Benefits of Acrylic Letters

Acrylic letters

A beautiful, and budget friendly, way to update your lobby is with the addition of acrylic letters and logos.  Infinity Signs NW has done many designs and installations of acrylic signs throughout the Boise area and our customers love the results.  If you’ve never given acrylic lettering any thought before, you should consider the following:

Precision – acrylic letters and logos are precision laser cut to guarantee a perfectly crisp final result.  This precision cutting also guarantees minimal material usage, which further helps to reduce costs for our customers.  The letters and logos have polished edges to give a professionally finished look to the final result.

Color – acrylic comes in a large variety of colors giving you lots of options to make sure your sign reflects your business.  If you’re looking to match your custom color, acrylic can also be painted to create a completely custom look.

Budget-friendly – when compared to metal lettering, acrylic is a lower priced option that still creates a high impact sign with incredible rigidity and durability.  If you’re looking to make a statement, without breaking the bank, acrylic signage is for you.

Customizable – because each letter and logo is cut individually your sign can be completely yours.  Whether that involves a custom font, unique logo, unusual sizing, or specialized graphics, they can all be done with acrylic.  Changing the thickness of the letters is another way to make a statement and customize the design.  A 1/8” letter is far more subtle than a 1” letter, and both have their place in signage.

Durable – acrylic lettering can be used indoor or outdoor because of the durable nature of the material.  They can also be used in conjunction with other sign features such as stand-offs and LED lighting to create the most sophisticated designs with incredible flexibility.

Acrylic is the perfection option regardless of the application: wall lettering, lobby lettering, outdoor lettering, and reception lettering.  The uses for acrylic lettering and logos are truly endless. When hung against a painted wall, they jump right out at you and are sure to catch the eye of your customers.  Our team of professional installers can put your acrylic sign virtually anywhere.  We’ve hung signs on drywall, stone, stucco, brick and metal siding without an issue.   If you’re interested in adding a new look to your business give us a call today at Infinity Signs NW.

Word Wall Vinyl


The trend of decorating your home with wall decals is extremely popular with an ever increasing variety of options to dress things up.  Whether you want your child’s name, favorite quote, or a full mural you can get it printed on a wall decal.  What about using this same technique in your business?  There are some significant benefits to using wall vinyl in a professional setting and more and more companies are taking advantage.

Advantages of Wall Vinyl:

  • Removable: this is a great option if you’re leasing your space and need to be able to remove things easily, or if you’re looking to put something up that promotes a more temporary feature of your company. Wall vinyl is easily removed and your walls will look flawless.
  • Inexpensive: compared to more permanent sign options wall vinyl is a very affordable option. It gives a beautiful, professionally finished look at a fraction of the cost of more permanent sign options.  In many cases vinyl is even less expensive than printed banners.
  • Variety: wall vinyl is incredibly versatile with the ability to print in any color, shape or font. So getting your logo exactly right isn’t a problem.  Many customers like to use vinyl to create a word wall.  The ease of designing and laying these out allows you to reconfigure as much as you need to with different word positions, sizes, colors and more until you have it perfect.  No need to worry about the potential of getting something that you don’t love.
  • Durable: wall vinyl is designed to hold up for many years. When you purchase a high quality vinyl decal from Infinity Signs NW you can rest assured that you’re going to get a product that doesn’t fade or bleed, pucker or shrink.

One common concern we hear from customers has to do with the installation.  While it is certainly possible to install some wall vinyl yourself, often businesses and individuals are purchasing larger pieces or want the wall vinyl installed in hard to reach locations. For these we would recommend letting the professionally trained installers from Infinity Signs NW take care of it.  Our team can install in difficult to reach locations with precision and guaranteed beautiful results in a matter of a few hours. As long as you have a smooth, clean wall to work with we can get you the kind of results you want.

How often Should You Replace or Redesign Your Sign?

old signs

For a lot of business owners, outdoor signage is a big priority when they first open, or when they relocate to a new facility, but then it gets put on the backburner indefinitely.  You may think that it’s a one and done situation, but it’s not quite that simple.  While your signage will certainly last you for many years, there will come a point when the constant exposure to the elements, the development of other businesses around you, or changes in the city requirements will make a new sign important.  Your sign is the first and last impression customers will have of you, and it’s well known that a new sign promotes business growth.

We would recommend that every few years you take a hard look at your sign.  Does the location still make sense?  Does the wording still accurately describe your business?  Is the lighting appropriate and effective?  Are the materials of the sign in good repair? If the answer to any of these questions is “no” than it’s time to reach out to Infinity Signs NW for a new sign.  If the location or materials are the problem than more than likely a replacement of your existing sign, or possibly just a repair, will get the job done.  On the other hand if the wording or lighting aren’t working out, than a complete redesign and replacement may be in order.

For many customers the cost of the new sign is off set by the increase in sales that results from improved visibility, better messaging, lower maintenance costs, reduced electrical expense through the use of LED lighting and more.  So while that initial cost may feel overwhelming, the payoff can be substantial.  When selecting your next sign consider the material you select in terms of longevity.  An aluminum or aluminum composite sign has a life expectancy of 7-10 years, while plastics are only 5-7 years.  A vinyl banner may last 2-3 years depending on wind and weather impact.  A cedar wood sign will give you 8-10 good years and a high density urethane option can last 10 years or more.  Keep in mind that the lifespan of each of these materials is dependent upon regular maintenance along the way.

If you’re looking to get a sign that lasts, at an affordable price, contact Infinity Signs NW today.  Our design team will make sure the look and feel of your sign fits your business and our manufacturing group will ensure a quality product.

Steps to Remove a Decal

decal removal
15669589 – marion, wi – september 16: rear window decal on 1980 blue ford mustang car at the 3rd annual not just another car show on september 16, 2012 in marion, wisconsin.

While adding decals to your vehicle or business window is a great way of messaging to your customer base, there may come a time when you need to remove those decals.  In some cases, the decal is simply promoting something that’s no longer relevant or maybe you’ve rebranded with a new logo and want to make sure that’s the image hitting your customer when they walk through the door.  Either way the first step is to remove the existing decals without leaving any marks or scratches, and prep the surface for your new one.

This may seem odd but to begin the removal process start by cleaning the decal and the area around it.  This can be done by simply using a sponge, warm water, and some liquid dish detergent.  Soak the sponge in the soapy water and scrub the area well to remove any built up dirt or grim.   Use clean water to rinse off the bubbles and then a cloth to dry the area.  Make sure the decal is completely dry before moving to the next step.

Look over the decal and identify if there are any weak spots.  In many cases the corner or edge is likely to be the best spot to start.  If you don’t see anything obvious pick a little at the edges until you find an area that seems more ready to peel off.  Next get a hair dryer and use some heat to loosen the adhesive.  Begin by pointing the hair dryer at the center of the decal and then moving out in slow circles.  The hair dryer should be just a few inches off the surface of the decal.  You’ll need to move slowly, holding the heat over each surface of the decal for several seconds.  The decal should feel warm to the touch upon completion of this step.

To further loosen the corners or edges apply rubbing alcohol or WD-40.  At this point it’s time to start scrapping the decal off.  This can be done using anything with a soft edge.  Avoid using a metal blade as this is likely to scratch the surface of the material underneath the decal.  Your fingernail, an old credit card, or a plastic spatula are all good options.  Began your scraping at the previously identified weak spots.

Once the sticker has been completely removed use a glue removal product to clean the surface area.  This can be done by applying it to a cloth and rubbing it over the area formerly covered by the decal until the area is completely clean.  Clean the area again with your sponge and warm, soapy water.  If the decal was located on a vehicle, apply a fresh coat of wax as a final step.  Now you’re ready to start promoting the next phase of your business.