Vehicle Graphics to Spruce Up Your Look

Are your company vehicles starting to look a little sad?  Getting a new paint job can cost quite a bit, but adding some graphics to the vehicle is an affordable way to get a whole new look.  It’s a great way of making sure your fleet of vehicles gives a great first impression when showing up at a client’s site, without buying all new transportation.  For many customers it’s the perfect way to get a few more years out of their service and sales vehicles.

Vehicle graphics are also a great option if you’ve got a car that’s going to be carrying all of your supplies to trade shows, festivals, or even the county fair.  It makes it easy to identify in a crowd, which means your customers will know that your company is somewhere inside that show, and they’ll be sure to look for you.  It’s also the perfect way of marketing to potential customers who may have arrived intending to look for one of your competitors.  You can be sure they don’t make a buying decision before checking out your inventory simply by catching their attention out in the parking lot.

Vehicle graphics aren’t just for cars, trucks and vans our customers have been putting them on anything and everything:  Boats, ATV’s, Jet Skis, Motorcycles, Airplanes, Dirt Bikes, 3-Wheelers, Helicopters, and much, much more! You can apply these durable, vinyl graphics to virtually anything with a smooth surface.  If it’s window glass, acrylic, or paint, and has a smooth spot, we’re good to go.  Infinity Signs, NW has thousands of different design options to choose from, or we can help you create your own custom look.  There are hundreds of color combinations to ensure that your creation will stand out against the crowd.

Vinyl graphics are the perfect way to create a new look, at an affordable price, without making a lifetime commitment.  Graphics typically look amazing for 4-6 years depending on weather conditions and storage, but they’re easily removed at any point should you decide to change your look again.  Our professional installation team will put them on for you and can also remove and replace them as needed down the road.

Still not sure if vehicle graphics will look good in your situation?  We’re happy to do a mock up for you so you can fully visualize the final result ahead of time.  We want you to be absolutely certain that you’ll love it.  Start putting your different types of transportation to work for you, they could easily be your most effective marketing tool.

Selecting The Right Size For Your Poster

printed posters

The most common sizes for posters are 24” x 36”, 18” x 24”, 11” x 17”, and 8.5” x 11” but how do you know which size to choose for your upcoming need?  There are several factors to consider such as where you’ll be placing the poster, who your target audience is, how much information you’ll need to convey, and how long the poster is expected to hang.  Here are some recommendations with regards to the different sizes.

The 24” x 36” large poster size is actually the standard for posters.  If you contacted virtually any size company and ordered a large poster, this is the size you would receive.  It’s the most versatile size, and the perfect choice for many applications.  This size is large enough to be used in outdoor applications, such as a menu posted outside a restaurant, but is also appropriate for indoor use.  If you picture your favorite poster hanging on your bedroom wall when you were a teenager, it was likely this size.  It gives you plenty of space for powerful graphics as well as thorough information.  You can use a large font size to increase long-distance visibility while still having enough space for more detailed information.  This size can also be a great way to improve the look of your office as it’s perfect for décor.

A medium size poster, 18” x 24”, is most commonly used in storefront promotions.  It’s not so large that it will dominate the space and prevent customers from seeing inside, but large enough to grab the attention of people walking by. This is the size used when looking to promote an upcoming event such as a concert, boat show, or non-profit event. Most business owners are willing to allow posters this size to be hung in their window for a period of time. While not as much space as the large poster, you’ll still have enough room to get your message across while keeping your font large enough to read.

The 11” x 17” small sized poster is ideal for promoting upcoming events in areas that have limited space.  This size is often hanging in employee breakrooms to promote safety notices, upcoming company events, or community activities.  It’s recommended that you keep posters this size simple.  Minimal graphics, large letters, simple message.  You simply don’t have enough space to get into too many details but you can certainly put contact information or a QR code to show people where they can learn more.

The final size is the standard sheet of paper, 8.5” x 11”.  As the smallest size poster it’s really more of a flyer.  This is often the size chosen for mass distribution such as at school or church.  It’s also a good size to keep next to a cash register if you’re looking to promote something to customers.  Because this size is not intended to be seen from a distance you can really make it as simple or detailed as you prefer.  Generally, a larger font with key information at the top then leading to smaller font and more detailed information at the bottom is effective.

Summer Banner Season

banner signs

Now is the time to start preparing for summer, and while you may think all things digital are the way to go it turns out that studies continue to show that signage is critical.  In fact adding a banner to the front of your business can increase sales dramatically.  One study found that 68% of American consumers said they recently purchased a product or service based entirely on a sign catching their eye and getting them to go inside the store.  Those are sales that would never have happened without a good sign, or banner.  This same survey found that nearly 80% of people entered a store that they’d never been to before simply because the sign was so intriguing. That gives you a lot of power to influence your customers by choosing a well-designed sign.

It’s important that you do more than just hang something in front of your business.  Two thirds of those surveyed believe that the quality of the sign is a direct reflection on the quality of the products or services found inside. Infinity Signs NW understands how critical sign quality is and we make sure that our customers have a beautiful, professionally installed sign or banner every time they partner with us.  50% of the people surveyed said that they’ve decided not to go into a store because of poorly-made signage.

Sign quality is of the utmost importance, but placement and readability are equally critical.  A cluttered, difficult-to-read sign is just as bad as a low-quality sign, or one that’s hung in a difficult to see location.  Before Infinity Signs NW goes to work on your sign we’ll help you make sure that you’ve included only vital information, aesthetically appropriate graphics, and lettering that is the correct size and color for easy reading.  By working together we can make sure you’re getting your message across in the most concise manner possible.  Your customers will only spend a few seconds glancing at your banner or sign, we have to make each one count.

If you want to grab those summer strollers this year and get them to give you a closer look consider updating your signage and adding a banner.  More people will be out-and-about now that the weather’s improving so there’s no better time to take advantage of that additional exposure.