The Color of 2019

the color of 2019

Every year certain colors top the list as being the most popular for use in homes, businesses, marketing, and signage and next year’s anticipated favorites list has already been released.  Researchers study trends and put together thoughts on what colors are most likely to be selected by customers.

For 2019 there are several different color pallets that will be the most popular – classics and cravings are topping the list.  What exactly does that mean?  Cravings refers to colors derived from foods, the bright red of a chili pepper, the brown you see in chocolate and the purples from an eggplant are just a few examples.  Classics on the other hand are your more traditionally elegant color options such as burgundy, black, dark teal, and an off white.

Some of these colors are likely to be the most popular for signage and other marketing materials as well, but at Infinity Signs NW we recognize that our customers are looking for timeless in addition to trendy.  You don’t want to purchase a beautiful outdoor sign for your business in a color that’s going to be popular only for a year or two before becoming dated.  We’ve got some recommendations on selecting colors that are both popular today and will represent your company well in 2025 too.

Go with that chili pepper red, but avoid the eggplant purple.  Red has always been a color that carries power and motivates customers to make purchases.  Purple on the other hand is generally related to more artistic venues and often falls out of style pretty quickly.  The classic brown and black are both stable choices that can last for the long haul.  They’re versatile for use as a dominate color or an accent and they can be used in conjunction with another color to elicit emotions of excitement, elegance, or energy depending on the look you’re going for.  The dark teal and burgundy should probably be avoided.  Neither really provokes a strong emotion and both are likely to fall out of favor fairly quickly.

For help with your color pallet, marketing materials and signage needs let the design team at Infinity Signs NW work with you to create something powerful and lasting.  Our years of experience have brought us through many fads and allowed us to help our customers avoid the dangers of investing in trends that don’t last.  Put our incredible depth of knowledge to work for your business.

Promoting Your Seasonal Business

promoting your seasonal business

As the snow begins to fly you may be switching over from a summer business, such as landscaping, to a winter one, such as snow plowing.  If this is the case you have a very short window of time for your customers to find out about you, and get locked in with you for the season.  So how do you make sure you cast the widest net possible and attract as much business for the year as you can?

Existing Customers – of course your biggest stream of potential revenue will be from previous customers.  Order some professionally printed flyers and get them in the mailboxes of all of last year’s customers.  Maybe even include a magnet with your company information that they can stick on their fridge to remind them of what you offer for both winter and summer as their needs change.

Vehicle Wraps – wrapping your vehicle is a great way to attract new customers.  People will certainly see the giant snow plow on the front of your truck, but they’ll have no way of knowing your company information.  Get your truck, or other company vehicle, wrapped with all the details on who you are and how they can reach you.  Make it easy for them to see your snow plow going down the road and get in touch with you.  Getting that first call after a big snow storm could lead to years of business with that client.  Since your truck will be out there working for you either way, you might as well get the most out of it with low cost marketing in addition to snow removal.

Lawn Signs – seasonal winter business can still be promoted effectively through the use of lawn signs.  Think of all those people driving around slowly looking at Christmas lights right now.  They could easily see your sign for snow removal and write down the phone number.  Include in your flyer to your existing customers an offer for a small discount this year if they agree to the placement of a lawn sign to help you further grow your business.  The most efficient way for you to operate your business is to get as many customers in the same geographic area as possible.  Promoting through lawn signs increases the chances of people who live in the same neighborhood reaching out to you.  No need to spend all of your time driving back and forth across town between customer locations.

There are many low-cost, easy ways to grow your seasonal business this winter.  Infinity Signs NW is here to help you promote your company and market more efficiently.  Give us a call today to get your signage taken care of.

Electronic Signs


Are you getting the most out of your electronic signs?  Electronic signs are an incredibly powerful tool capable of providing 24/7 marketing to your potential customers, but they’re only effective if they’re utilized correctly.  Some people get stuck on just using an electronic sign for the basics – name of the company, open/closed sign, or other generic messaging such as “Come In”.  This really provides only the most basic of information, and does virtually nothing to promote your offerings or get customers in the door.  Infinity Signs, NW knows that electronic signs can offer so much more.

Electronic signs can come in both text and images and for many businesses using both can be extremely effective in getting their message across.  A pizza shop for example might have an electronic sign with an image of a pizza as well as one that says “We deliver 333-333-3333”.  That provides useful information that a customer driving by could really use.  Maybe they’re driving home thinking the last thing they want to do is start dinner.  They get the phone number right off the sign, place an order, and have food delivered when they get home.  The next thing you know you’ve got someone who has never tried your pizza before as a new customer for life.

Another great use for electronic signs is to promote new product offerings, or seasonally specific services.  During the holiday time if your business does printing and copying but also handles shipping maybe that’s the time to add an electronic sign that lets people know, “Shipping Center”.  If you’re a hair salon who has recently picked up a new line of products use an electronic sign to get the word out.  Some customers are very brand loyal and will stop in just because they see that you now sell their favorite brand.

The key to electronic signs is to think beyond the base level information and go for something that will really grab their attention.  Make sure the sign is clearly visible from a reasonable distance, has bright colors, is in good condition and is visible at night.  Beyond that, the sky’s the limit for designing your custom electronic sign.

Moving Customers Through Your Small Business

Sign flow

Have you ever thought about how big box stores manage to get you to buy so much more than the few items you went in to purchase?  They’ve spent a ton of time and money researching the human psyche to see exactly how people think, what motivates them to buy, and how their mind processes product information when presented in various formats.  You may not have the budget for this level of market analysis but you can certainly take advantage of some of the data they’ve already mined.  You’ve spent the money on a nice sign to get your customer’s attention, maybe you’ve put up a smaller sidewalk sign that has them pausing, but what do you do next?

First impressions are all that matter!  The first impression a customer gets about your store will determine exactly how much time and money they’ll spend there.  It’s important to remember that the first impression actually begins before they ever step foot inside.  The window display can make or break you.  It’s critical that you give tremendous consideration to what your window display will look like.  Many small business owners feel like this is their chance to showcase all they have to offer, and hope that one of the many things in the window will grab the buyer’s attention and get them to come inside for a closer look.  It turns out the opposite is true.  Simple is better.  Take high end jewelry stores for example, when you walk past their windows you see one or two items, which indicates that they are luxurious and special.  Too much clutter will detract from your goal and will just run together in your customer’s mind.  Keep your layout focused by using a single color scheme and then, limit the amount of product you put on display.  For many companies this is a good opportunity to use window graphics as well.  If you have too much window area on the front of your store, use graphics to grab attention from the street but then to reduce the amount of window displays you need as well.

Once you get them inside you have another opportunity to make an initial impression.  Many customers will decide within the first 15 feet of your store whether they’re going to buy anything or not.  This space is a good place for a well done product display.  Most people are perusing the entire store with their eyes at this point so they’re actually less likely to buy anything you put here.  You just want this space to set the tone for your business.  Put something here that’s low, below eye level, to allow them to see more of your store in a glance, make sure the lighting and aroma of this area is extremely pleasant and inviting, and put items here that are more expensive.  This space lets shoppers know if your store is more for bargain shoppers or more luxury shoppers.  It’s unlikely that every customer is going to buy the most expensive item you sell, but you can use it to send the subliminal message that you offer high end products.

Make good use of the space to the right of your entrance.  As customers look around your store they will typically look from left to right, from there most customers walk through the store starting to the right and proceeding counterclockwise.  This means that the display you put up first on the right side of your store will get the most views.  It should be something eye catching, moderately priced, and one of your more popular items.  In many cases, this is also a great spot for seasonal items or placing signage with information on current specials or upcoming events.

The relationship between the buying process of customers, well placed signage, and proper store layout can come together to create a powerful experience.  If done properly you really can influence customers to spend more time looking at all the products you have to offer.