Nighttime Signage

Signage colors

There are some businesses that make the majority of their money at night – think liquor stores, night clubs, casinos, and even emergency rooms. If yours is a business looking to compete for the after dark dollars, your signage could be making a big impact on your effectiveness. The human eye sees some colors more easily than others, especially at night. Choosing the right color for your sign could make all the difference for viewing after dark.

Red and white are the two best choices. White is a great option because it reflects all the colors of the light spectrum. This makes it more visible when there is less light. Other colors, such as blue or black, will absorb whatever small amount of light is available but the white will reflect it.  White can be further highlighted by pairing it with a contrasting color. Take highway signs for example – white lettering on a green background. They have figured out that your eyes will pick-up on the white, day or night, if it’s layered on top of a colored background. During the day the colored background helps the sign continue to get attention, while at night the white does the trick.

Red is another good color for viewing at night. The reason for this is because the human eyes uses 3 types of cones – blue receptive, green receptive and red receptive – in order to see color. These cones are clustered in the center of the pupil where they pick-up color based on its wavelength. The longer the wavelength the more easily the eye picks it up. Red has the longest wave length, 610-700 nanometers compared with violet at 400-450 nanometers. Below a certain wavelength your eyes can not pick up color at all, you simply see shapes or outlines of objects rather than their color. The longer wavelength of red makes it one of the first colors to become visible in the dark. It takes far less light for your eyes to pick up red than violet.

If you need your sign to really pop at night, red and white are your best choices. Infinity Signs, NW can also add halo lighting to illuminate your sign from behind. This type of lighting creates a beautiful, soft glow around the letters of your exterior sign. It’s very effective with channel letters on buildings. We also offer a variety of other options if halo lighting isn’t for you. Between color selection and proper lighting, Infinity Signs, NW can make sure your customers can easily spot your business.

Red Signs

Decals Available Now

Decals and Temporary Signs

We’re all living in unprecedented times and dealing with trying to run businesses in new and different ways. One area that many companies are being forced to re-evaluate is the messaging throughout their facility. This may mean changing the traffic flow through your store by labeling specific entrance doors and exit doors. It may mean marking off 6’ distances for social distancing, or even just informing customers about products because of a reduction in staffing. For all of these needs most businesses are opting for temporary signage. It’s unlikely that you’ll want to spend significant amounts of money on more permanent signage making decals and vinyl graphics the perfect option.

Infinity Signs, NW has been producing high quality vinyl graphics and decals for years. Our expertise puts us in the perfect position to be able to deliver the best products in an incredibly timely fashion to meet the ever changing needs that our customers are dealing with right now.

Give us a call today to get your new designs printed and installed at your facility. For those businesses who aren’t open to the public you may still want to seriously consider the addition of some temporary signs. Encouraging employees to maintain safe distances from one another whether in offices or manufacturing is done well through regularly placed signs. Vinyl graphics to mark off employee locations on the floor can be very helpful in keeping everyone safe during this crisis. Banners may also work well to let delivery people know where to go right now, what your current hours of operation are, and whether you’re open to the public.

Banners, decals and vinyl graphics are all incredibly affordable ways of making quick changes and getting information mass distributed to the public. Many restaurant owners are finding that creating window graphics with their current menu, hours, and phone number for placing carry out orders is helpful to keeping customers.

Another advantage of these graphics and decals is that they are easily removed when the needs of the business change. They are designed for simple, clean removal and replacement as necessary. These decals don’t have to be boring. They can be colorful, impactful statements about your company. Even through this challenging time you can continue to use your signage to increase your brand recognition in the market place. Let Infinity Signs, NW get to work meeting all of your temporary signage needs today.

Purpose of a Sign

Sign Function

When thinking through the signage needs of your business you may immediately start thinking graphics, color schemes, sizing and location but you might want to slow down a bit. There are a whole host of different types of signs and choosing one that will be most effective comes down to knowing what the goals are for that sign. Take a few minutes to think about the primary function of your sign. Is it directing people to your location or navigating them through an event? Is it going on the outside of the building or hanging in the window? Will it be for permanent use or a temporary need? Here are a few specifics to think about when determining the function of your new sign.

Directional Outside Signs – these signs are intended to help customers find their way quickly and safely from the street to your store. They have to be placed perfectly and easily read by people passing by in moving vehicles. This type of sign can be critical if your business is located towards the back of a shopping plaza or is hard to see from the road. You need to inform the public that you’re there as well as direct them how to get there, all with enough time for them to change lanes, slow down, and turn into your parking lot. That’s a lot to ask from just one sign which means the design must be well thought out.

Awareness Signs – nearly 50% of people who were recently surveyed said that they had failed to find a business because the signage was unclear or too difficult to see. If you’re creating a sign with the primary purpose of letting customers know of your existence, then it must be clearly visible from the street and easy to read. Awareness signs that are unclear and unsuccessful in getting customers to your business have failed their primary function.

Move to Purchase Signs – outdoor signs that have the goal of getting people to make an impulse purchase can be tricky. They need to be as large as is reasonable for the location and placed in a highly visible area. Usually bright colors and limited text work best. Often these signs are very focused on a specific sale or promotion that can be enough to get a customer who wasn’t formerly thinking about buying a piece of jewelry to stop what they were doing, come inside your store, and make a purchase.

Increase the Average Sale Signs – after a customer has decided to make a purchase you want to do everything possible to increase the amount of that sale. This can be done through indoor signage with the function of prompting an add-on purchase. This can be done with signs throughout the store about sale items or signs right at the register about low priced point-of-sale purchases. If this is the goal of your sign it needs to be eye-catching and enticing with text that motivates immediate purchase.

Best Uses for A-Frame Signs

A Frame Signs in Boise

A-Frame signs are popular and you’ve likely seen many around town. They’re the perfect way to attract attention from customers both walking and driving by. Their affordable price point makes them accessible to every business and makes it easy to purchase more than one for multiple marketing campaigns. A good sign shop can help you design one that’s eye-catching and effective.

In addition to being inexpensive, A-frame signs are durable. They have what it takes to survive winter snows, high winds, and big crowds of people. The design of this type of sign allows it to be filled with water or sand to keep it sturdy, but should it still get knocked over, its rigid material keeps it looking great.

Here are a few ideas for ways to utilize an A-frame sign for your business:

  • Sidewalk Advertising – this is probably what you think of as “traditional” for A-frames. Most businesses utilize them to increase foot traffic through a persuasive message and compelling design. In addition, the double sided advantage that they offer provides an opportunity to let customers know about more than one reason to come inside.
  • Safety Signs – if your HOA is looking for ways to get cars to slow down these signs can be the perfect choice. Simple messages such as “Slow Down” or “Children Playing” will get the attention of drivers and make them aware of the dangers they’re creating by speeding in your neighborhood.
  • Directional Signs – big events require signage that is highly portable and reusable for directing people to sites within the event location. A-Frames are perfect. They fold flat and stack easily for storage between events and are lightweight for easy transport.
  • Vehicle Information Signs – in construction areas or high traffic locations having proper signage is critical to keeping traffic flowing quickly and safely. A-frame signs with reflective decals keep drivers informed even in low-light areas. They’re made from a strong plastic material that protects them from damage from passing vehicles.

If you’ve never purchased an A-frame sign for your business you really should give it consideration. Their incredible versatility makes them perfect for any type of business. In addition, they’re hard to miss. When you’re walking down the sidewalk they are literally right in your path. Your eye is going to be drawn to them and, with Infinity Signs, NW helping with the design, attention is sure to zero in on your messaging. If you’re looking for signage that won’t cost a fortune but will last a lifetime – you’re looking for an A-frame sign.

Table Runners Increase Branding

table runners

A table runner is a piece of fabric that goes across a table.  It can be used in conjunction with a table cloth, or all by itself.  They’re a really great option for use at tradeshows, company meetings, holiday events, weddings or other special occasions. As a business you can utilize table runners to increase brand recognition by printing your logo on fabric that fits your color pallet.  This is the perfect way to subtly market your business, in an already existing space, at a very reasonable price. Many people will print their logo in vivid colors to fully capture the attention of their target audience.

A table runner can be displayed in a variety of ways.  The traditional method is to run it down the center of the table with a logo printed in the center of the bottom third, but you could also consider using two runners and creating an “x” with them. This is particularly eye catching on round tables.  Another option for long 8’, 10’, or 12’ tables is to use more than one runner per table.  This breaks the length of the table up and allows for more unique designs to be printed on each table runner.

In a professional setting it’s recommended that the table runner go all of the way to the ground on both the front and back. That means you’ll need to determine the size of the tables you plan to use prior to ordering your runner. Within that space the logo is generally printed towards the top to keep it most visible.  The width of the table runner is entirely a personal preference.  Some customers opt for one that covers the majority of the table, while others choose a narrower option.  This can also vary depending on the number of table runners in use per table. The most standard option for a table runner is 90” long and 60” wide, but those can certainly change depending on your specific application.

Table runners are the perfect way to class up any event, while still providing a marketing value.  They’re both beautiful and functional.  Table runners are a great budget-friendly option as well.  They can be washed as needed and reused for many years to come.  They fold nicely and take up minimal storage space.  Infinity Signs NW can help you select the perfect fabric color and size and get your logo professionally printed on table runners in no time.

Stickers vs. Decals

Wall Decals

If you’ve been in the market for either of these products before you may have wondered what the difference is between a sticker and a decal.  Many people use the terms interchangeably, but in fact there are some significant differences between them.  What about stickers verses labels?  Turns out those are actually different items as well.  For the most part the #1 difference between all 3 is – application.  All 3 are comprised of two layers: an adhesive and a paper baking.  The adhesive layer is applied to the paper backing and your design is printed on the front. So if the composition of the products is the same, how do you choose?

As a business owner it’s very likely that you’ll need to purchase all 3 of these products at various times.  Using decals for marketing on your windows or walls is a great way to make use of spaces that are often left blank. They’re one of the less expensive signage options, which allows for regular updates as the needs of the business change. Stickers are great give away items at trade shows or for employees.  Many people will put stickers from their favorite companies or products on everything from their notebook to their laptop. It’s a great way to increase your brand recognition through mass distribution.  Of course depending on your product, labels may be necessary for product information, shipping, or identification.

Infinity Signs, NW can help you design all three and make sure every facet of your business marketing is intertwined and cohesive. We’ve worked with many companies to determine the appropriate placement of decals, quantity to order for stickers, and layout of labels. We can help you figure out what material type and adhesive will work best based for the surface and location on your product.  Give us a call today and we’ll get your decals, stickers or labels designed, printed, and in your hands in no time.

Stickers stickers

Make Them Laugh a Little

Funny Signs

You’ve seen those signs “I was addicted to the hokey pokey, but I turned myself around” or “Free car wash – yesterday!” or “Free cookie when you donate $1 for diabetes”.  Signs that make you chuckle or even laugh out loud.  Maybe you end up telling your spouse that night about it or you snap a picture to post on Facebook.  It catches your attention, lightens your mood and makes you want to pass it on to others.  So as a business owner could you be using humor in your signage to help increase sales?  Absolutely!

Humor is an incredibly powerful emotion that you, as a business owner, should use to connect with your customers.  When people are running through their busy day they’re stressed, frustrated, bored, etc and if they drive by your business and it engages them in a positive way through a joke that gets implanted in their subconscious and you now have done something for them.  They may not realize it but they now have a feeling of loyalty towards your business.  You’ve created joy in their world and that positive thought will return to them every time they remember the sign or tell someone else about it.

In addition to that powerful subconscious connection that the consumer now has with you, you’ve also given yourself an opportunity to plant a seed about your product.  If you can come up with a clever sign that relates to your business – such as “Free car wash – yesterday” it has now got that person thinking about whether they need a car wash.  That can lead to an impulse buy where they turn in to your car wash immediately, or a longer term sale when that person next thinks of getting a car wash and your funny signs pops in to their head and reminds them where to go.

You can use your signage to incorporate humor in all sorts of ways.  Of course message boards outside your business are the ones most often seen with funny sayings on them, but you can use A-frame sidewalk signs, event banners, or even a chalkboard inside your business.  You don’t have to spend a bunch of money to take advantage of the power of humor.  If you make humor a regular part of your business signage people will begin checking your sign to see what new joke you’ve posted.  Get creative, spend some time brainstorming ideas, and you can come with all sorts of clever signs to get customers giving your business a second look.

Outdoor Message Boards

Message boards

Many companies are looking to display information for those walking by in a format that allows for regular, easy updating.  Sidewalk signs are a great way to promote an upcoming sale or event, but they tend to hold a limited amount of information, and are not something that can be updated and reused.  Outdoor message boards are the perfect solution.  These boards are like having a physical Facebook page for your business front.  They create a space to post notices, share details about upcoming activities and events, display a new menu and generally post anything you want to let the public know about your business.

For many customers these boards function like an information center.  They use them not only to promote the business but also to post job postings, company announcements, and more detailed descriptions of the business.  Think of a spa that wants to post all of their available services – 5 different types of massages, various manicure and pedicure options, facials, etc.  Then they want to be able to describe each of those different massages in greater detail so that a customer can choose what fits them best and also to sell them on coming inside for a time of relaxation.  This is the perfect place for a message board.  For a lot of companies the message board provides similar information to that which is on their website.

These outdoor message boards are made from materials that can withstand the elements – rain, snow, and insects and continue to look great for years.  Most people select one that is made from high density polyethylene that will not rot or crack over time.  They come in a variety of styles and colors depending on the size you’re looking for, and how you want to access them.  Some can be free standing to allow for messages to be placed on both sides, while others attach to the building with single sided message access. Some have one or two hinged doors that open to insert information, while others are top loading.  The doors are made from shatter-resistant materials and are lockable to keep your information safe.

Message boards are an incredibly cost effective way to draw people to your storefront, entice them with thorough information, and get them to come inside to make a purchase.  They’re easy to install and available quickly.  Contact Infinity Signs, NW today to get one for your business before you miss all that summer foot traffic.

Choosing the Correct Size for Your Banner

banner signs

With the festival season upon us many people are looking to purchase banners to promote their event, booth, or goods and services.  Unfortunately, most people have little experience designing a banner and thus are very unsure about what to purchase. Infinity Signs NW has helped many of our customers talk through the objective for their banner, the location it will be hung in, and the features it needs to have to help them determine exactly what they should order.  It’s important that your sign be large enough to be read from a distance, but not ridiculously big where it’s intended to hang on the side of the building, not the front of a trade show booth.

Banners are the absolutely perfect way to stay within your marketing budget, while doing an excellent job promoting your business.  The standard size for an outdoor vinyl banner that will hang horizontally is 2’ x 6’ or 3’ x 10’ while one intended to hang vertically is often 4’ x 10’ or 4’ x 6’. A banner of this size can easily be seen by hundreds of people walking around at an event or driving by in their car.  Smaller size banners are also available if you’re intending to promote an individual product within your store or only to foot traffic.

If you’ve got a special occasion coming up – birthday, graduation party, family reunion, wedding, baby shower, etc. then you may want a banner to announce the location and promote the event.  Typically these banners are 3’ x 6’ up to 4’ x 8’.  This is the appropriate size if you want to hang the banner on a wall or over the celebrant’s table.  If you’re an organization looking to make a big announcement such as the opening of a new location, a ground breaking ceremony or even an upcoming Vacation Bible School you’ll want to look at a larger vinyl banner.  10’ x 8’ would be considered a medium size banner for this type of promotion, but you can certainly go larger.

Regardless of the event, business or product you’re looking to promote a banner is a great way to get the information out there and bring the customers in.  Infinity Signs NW is ready and willing to help you come up with the perfect banner.  We can customize your banner for your color preferences, graphics and images, as well as font and texts.  Give us a call today and let us get the word out!

Vehicle Graphics to Spruce Up Your Look

Are your company vehicles starting to look a little sad?  Getting a new paint job can cost quite a bit, but adding some graphics to the vehicle is an affordable way to get a whole new look.  It’s a great way of making sure your fleet of vehicles gives a great first impression when showing up at a client’s site, without buying all new transportation.  For many customers it’s the perfect way to get a few more years out of their service and sales vehicles.

Vehicle graphics are also a great option if you’ve got a car that’s going to be carrying all of your supplies to trade shows, festivals, or even the county fair.  It makes it easy to identify in a crowd, which means your customers will know that your company is somewhere inside that show, and they’ll be sure to look for you.  It’s also the perfect way of marketing to potential customers who may have arrived intending to look for one of your competitors.  You can be sure they don’t make a buying decision before checking out your inventory simply by catching their attention out in the parking lot.

Vehicle graphics aren’t just for cars, trucks and vans our customers have been putting them on anything and everything:  Boats, ATV’s, Jet Skis, Motorcycles, Airplanes, Dirt Bikes, 3-Wheelers, Helicopters, and much, much more! You can apply these durable, vinyl graphics to virtually anything with a smooth surface.  If it’s window glass, acrylic, or paint, and has a smooth spot, we’re good to go.  Infinity Signs, NW has thousands of different design options to choose from, or we can help you create your own custom look.  There are hundreds of color combinations to ensure that your creation will stand out against the crowd.

Vinyl graphics are the perfect way to create a new look, at an affordable price, without making a lifetime commitment.  Graphics typically look amazing for 4-6 years depending on weather conditions and storage, but they’re easily removed at any point should you decide to change your look again.  Our professional installation team will put them on for you and can also remove and replace them as needed down the road.

Still not sure if vehicle graphics will look good in your situation?  We’re happy to do a mock up for you so you can fully visualize the final result ahead of time.  We want you to be absolutely certain that you’ll love it.  Start putting your different types of transportation to work for you, they could easily be your most effective marketing tool.