Boise Sign Regulations

Boise Sign RegulationsEvery city has slightly different rules and regulations regarding signage, and Boise is no different.  Within the city limits the Planning & Development Services department is responsible for regulating all signs.  They determine what the standards will be for design, placement and maintenance.  Signage is regulated to protect home and business owners in the area by ensuring that signs are appropriate and coincide with the surrounding area, which protects everyone’s property values.  They also make sure that new signs don’t block existing signs and do not inhibit the safe and typical flow of traffic in the area.  It may seem like the regulations make things more difficult but they are necessary to protect everyone living and working in the region.

What does the process look like for getting a new sign put up?  Before you begin designing your new sign, it’s recommended that you complete the process of applying for a permit and Infinity Signs NW can assist with this entire process. To get started talk with a planning analyst who will help answer any questions you have about the permitting process as well as explain the regulations that will apply to your specific situation.  This is an opportunity to discuss your plans with someone who can make recommendations and ensure a smooth process.

The next step is to fill out an application which can be downloaded from  This will take you some time as you’ll need to submit drawings and detailed information about both your proposed new sign as well as all existing signage on the property.  After you’ve submitted the application you’ll wait for approval, or any required changes from the city, which you can expect to have within 5 business days.  After your permit has been approved you’ll need to obtain a building permit before you can actually install your new sign, but at this point you’ll be all set to start the process of getting your sign fabricated.

As you begin to consider your sign design you should know that there are a few types of signs that are illegal within Boise and should be avoided.  These include any signs attached to poles, fences, trees, bridges or barns, some banners, strings of flags, strings of lights, and strings of pennants.  In general, the commonly accepted types of signs within Boise are free standing signs, those supported by supports from the ground, wall signs, those attached to the wall of a building, and canopy style signs, those attached to a canopy.

If you have questions about a sign you’re contemplating or would like suggestions on designing a sign within Boise, contact Infinity Signs NW for assistance.  We can also provide information on what to do if your proposal has been denied or if you wish to apply for a sign variance to allow for a sign outside of the city standards.  Our years of experience in the Boise area can provide a wealth of knowledge to assist you in this area.

Sign Trends for 2019

Marketing trends

You may be ready to start looking towards 2019 and putting together a plan to capture the attention of your customers in the coming year.  Well so are we at Infinity Signs NW, and we’ve begun collecting data on what are likely to be the biggest trends for marketing and signage in the New Year.  We recognize that our customers want to stay ahead of their competition so here are a few suggestions to help you do just that.

Creativity is Critical – take some time to really think about what you’ve done to market to your target audience over the past year.  Now go through each of those items and consider what you might do differently to make them unique for next year.  This is the time to really get your creative juices flowing.  Write down everything.  No idea is too crazy at this stage, just let your mind wander.  Of course there will come a time to balance out these ideas with what’s realistic, and what will fit in the budget, but for right now go nuts.

Customer is King – next set aside some time to clearly define who your customer is, and then what is their preferred method of communication.  Are you likely to grab their attention through a vehicle wrap that’s driving around town or are they going to be attending the next trade show?  Maybe these are people that spend a lot of time on a daily commute and your sign budget should go towards something they’ll see as they drive past every day.  You’ve got to really know your customer, their habits, and their primary method of taking in the information that will direct their buying habits.

Trust Wins Out – more and more studies are showing that customers are choosing products and services to buy based on what they hear from friends and family, versus what they see in advertising.  This means word of mouth, customer reviews and customer feedback are going to make or break your business.  So how can you get your existing customers to be good marketers for your company?  Yard signs are a great way to do that.  Offer a small extra or a slight cost savings if a customer is willing to put up a yard sign promoting your business.  This sends a powerful message to friends that visit or neighbors driving buy that this person is giving you a positive stamp of approval.  It’s a non-verbal way for one customer to promote you to another.

Infinity Signs NW can work with you as you select which marketing and signage options  are going to allow you to most fully express your creativity, reach your ideal customer, and built trust within the community of buyers.  Put our years of experience to work for you in 2019.

LED Signs vs. Neon Signs

Boise LED signs

For many years neon signs have been very popular.  They offer a bright burst of color to attract the eye of paying customers, they last a long time and are relatively low maintenance.  In recent years though the rise of LED signs has overtaken neon signs in terms of popularity.  To determine the reason behind their incredible growth you first have to understand the differences between the two.

Neon signs create light from the reaction of an inert gas which emits a fluorescent color as a result of the release of energy.  This light comes in a hand crafted glass tube which is shaped into the letters or images necessary for the individual sign.  LED signs use light-emitting diodes, essentially small light bulbs, placed close together to create the same text and images.  Unlike traditional lightbulbs led signs do not have a filament and are far more efficient.  Both signs can be effective in driving customers into your business if used properly, so how do you choose one?

There are a few key areas in which to compare LED and neon signs – power use, maintenance, purchase price, brightness, and safety.  In terms of power use, the LED sign wins hands down.  The LED needs just 24 volts of power while the neon bulbs require 15,000 volts.  This means for larger signs there will be a substantial difference in running cost over a year.  Maintenance for an LED sign is generally pretty minimal.  Most LED signs can last about a decade before requiring replacement.  Neon signs will require that the gases periodically be refilled, which will require a visit from a professional.  Of course because neon signs have been around so much longer the availability of a technician for a neon sign is likely to be easier than one for an LED sign should it require attention.

The purchase price between the two is virtually identical.  In some cases, for larger signs, there may be up to a 10% savings on an LED sign, but that is expected to change.  As the use of LED signs continues to increase the cost is expected to decline making it an even more appealing option over neon signs in the future.  Brightness can be tricky.  LED signs are far brighter than neon and be seen from much further away, but many people feel that neon signs have a warmer, more aesthetically pleasing light.  So there may not be a clear winner in terms of the quality of the light, it may come down more to personal preference.

Safety for signs does not necessarily mean safety to you personally, but more like safety for the environment.  LED signs create very little heat and do not contain environmentally dangerous materials.  Neon signs use high voltage and glass tubing that is prone to breaking.  If the neon tube breaks, gases will be emitted to the environment and the tube will require special treatment for disposal.

Infinity Signs NW has years of sign experience and we’ve definitely come to recognize that LED signs are the way of the future.  The lower cost, increased safety, and better reliability are turning more and more customers towards selecting LED signs for their business.  We’re happy to talk with you about your specific sign needs and help you determine which option might be best for the future of your company.

Sign Repair and Maintenance

Sign Repair

First impressions are everything!  Before the busy holiday season starts, and a tremendous number of potential customers see your sign, make sure it looks its best.  If it’s chipped, cracked or has some burned out bulbs it sends a negative message about your business to customers, and may keep them from taking your product seriously.  At the very least, a damaged sign is not representing your brand to the fullest.

Every business has to deal with the effects of birds’ nests and nasty weather on the appearance of their sign, and you want to be sure you choose someone who can get your sign fixed promptly and within budget.  Infinity Signs NW has years of experience and a wide breadth of knowledge in all types of signage.  Our talented technicians can be on-site quickly and will efficiently and responsibly take care of all your sign repair needs.  An older sign doesn’t have to show its age.  If your sign is faded or in disrepair give us a call and we can spruce it up to get it back to its original glory.

If your interior signage has lost its pop we can help with that too.  From replacing old banners and window graphics to fixing a sign that isn’t lighting up properly, we can handle both exterior and interior sign maintenance and repair needs. Infinity Signs NW has experience dealing with mechanical failures, interior lighting repairs and vinyl repairs so no matter what the situation is we’ve got you covered.

We will send a technician out right away to assess the problem and discuss with you the best option to get it resolved.  Once the plan is in place, the work will be done with the absolute minimum disruption to your business.  We understand the loss of revenue that even one day without signage can do to our customers. You are our top priority and as such we’ll work on your timeline and your budget.  Your signage was a big investment and we understand that it needs to last for years to come, keeping it maintained on a regular basis is the best way to do that.  The team from Infinity Signs NW is well known throughout the Boise area and regarded as a “best in quality and service” type of company.  Contact us today to put our incredible depth of experience to work getting your signage back to work for you.