Proper Sign Maintenance

Sign Maintenance

No one wants to think about it but it won’t be long before the weather starts to change and it’s far less pleasant to be outside doing maintenance on your company’s signage.  The time to address cleaning, maintenance, or upgrades that your signage needs is right now.  Infinity Signs, NW helps many of our customers with regular maintenance and cleaning of their signage to help them ensure that their investment lasts as long as possible.  Here are a few tips we’ve put together to help those of you who are up to tackling sign maintenance themselves:

  1. Cleaning Signs – this is often overlooked as people just simply don’t think of their sign as a place that gets dirty, but it certainly is. Exterior signage should be cleaned at least once a year to remove dirt and grim, bird droppings, lawn clippings or dust all of which could be accumulating over time.

Plastic Signs – One of the best ways to clean your plastic sign is by using a power washer. Stand at least a foot or two away from the sign and use a circular spray nozzle set lower than 2000 psi.


Acrylic Signs – For acrylic signs use a clean, soft cloth and some lukewarm water to just wipe it down.  Be sure not to use anytime of harsh cleaning agent or abrasive tool as this will ruin your sign’s appearance.


Metal Signs – For metal signs use a soft cloth, dip it in a bucket filled with warm water, a cup of liquid dish soap and a cup of white vinegar.  Gently wash the sign down and dry with another clean cloth.

  1. Maintenance – inspect your sign regularly for things such as damage to the lettering, burned out bulbs, exposed cables or wires, loose brackets, etc. If you find any of these items you should address them right away either by replacing worn out items or repairing them and putting them back to their original positioning. If you notice signs of cracking or peeling contact Infinity Signs, NW immediately before it destroys the appearance of your sign. In some cases a protective coating can be applied to the sign every few years that can also help improve its longevity, this will depend on the type of sign you have.

It’s important to remember that the condition of your sign has a direct impact on your customer’s opinion of your business.  A shabby looking sign sends the message that you can’t be trusted to meet their needs.  Some simply, regular maintenance can make all the difference in the perception the public has of your company.

Don’t Forget About Your Sign

Round signs

As I drove around town recently I noticed something about the majority of construction and commercial real estate signs – they were hidden by weeds or brush that have overtaken the area.  It got me thinking that it might be a good idea to remind our customers to check on your signage every now and again.  You made a substantial financial investment in having good signage because you know the impact it can have in attracting the attention of your customers, but it’s all lost if it’s hidden in overgrown landscaping.

In many situations customers select a beautiful, durable wooden-framed sign for real estate or construction needs.  The advantage is that these signs will look nice for a very long time and can withstand the elements, however they don’t come with a built in weed Wacker.  So while your sturdy sign may look amazing you’ll still need to revisit the site periodically to take care of whatever may have grown up and surrounded it, or trash that may have blown and gotten stuck around it, or clean off random bird poop that has fallen on it.

Your sign is a representation of your company, and you want to be sure it’s looking its best.  Not only could you be losing business simply because the sign has gotten swallowed up in the surroundings, but you could also be making a poor first impression for those that do see the sign.  We strongly recommend that our customers visit their various signs every few weeks to make sure they’re still looking their best.  This will also help you address any minor maintenance needs for your sign before too much time goes by and the issue becomes more substantial.

Both real estate and construction are long term projects that will require signage to look its best for many months, or years, to come.  If you notice that one of your signs is really in need of a facelift contact the design team at Infinity Signs NW for an upgrade.  We can create a beautiful full-color architectural sign that incorporates your graphics and messaging in an eye-catching way.  Our team of professional installers can get it put in place for you in no time and can walk you through the best way to maintain both your amazing new sign, as well as the landscape around it.