Window Graphics Marketing


The windows on the outside of your business are a unique opportunity to advertise to potential customers, without reducing visibility for employees.  Window graphics allow you to still see out, but customer’s to see your message.  There are a tremendous number of benefits to taking advantage of this marketing space.

Nearly anything can be printed – photos, logos, text, product information, directional details, etc.  Often your store front will have multiple window panels allowing for the opportunity to display several different items.  This is a great way to put a significant amount of information into your customer’s hands in just a few seconds.  Let them know who you are, what your business offers, and current deals all in the blink of an eye.  Using bright colors will attract attention from a substantial distance and make buyers curious to see what the display is about.

Window graphics are also temporary.  They can easily be removed and replaced as your needs change.  The professional installers at Infinity Signs NW can come swap out one graphic for another and instantly you go from your summer specials to what’s new for the fall. In addition they allow you to constantly present a modern, trendy look rather than a more permanent sign that will look out dated at some point. While easily removed, they look far more professional than putting up posters or using window paint.  A beautifully designed window graphic lets customers know you’re a serious business, with a product they should check out.

At Infinity Signs NW we can create custom window graphics in whatever size, shape, color, style, finish, or quantity you need.  We can assist with the design & layout, printing, installation, and when needed removal/replacement.  Window advertising is one of the most cost effective ways to reach your customer base.  Your windows are essentially a large, low-cost billboard that you have unlimited access to.  Windows can be a great opportunity to set the mode for your business as well.  If you offer services for children, the windows can be decorated in a kid-friendly way to excite them to come inside.  Maybe you’re focused on travel, set the mood with images of far away places.  The options are truly limitless.  Contact our design specialists at Infinity Signs NW to get started and begin using your windows to drive sales.

Current Trends for Promotional Items

Technology Promo Products

Many of our customer’s gravitate towards the same promotional items year after year, but that may be keeping you from reaching the full potential of the power a promotional item has.  It’s important to recognize that your customer demographic is changing – you need to be targeting millennials and gen X buyers if you’re going to stay in business.  The feedback from that group has helped shape the current trends in promotional products.  Here are some tips to help you target this younger group of buyers.

  1. Think Technology – the biggest trend in promotional items over the last few years has been the demand for technology related items. The reason these items are so popular is because they’re so useful.  Customer feedback says that how useful a promotional item is determines how long a prospect holds on to it.  Things like ear buds and power adaptors are great tech give away items.
  2. Think High Value – more than ever customers are making judgement calls about businesses based on the quality of their giveaway items. A cheap item indicates a lack of time and effort.  Higher quality items are far more likely to be held on to, and attract legit customers.  Research has shown that you’re better off to buy lower quantities but higher quality.  If you only hand out 100 items rather than 500 but customers value those 100 items, you’ll be far happier with you’re your sales results.
  3. Rethink Trade Shows – in the past most companies have brought large quantities of cheap items to hand out at trade shows, but that trend is fading. Most companies are reducing the number of lower priced give away items and instead adding some high quality items to their display.  Those high quality items are reserved for prospects that spend some time in your booth and provide contact information for follow-up after the show.  At which point you want to be sure they remember you above the competition, so give them something worth keeping.
  4. Think Name Brand – more and more companies are shifting to purchasing name brand items, such as CamelBak water bottles, to print their company logo on. These items are especially attractive to millennials and gen Xers.  They often hit every category – useful, high quality, and techy.

So before you order your next round of promotional items consider speaking with a product expert at Infinity Signs NW.  We can help make sure your businesses is attracting customers from every demographic, and ensure you’re staying current with today’s marketing and promotional trends.

The History of Signage

historical sign

Signs have been around far longer than you might imagine, just not in quite the way you might be thinking.  According to Wikipedia signage is defined as “the design or use of signs and symbols to communicate a message to a specific group…Signs are any kind of visual graphics created to display information to a particular audience.”  Using this definition the first “signs” were cave drawings such as those done by the Egyptians and others to pass information on to future generations.  These signs were a way of keeping track of history, but also providing useful information about potential danger as well as opportunities for food in the area.

Fast forward a few hundred years and other types of signs emerge.  Religious groups began to use signs, such as the cross or the moon, to indicate religious affiliations. The first commercial signs are found in about this same time period with examples having been recovered from the Greek and Roman peoples.  They used stone to create signboards to put on shop fronts as well as for officials to announce public events.  In addition there have been examples recovered from the outside of shops where there were white areas which would then have symbols painted on them to indicate what type of building it was.  Some of the earliest still exist today such as the red and white pole for the barber’s shop and the three balls which indicate a pawnbroker.

english pub sign

In the 14th century King Richard II of England made signage a law.  He required shops to put up signs on their property with his legislations that stated “whosoever shall brew ale in the town with intention of selling it must hang out a sign, otherwise he shall forfeit his ale.”  Given that no one wanted to forfeit their ale, signs became common.  As time went on and more and more shops went up, the shop owners had to get more elaborate in their signage to differentiate themselves, thus we move in to the more modern versions of signs.

Many shop owners thought the answer was bigger signs, this became a hazard to the public as well as an eye sore, which is when government began to get involved with legislating the size and location for sign placement.  In the 19th century painting of signboards became so popular that local artists were able to support themselves just from this type of work. In addition, some inventions came along that really helped the industry – gas lighting, the industrial printing press, and electricity.

neon sign

The next major sign developments came in the early 1900’s.  Lights began to be added to signs, initially just for businesses that operated after dark but eventually to nearly all signs.  In the 1920’s came the invention of the neon sign.  This provided signage that could be easily customized and highly visible. For many years neon signs became the standard.  In addition, the creation and widespread adoption of the automobile led to the need for street signs and street safety signs at about this same time.  From here plastics were introduced which allowed for large scale production of signs with the flexibility to make changes easily.

From there it was a quick jump to the sign industry of today which is estimated to be just over a $50 billion dollar a year industry.  Now signs are available in any color, size, material, or shape you can imagine and can be displayed in hundreds of manners.   Infinity Signs NW is a proud part of the history of the sign industry with our team’s creative energy helping to further advance signage and move it towards future development.