairing it with a contrasting color. Take highway signs for example – white lettering on a green background. They have figured out that your eyes will pick-up on the white, day or night, if it’s layered on top of a colored background. During the day the colored background helps the sign continue to get attention, while at night the white does the trick.

Red is another good color for viewing at night. The reason for this is because the human eyes uses 3 types of cones – blue receptive, green receptive and red receptive – in order to see color. These cones are clustered in the center of the pupil where they pick-up color based on its wavelength. The longer the wavelength the more easily the eye picks it up. Red has the longest wave length, 610-700 nanometers compared with violet at 400-450 nanometers. Below a certain wavelength your eyes can not pick up color at all, you simply see shapes or outlines of objects rather than their color. The longer wavelength of red makes it one of the first colors to become visible in the dark. It takes far less light for your eyes to pick up red than violet.

If you need your sign to really pop at night, red and white are your best choices. Infinity Signs, NW can also add halo lighting to illuminate your sign from behind. This type of lighting creates a beautiful, soft glow around the letters of your exterior sign. It’s very effective with channel letters on buildings. We also offer a variety of other options if halo lighting isn’t for you. Between color selection and proper lighting, Infinity Signs, NW can make sure your customers can easily spot your business.

Red Signs


Boise Lighted Signs

As LED lights have grown in popularity over recent years, more and more businesses are getting on board with the idea of putting together an LED lighting layout. You may be scratching your head trying to figure out what this is or why it matters to you, but hang in there. It turns out that the lighting for your company is costing you a significant amount of money both in energy bills and maintenance costs. Swapping out to LED lights will reduce both, with a pay off on your investment in just 1-3 years, but there’s more to be gained by creating an LED lighting layout than just cost savings. How about targeting increased sales as well?

You can have the most beautiful signage in the world, but if no one can see it then it doesn’t really matter. Bring your signage out of the dark through the use of proper lighting. This is not limited to just lighting on outdoor signs either. Think wall sconces, recessed lighting, track lighting, display case lighting, and pendants. In order to really maximize the impact that lighting can have you’ve got to think of it from a big picture perspective. Look at your overall business or office space. Think about the feel that you’re trying to give the environment. Then play with different lighting ideas until you find one that works.

Your LED lighting layout should provide the best possible lighting on your signage of course, but in addition it should use lighting to highlight other areas of your business. Maybe this is wall sconces that draw attention to awards you’ve won, maybe its colored lights that create an ambiance in the room that makes customers relax and stay a while, or maybe you need to just provide effective lighting in darker corners of your facility. All of these should tie together in your overall lighting plan.

It can be very helpful to work with a sign company to integrate the lighting with the signage. You certainly want to illuminate actual business signs, but wall graphics and directional sign may benefit from well-placed lights as well.  Your sign company also knows the power of utilizing color, dim vs bright lights, and other lighting features such as back lighting. Put all of that knowledge to work for your company and reduce your energy bill by 50% or more, while increasing sales.

New Year, New Look


As we begin 2019, is it time for your business to get a new look?  Do you need to mix it up to grab customer’s attention again?  The best way is to reevaluate your signage.  After a while people drive by the same signs over and over and completely miss what they even say.  Haven’t you ever had that experience?  You drive through an area you’ve driven through a thousand times before and all of the sudden realize there’s a store there that you never knew existed.  Many times it turns out that the store has been there for 20 years.

What can you do to make sure your business isn’t in that situation?  Change up the look of your signage periodically.  Having something fresh and different will stand out to customers and cause them to take a second look.  Getting a new look can mean an entirely new exterior sign, the addition of an electronic sign, a new banner or special event sign, or simply a facelift of the existing signage.

Infinity Signs NW can help with all of these services.  Our installation team can take a look at your existing signage and make recommendations on everything from giving it a good cleaning to servicing and repairing anything that’s been damaged. The design team is also available to work with you if you’re looking to go in a new direction entirely.  You’ll need to consider whether you want to keep some of your existing sign features such as font, color, or use of images or scrap everything and completely start over.  This is where working with a design artist can be extremely helpful.  Let us work up some images for you to give you an idea of what it would look like to make big changes verses smaller ones and then you decide which best reflects your business.

The quick turn around on manufacturing from Infinity Signs NW means you’ll be getting the benefits of your new signage right away.  You’ll be sure to get everything you can out of this New Year.  The installation staff will have your new signs up promoting your company before you know it.  Make 2019 the year your company stands out from the crowd with a new look in the community.  This could be just what you need to bring in new customers and grow your business this year.

Electronic Signs


Are you getting the most out of your electronic signs?  Electronic signs are an incredibly powerful tool capable of providing 24/7 marketing to your potential customers, but they’re only effective if they’re utilized correctly.  Some people get stuck on just using an electronic sign for the basics – name of the company, open/closed sign, or other generic messaging such as “Come In”.  This really provides only the most basic of information, and does virtually nothing to promote your offerings or get customers in the door.  Infinity Signs, NW knows that electronic signs can offer so much more.

Electronic signs can come in both text and images and for many businesses using both can be extremely effective in getting their message across.  A pizza shop for example might have an electronic sign with an image of a pizza as well as one that says “We deliver 333-333-3333”.  That provides useful information that a customer driving by could really use.  Maybe they’re driving home thinking the last thing they want to do is start dinner.  They get the phone number right off the sign, place an order, and have food delivered when they get home.  The next thing you know you’ve got someone who has never tried your pizza before as a new customer for life.

Another great use for electronic signs is to promote new product offerings, or seasonally specific services.  During the holiday time if your business does printing and copying but also handles shipping maybe that’s the time to add an electronic sign that lets people know, “Shipping Center”.  If you’re a hair salon who has recently picked up a new line of products use an electronic sign to get the word out.  Some customers are very brand loyal and will stop in just because they see that you now sell their favorite brand.

The key to electronic signs is to think beyond the base level information and go for something that will really grab their attention.  Make sure the sign is clearly visible from a reasonable distance, has bright colors, is in good condition and is visible at night.  Beyond that, the sky’s the limit for designing your custom electronic sign.

LED Signs vs. Neon Signs

Boise LED signs

For many years neon signs have been very popular.  They offer a bright burst of color to attract the eye of paying customers, they last a long time and are relatively low maintenance.  In recent years though the rise of LED signs has overtaken neon signs in terms of popularity.  To determine the reason behind their incredible growth you first have to understand the differences between the two.

Neon signs create light from the reaction of an inert gas which emits a fluorescent color as a result of the release of energy.  This light comes in a hand crafted glass tube which is shaped into the letters or images necessary for the individual sign.  LED signs use light-emitting diodes, essentially small light bulbs, placed close together to create the same text and images.  Unlike traditional lightbulbs led signs do not have a filament and are far more efficient.  Both signs can be effective in driving customers into your business if used properly, so how do you choose one?

There are a few key areas in which to compare LED and neon signs – power use, maintenance, purchase price, brightness, and safety.  In terms of power use, the LED sign wins hands down.  The LED needs just 24 volts of power while the neon bulbs require 15,000 volts.  This means for larger signs there will be a substantial difference in running cost over a year.  Maintenance for an LED sign is generally pretty minimal.  Most LED signs can last about a decade before requiring replacement.  Neon signs will require that the gases periodically be refilled, which will require a visit from a professional.  Of course because neon signs have been around so much longer the availability of a technician for a neon sign is likely to be easier than one for an LED sign should it require attention.

The purchase price between the two is virtually identical.  In some cases, for larger signs, there may be up to a 10% savings on an LED sign, but that is expected to change.  As the use of LED signs continues to increase the cost is expected to decline making it an even more appealing option over neon signs in the future.  Brightness can be tricky.  LED signs are far brighter than neon and be seen from much further away, but many people feel that neon signs have a warmer, more aesthetically pleasing light.  So there may not be a clear winner in terms of the quality of the light, it may come down more to personal preference.

Safety for signs does not necessarily mean safety to you personally, but more like safety for the environment.  LED signs create very little heat and do not contain environmentally dangerous materials.  Neon signs use high voltage and glass tubing that is prone to breaking.  If the neon tube breaks, gases will be emitted to the environment and the tube will require special treatment for disposal.

Infinity Signs NW has years of sign experience and we’ve definitely come to recognize that LED signs are the way of the future.  The lower cost, increased safety, and better reliability are turning more and more customers towards selecting LED signs for their business.  We’re happy to talk with you about your specific sign needs and help you determine which option might be best for the future of your company.

Channel Letter Signs and Installation


Channel letter signs are a popular option for businesses. They are dimensional and stand out away from the building, making quite the impact. They can be made using a wide variety of fonts, colors, and sizes.

The term channel letter signage encompasses many different styles of signs. Here’s a rundown of each type:

  • Front Lit Channel Letters

This is the most commonly seen and is also called standard channel letters. The illumination is projected through the front faces of the letters.

  • Reverse Channel Letters

In this type of sign, the illumination comes from the back of the letters. They are also commonly called halo lit or back lit letters. The light is reflected off the wall behind them, creating a halo.

  • Open Face Channel Letters

These letters have open faces, allowing for the placement of neon illumination. They’re bright and eye-catching when used in the right situation.

  • Front/Back Lit Channel Letters

Those looking for a dramatic sign should consider this type of channel lettering. These letters produce illumination from both the front and back making for a dynamic and bright sign.

Channel letter signs can be mounted in a several ways:

  • Raceway Mount

Channel letter signs are often installed on a raceway, which is a metal box that houses the electrical wiring and power supply for the letters. It reduces the number of wall penetrations required for mounting.

  • Flush Mount

In this installation technique, the letters are attached directly to the building. This creates a flawless appearance that many people favor for their business signs.

  • Backer Mount

Letters are attached to a metal cabinet or backer panel that is larger in height and width then the channel letter configuration.

Channel letter signs are popular because of their ability to make the signage unique and illuminated. Businesses interested in this type of sign should contact Infinity Signs NW.

Electric Signage Issues

17622113 - fish and chips led sign at take away or fast food restaurant

Electric signs are a great tool for catching the attention of passersby. Their lighting makes the sign easy to see. However, the lighting can also bring about some problems when it isn’t working properly. Here are three types of electric signs and common issues they can experience:

Fluorescent Signs

Fluorescent lighted sign issues usually have to do with it not lighting up properly. It could be not fully lit, flickering, or completely unlit. Fluorescent lights have a lifespan of about 12,000 hours or approximately three years. Eventually they will start to show signs of aging by not lighting up properly. Regular sign maintenance can catch these issues and get the bulbs replaced when necessary.

Neon Signs

Neon signs aren’t too common anymore, but there are still some in use. The neon in the sign could be burned out or broken if the sign flickers and then goes out after being turned on. If half of the sign is working, but the other part is dim or out, the gas might need to be repumped or the tube replaced. Many businesses are replacing neon signs with new LED signs.

LED Signs

LED lighting has an extremely long lifespan. They rarely have issues like an individual or string of LEDs going out. However, sometimes the power supply can fail and need repairs. While it might cost more upfront, LED lighted signage has fewer issues and lasts much longer than the other two options.

When electric signage starts failing, it can impact the business and their image to the public. People might assume the business is closed, or doesn’t take good care of its property.

Along with creating electric signage, Infinity Signs NW offers sign maintenance, repairs, and cleaning to keep signage looking is best. If any issues arise with lighted signage, give us a call to get it fixed right away.

Backlit Signage

When it comes to indoor signage, there are many options for customizing a space. One of those options is backlit signs. These signs are seen often in malls, office lobbies, and other locations. Generally lit from behind with LEDs, these signs stand out and make a memorable first impression.

While great for indoor use, backlit signs can be utilized outdoors as well. They are used most often on the front of business buildings. These signs stand out far better than the once popular fluorescent signage.

Here are some of the benefits of backlit signage:

  • Versatility

As stated above, these signs can be installed either indoors or outdoors. Backlit signs can promote products for short-term or long-term displays, making them a flexible sign option.

  • Visibility

The LED lighting behind the sign makes it easier to be seen from farther away. This helps the sign to be more readable, and attracts attention with the vibrant colors.

  • Customizable Materials

Backlit signs are made custom so they match a company’s brand and personality. They can be made from many different materials with different finishes to produce a one-of-a-kind look.

  • Cost-Effective

When compared to other lighted alternatives, such as incandescent lighting or compact fluorescent, an LED backlit sign might cost more initially, but it will last longer and uses significantly less energy. This can help save money offer time.

  • Color Options

There’s a wide range of colors that LEDs can produce. Just the whites can range from warm and soft to cool and bright, which has a huge impact on the feel of the sign. Some LEDs can even cycle through a pattern of multiple colors. This gives a business some options when choosing the perfect color for the backlit sign.

These benefits make a backlit sign a great investment for any business. Talk to the team at Infinity Signs NW about designing and creating a new backlit LED sign for your business today.

Using Electronic Message Center Signage

As people drive, they take in the sights around them, including business signage. This has a tremendous impact on the success of outdoor business signage, and the rising popularity associated with electronic message center signs. These signs have moving message displays of text, graphics, or a combination of the two.

Businesses planning to upgrade their signage to an electronic message center should take into consideration these benefits that come with this type of signage:

  1. Message Versatility

In addition to promoting your business location, electronic signs can easily be updated with flashy new messages.  They can display a wide array of text and graphic combinations to relay messages to customers about sales, special events, and more.

Business owners can update the content of the messages with the click of a button and tailor certain messages to certain times of the day with scheduling. It easier and cheaper than running different commercials on radio or television each time you want to send out a new message.

  1. 24-Hour Messages

The signs can run 24/7, reaching as many potential customers as possible. They’re visible in direct sunlight, and remain illuminated throughout the night. Even though the business may only be open from 9-5, its advertising efforts will be seen at all hours.

  1. Attention Boosting

Passersby already notice business signs, but a moving, illuminated sign will grab even more attention. An electronic message center sign will increase the visibility for a business. Some businesses like to include their catch phrase for additional business branding.

If your business has a message or messages that you want to display, Infinity Signs NW can create a sign to bring your message to life. Talk to the team at Infinity Signs NW about how your business can benefit from an electronic message center sign.