The Power of a Refresh

Sign refresh

I recently walked through an airport that I’ve walked through hundreds of times.  You know how it goes when you take the same route over and over.  You stop really seeing anything, it’s all just a blur of vaguely familiar images.  Interestingly this time I actually noticed the signs for the bathrooms, dog walking area, baggage claim and others.  I realized that the reason these signs were suddenly grabbing my attention was that they were all new signs.  While of course the information they provided was the same as it’s probably been for 50 years, for the first time they actually stuck out to me.  What if the same thing could happen for your business?  What if those customers that drive by day after day, but never really see anything, suddenly noticed you?  A new sign could make that happen!

A new sign doesn’t have to be a dramatic change from the old one, sometimes simply a facelift will get the job done.  The airport signs for example went from being black signs with white lettering to being metallic signs with colored light illuminating the letter cut-outs.  They were subtle, but different.  Just enough to grab my attention.  If you’re happy with your color scheme, there’s no reason to completely revamp it.  Instead look for new ways to present the same colors, graphics or logos.  Maybe this is changing the material type for your sign or using the same font and material but adding lighting to create a halo sign.  Creating a new look doesn’t have to be dramatic or expensive.  There are a variety of simple ways to create something that will grab people’s attention.

Another option is changing the location of your sign.  I noticed that at the baggage claim area they had relocated the signs from hanging centered over the luggage conveyors, to being located on cement poles at the end of each conveyor.  Again the information was the same but because it was not in the place it’s always been in, it stuck out in a whole new way.  You could also consider changing the size of your sign.  Make it slightly bigger or smaller than before and it will register in your customer’s mind that something is different, which will cause them to give it a second look.

These simple changes- size, material type, lighting, color, or location can yield big sales results.  They can be effective on exterior signage, directional signs, and interior informational signs depending on your goal.  If you need to get people to a new area of your store or business try new signs inside, if your goal is to bring in new customers altogether than let’s upgrade the outside.  Whether you need 1 new sign or a 100, interior or exterior, a big revamp or something subtle, the team at Infinity Signs NW can get the job done.  Give us a call today to get your business to stand out again.

Trade Show Booth Options

trade show booth

Trade shows are an invaluable marketing opportunity for every company.  Whether you plan to attend just one or a whole year’s worth of shows there are different booth set-ups to fit your needs and your budget.  Let’s look at a few of the different options and compare the pros and cons of each.

Modular Displays – a modular display is perfect for those who will be attending multiple shows, or those who want to save the hardware from year to year.  These displays are completely customizable with the ability to configure and reconfigure again and again.  The concept is simple, a lightweight frame is easily built using several pieces and then either a banner or fabric display is attached.  The advantage is that you can use these frame pieces to build various size and shape displays for every booth.  If your booth size is smaller at one show you just set up fewer frames.  If you add product to display and need to relocate the display it’s no problem to do so.  This is by far the most versatile and long-lasting booth set-up.

Panel-and-Frame Booths – this is the best choice for those who want to create a freestanding display or are looking to create “walls” to separate various booth areas.  Your marketing material is printed on a series of panels that all connect with one another when assembled at the show.  The con of this display option is the additional time needed on-site for assembly, as well as the permanency of the marketed material selected.  The pros are the beautiful, professional look it gives the booth, the affordability, and the flexibility to order in both straight line shapes as well as arcs.  This is the most common option selected for shows.

Tension Fabric Displays – while tension fabric can be used in conjunction with modular displays they can also be used independently.  Tension fabric is a great choice if you’re setting up a smaller booth that doesn’t warrant a more elaborate display, or for use in one area of a larger booth to allow you to market something more specific in that space.  They’re affordable, quick to set-up, easy to store and last a long time.

Pop-up Displays – this type of display involves a graphic printed on a vinyl material that is contained in a spring-loaded roller.  To assemble you just extend the framework and unroll the graphic to fit tightly on the frame.  These are a good way to display more detailed information in a busy booth, or to place closer to aisles to attract attention from those walking by.  Another advantage to pop-up banners is their versatility.  They can easily be used for trade shows, outdoor festivals, and then set-up inside a storefront.  They can also be printed in virtually any size and both in a flat or curved display.

For many customers using these items in conjunction with one another gives the perfect finished product.  It’s best to work with the design team at Infinity Signs NW to layout the full scope of your booth and determine which features will work best together.  Let our team help you come up with a trade show booth that will drive sales for years to come.

Signage for House Selling Season

Real Estate Signage

Spring is almost here and along with the warmer weather and beautiful flowers comes house selling season.  Are you a realtor who wants to be ready when the market gets hot?  Have you taken a look at your signs recently?  If your signage is old or has had a rough winter, maybe it’s time for a fresh, new look.  You certainly want your signs to stand out against the crowd and grab the attention of potential buyers and the creative design team at Infinity Signs NW can get the job done for you.

There are a variety of options when it comes to real estate signs, and we’ve got experience with them all.  Of course most real estate agents use some type of yard sign both to indicate that a home is for sale as well as to let people know when an open house is being held, but there is still a lot of variety within these yard signs.  Many people opt for the durable and lower priced option of the traditional metal sign.  These signs can withstand the elements and last a long time, all while getting the job done of providing your contact information and letting the public know which house is for sale.  Our team can help you put together various layouts to determine which look is right for you.  This includes consideration of logo placement, graphics, color scheme, photos of the realtor, and many more options.

Looking for something different than the metal yard sign?  Wooden-framed signs are a great choice for those looking to take it up a notch.  These signs provide all of the same information as the metal signs, but with the additional features of a brochure box and rider sign.  They also add a touch of class that can really send a message to buyers that this is a high-end home.  Infinity Signs can even assist with the installation of these signs.  Just like the metal version, the wooden-framed sign can be completely customized for your business and can come in a variety of colors.

Are you looking to sell your home yourself?  For-sale-by-owner can make buyers uneasy about whether the process will be smooth and professional, but you can put those fears at bay by using professional signage to promote your property.  We have options to help you get a beautiful sign for your hard as well as directional signs to place at the major road intersections to direct buyers to your home.

If you want to be ready for the busy spring season it’s time to get your new signage ordered today to make sure it’s ready when you are.  Don’t wait until the daffodils start coming up to give your presentation a face-lift.