The Powerful Effect of Combining Materials

Multi-layered Sign Materials

When considering your interior and exterior signage designs don’t limit yourself to the use of just one material.  In many cases combining different materials, such as wood with metal, creates a truly unique and striking look.  The metal letters stand out sharply in contrast to the wooden background and really draw the attention of the people driving past.  The same is true for many other combinations of materials.

The addition of a second material gives your sign added dimension, which is a fantastic and increasingly popular look.  You can also achieve that 3 dimensional look by layering the same material on top of itself.  Let’s say you used a brushed stainless or aluminum background material but then layered your text in the same material on top.  You could use a bright color for the letters to make them stand out from the background, while maintaining the feel of the metal.  This is also the perfect way to bring your company colors through to your signage and further increase your brand recognition in the community.  Another way of doing this is by using two different colors or types of wood all on one sign.  A lighter colored wood for the background but a dark wood for the logo is a powerful look.

By using a different material for the lettering you also have the opportunity to create spacing between letters and background, which is the perfect place to add in some halo lighting effects.  You could do white light or colored to really make the letters pop.  Lighting improves your sign’s visual effects during the day as well as increasing visibility at night.

Layering multiple materials is not just for exterior signage.  This look is a fantastic addition to your company’s lobby as well as in the production of directional signs. It gives your business a fresh, modern look in addition to being sure to be noticed by anyone walking through your hallways.  Give Infinity Signs, NW a call today to discuss how we can help you take advantage of integrating multiple materials into your next signage project and you’ll have the confidence that your sign will literally stand out from all the others.

Sign Materials, a World of Options

Materials for Business Signs

As you consider the purchase of a new business sign you’ll likely start looking at all the different signs you see around town.  One of the first things you’ll notice is the huge variety of materials that people use.  This can be confusing.  How in the world do you know which one is the best for your company’s needs?  To get to the bottom of that decision let’s review the features and benefits of the different choices.

Acrylic Signs– these signs are made of a plastic material that is the perfect substitute for glass.  It’s durable and lightweight, making it preferred to glass, but maintains the transparent look that makes glass so desirable.  This is the ideal option when creating a backlit sign or using 3D lettering.

PVC – this type of sign is made up of several layers of “foam” fused together to make a very lightweight and economical sign, that still has a high degree of rigidity.  It has a nice smooth front that is perfect for trade show signs, menu boards and point-of-purchase displays. PVC is a good choice for both indoor and outdoor displays.

Wooden Signs – a wooden sign is a great choice for businesses that want a more natural feel, as it sets the tone for the business.  It’s not a sleek, modern choice but instead more of a rustic, stable feel.  Wooden signs are unique in that they can be cut to virtually any shape, and lettering or graphics can be routed or carved to create a 3D appearance.  They can be painted, sandblasted, stained or left completely natural which gives you a tremendous amount of choices when designing your sign.  They’re primarily used for outdoor signage.

Aluminum Signs– this is the ideal material choice for customers who want a metal sign.  It’s resistant to corrosion, affordable and relatively light weight. Aluminum can also be cut into any shape that fits your business.  It can be brushed or left shiny, can be painted or not.  It’s often the choice of those who are looking to invest in something for the long-term with a modern look.

Vinyl – this is the material you typically see for things such as window graphics, banners, vehicle wraps and other more temporary installations.  It’s incredibly versatile, can be printed in vibrant colors, often contain attention catching graphics, and can be moved to multiple locations.  It’s perfect for temporary signage, trade show displays, or mobile graphics.

There are many other material options such as corrugated plastic, fiberboard, aluminum composite, copper, stainless steel and a hundred others. In most cases its best to review your design and sign needs with the team from Infinity Signs, NW before deciding on a material.  We’ve worked with countless companies to determine the perfect material for their sign needs.

Could your Sign be Turning Customers Away?

Broken Sign Repair

You’re probably thinking, “you’ve got to be kidding me!” How could my signage possibly be turning customers away?  I spent a fortune on signs to attract customers and it’s possible that I’m actually driving them away?  Take a deep breath and read on.  There are a few simple things you can do to make sure your signage isn’t an eyesore in the community.

First it’s important to do things right from the very beginning.  Even temporary signage that you may put up before your permanent signs come in, can make a positive or negative impression.  So be sure to take the time to do it correctly.  A study conducted by FedEx Office found that over 50% of people surveyed said that bad signage (misspelled words, low quality, etc) deterred them from entering the place of business.  It’s important that it’s done well.

Choose your location carefully.  Make sure that your sign will be visible when leaves come in on those trees in the summer, or when the sun is setting each evening.  The last thing you want to find out after installation is that it isn’t visible.  In addition, make sure the installation is done well.  If your sign is slightly skewed it will definitely get noticed but not in a good way.

Get your logo reviewed by a professional designer before you head into production of your signage.  Any small flaw in a logo design will be a major problem when it gets blown up to be the size of the side of your building.  Your logo should be distinct and clearly associated with your company.  It’s strongly recommended that you use contrasting colors to maximize impact. In addition your font needs to be clear and readable.  This probably isn’t the time to experiment with lesser used font options.  In many cases the classic fonts are classic for a reason.

Take time to consider the spacing on your sign.  It looks strange if your letters run all the way to the edge of the sign, or if they bunch up towards the end.  You’ve got to lay your sign out properly to make sure the letters aren’t too close together and difficult to read, and also aren’t crowded within the size of the overall sign.  You may be limited by city codes with regards to the size of your sign so you’ll need to adjust to make sure that whatever you put in that limited space fits well and looks professional.  Infinity Signs, NW reviews all customer designs before going into production to make sure you avoid these unsightly situations.  Signs are our life, you can expect us to make sure you aren’t the sign that turns customers away.

Metal Signs…A Truly Refined Look

Metal Business Signs

When you consider signage for your business it’s important to give serious thought to the perception you want the community to have about the culture of your business.  Do you want to be perceived as fun and whimsical or more serious and refined?  A metal sign is the perfect choice if you want to give the impression of a classy, stable, and serious business.  Many of our customers who are in fields such as finance/banking, legal work, information technology, or insurance will opt for a metal sign for exactly this reason.  You want your customers to feel confident that your business is solid and reliable and trust you enough to give you their money.

The image you portray through your signage can go a long way towards establishing trust.  The power of the first impression is unmistakable, it simply sets the tone for how your customer will think of your business for years going forward.

When it comes to metal signs you have a variety of options.  Some of the most popular include aluminum, brass, copper and stainless steel.  You can then choose whether you want the material shined up or with more of a brushed look. This tends to be more a choice of personal preference since both options send the same message to customers.  You may want to consider the rest of your company’s color pallet as well.  For example if your lobby is painted orange you may want to steer clear of brass for your sign.  The colors there will clash and be visually off-putting.   In addition, you want to be sure that the color you choose matches with your logo.  There may be times when the logo ends up near your signage and again you want them to go well together.

Metal signs are a great option for those looking for something that will look beautiful for many years.  Whether inside or out metal signs are up to the job of lasting through the test of time. The materials are all very weather resistant and won’t fade as the years go by. Each metal sign created by Infinity Signs NW is custom cut meaning that it will be unique to your business and can be customized to fit your preferences.  The sign can be any shape, size or font you like.

Infinity Signs, NW has worked with many companies throughout the Boise area to make stunning metal signs that set their company apart from the competition.  Our signs are professionally installed, reasonably priced, available quickly, and low maintenance.  Give us a call to discuss the design of your next sign project.

Beautiful Window Graphics

Boise Window Graphics

Recently Infinity Signs, NW had the pleasure of working on a project to complete a large series of window graphics in a downtown Boise area.  Window graphics are a great way to, not only promote an existing business, but also to let customers know about what’s going to be coming soon.  As you complete renovations or construction on your new location consider adding some colorful window graphics.  Not only will they hide everything that’s going on inside, but they also get people excited about what’s coming.  There’s nothing better for a new business then to have people spreading the word about what’s coming before it even opens.

An additional benefit to window graphics is the ability to keep them or remove them after your business does open.  In many cases keeping a few panels up is a great way to continue your marketing efforts and draw attention to your business, but other panels can be taken down to entice people to come inside and see all that you have to offer.  Window graphics from Infinity Signs, NW are designed to last for many years, but are also easy to remove when the time is right.

Window graphics are one of the most affordable ways for new businesses to advertise.  Compared to more traditional signage, they’re far less expensive and can have an even more powerful effect on customers because of their large colorful graphics. The team at Infinity Signs, NW will complete the installation process quickly and professionally freeing you up to focus on the thousands of other details that go in to opening a new location.

Not sure what to put on your windows? Let our design team go to work for you.  We have years of experience coming up with window displays that are both unique and beautiful. We can work with the style of your company, your logo, color scheme and graphics to create something you will absolutely love. In addition, you’ll be able to go from an initial phone call to Infinity Signs NW to a stunning, finished window in just days. We offer a variety of styles to fit any window set-up and we can tie your window graphics in with all of your other interior signage and marketing efforts to ensure a successful launch for your business. Give us a call today to get started changing the whole look of your business.

Proper Sign Maintenance

Sign Maintenance

No one wants to think about it but it won’t be long before the weather starts to change and it’s far less pleasant to be outside doing maintenance on your company’s signage.  The time to address cleaning, maintenance, or upgrades that your signage needs is right now.  Infinity Signs, NW helps many of our customers with regular maintenance and cleaning of their signage to help them ensure that their investment lasts as long as possible.  Here are a few tips we’ve put together to help those of you who are up to tackling sign maintenance themselves:

  1. Cleaning Signs – this is often overlooked as people just simply don’t think of their sign as a place that gets dirty, but it certainly is. Exterior signage should be cleaned at least once a year to remove dirt and grim, bird droppings, lawn clippings or dust all of which could be accumulating over time.

Plastic Signs – One of the best ways to clean your plastic sign is by using a power washer. Stand at least a foot or two away from the sign and use a circular spray nozzle set lower than 2000 psi.


Acrylic Signs – For acrylic signs use a clean, soft cloth and some lukewarm water to just wipe it down.  Be sure not to use anytime of harsh cleaning agent or abrasive tool as this will ruin your sign’s appearance.


Metal Signs – For metal signs use a soft cloth, dip it in a bucket filled with warm water, a cup of liquid dish soap and a cup of white vinegar.  Gently wash the sign down and dry with another clean cloth.

  1. Maintenance – inspect your sign regularly for things such as damage to the lettering, burned out bulbs, exposed cables or wires, loose brackets, etc. If you find any of these items you should address them right away either by replacing worn out items or repairing them and putting them back to their original positioning. If you notice signs of cracking or peeling contact Infinity Signs, NW immediately before it destroys the appearance of your sign. In some cases a protective coating can be applied to the sign every few years that can also help improve its longevity, this will depend on the type of sign you have.

It’s important to remember that the condition of your sign has a direct impact on your customer’s opinion of your business.  A shabby looking sign sends the message that you can’t be trusted to meet their needs.  Some simply, regular maintenance can make all the difference in the perception the public has of your company.

Don’t Forget About Your Sign

Round signs

As I drove around town recently I noticed something about the majority of construction and commercial real estate signs – they were hidden by weeds or brush that have overtaken the area.  It got me thinking that it might be a good idea to remind our customers to check on your signage every now and again.  You made a substantial financial investment in having good signage because you know the impact it can have in attracting the attention of your customers, but it’s all lost if it’s hidden in overgrown landscaping.

In many situations customers select a beautiful, durable wooden-framed sign for real estate or construction needs.  The advantage is that these signs will look nice for a very long time and can withstand the elements, however they don’t come with a built in weed Wacker.  So while your sturdy sign may look amazing you’ll still need to revisit the site periodically to take care of whatever may have grown up and surrounded it, or trash that may have blown and gotten stuck around it, or clean off random bird poop that has fallen on it.

Your sign is a representation of your company, and you want to be sure it’s looking its best.  Not only could you be losing business simply because the sign has gotten swallowed up in the surroundings, but you could also be making a poor first impression for those that do see the sign.  We strongly recommend that our customers visit their various signs every few weeks to make sure they’re still looking their best.  This will also help you address any minor maintenance needs for your sign before too much time goes by and the issue becomes more substantial.

Both real estate and construction are long term projects that will require signage to look its best for many months, or years, to come.  If you notice that one of your signs is really in need of a facelift contact the design team at Infinity Signs NW for an upgrade.  We can create a beautiful full-color architectural sign that incorporates your graphics and messaging in an eye-catching way.  Our team of professional installers can get it put in place for you in no time and can walk you through the best way to maintain both your amazing new sign, as well as the landscape around it.