Designing a Logo

Logo Design

Designing a new company logo can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t have a background in creative design work.  Many of our customers contact our design team looking for suggestions on where to start.  At Infinity Signs NW we are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with customers from the very beginning of logo design all of the way through to business cards and signage.  Our years of experience have allowed us to come up with some tips to help you get started on your new logo design or our designers can design a new logo for you.

  • Color – selecting a color pallet can be a helpful place to start, and an extremely important decision.  The colors you go with will bring life to your logo, they will draw people in and catch their attention.  One important note to keep in mind is that while you’re color choices will have a big impact, your design needs to also look good in grayscale and/or black and white as there will be times when that will be necessary.
  • Trends – steer clear of the current design trends.  Often some designs come into favor and get way overused for a short time period.  Unfortunately, your logo will often far outlast the fad.  Choose a logo that you can use for the long haul, not just what you currently see all over town.
  • Font – a custom font is a great way to make your logo stand out from the crowd.  This is the time to spend some money to buy a new font option rather than just choosing from the drop down menu.
  • Simple – you don’t have to have an incredible complicated or intricate design for your logo.  Consider that some of the most recognizable logos are very simple – the Nike® swish or the Apple® logo for example. If there’s a single icon or item that fits your business maybe just find a way to tweak it a bit and make it your own, this could lead to a simple but powerful statement.
  • Patience – understand that more than likely you’re first attempt at a logo won’t be your final product.  In most cases it takes some revisions, alterations or complete do-overs to reach the ideal logo for your company.  You may go through multiple ideas before ever getting to something you would consider taking to print, and that’s ok.  This is too big of a decision to rush so take your time and keep working it until you absolutely love it.

Unique logo designs

Magnetic Signs

Are you looking for an inexpensive way to market your company to the community?  Not sure you’re ready to commit to a full vehicle wrap?  Magnetic car signs are for you!  These signs can be completely customized, are removable and reusable, and are extremely affordable.  Magnetic signs can attach to any passenger car or van, look great on the side of a company truck, and are very attention grabbing on a tailgate.  No matter what your vehicle situation is Infinity Signs NW can create a magnetic sign to fit the available size and shape you’ve got.

Many businesses have employees traveling around in their personal vehicles during the day, such as cleaners, technicians or installers, which is a great chance to attach a magnetic sign indicating that this person works for an official company. These magnetic signs can be removed at the end of the day when the employee goes home.  This adds credibility to your employees and reassures your customers that the person knocking on their door actually works for you.  This can save you a substantial amount of money over buying a fleet of company vehicles to get that same degree of professional appearance.

Magnetic signs can also be used to indicate what the vehicle is being used for other things such as school transportation, transporting hazardous waste, or the final vehicle in a funeral procession.  There are other times where you may need to cover up company logos and other advertising on a vehicle, such as when parking overnight in an area with HOA restrictions, blank magnetic signs can be used for this as well.

Advertising on the back of trucks and SUV’s has become extremely popular recently as it offers plenty of space and will be seen by every vehicle traveling behind them during the day.  Magnetic signs from Infinity Signs NW can be printed in larger sizes to fully utilize this the available space on your vehicle.  The back of the vehicle will definitely get more views in traffic than the side, so take full advantage.

The advantages to using magnetic signs are endless.  You can print any design or color you want, or add an image or logo to really catch people’s attention.  Print signs up advertising a specific seasonal offer or special and you’ll really drum up new business. Contact Infinity Signs NW today to get your magnetic signs ordered.