The Importance of Directional Signage

When the word ‘signage’ is mentioned, most people think of big, bold signs in front of businesses. They don’t seem to think about the signs above grocery store aisles or the signs leading them to the restroom. Those signs, called directional signs, are just as important for a business to succeed. Here’s why:

Customers like to quickly locate what they’re looking for in stores. If they have a hard time, they might get frustrated and decide to shop somewhere else. Simple, easy-to-read directional signs can help guide customers to different departments around the store so they can easily find the items they are searching for and have a pleasant shopping experience.

Directional signage might also help with impulse buys. New customers might see a sign for a product they didn’t know the store carried, prompting excitement and possibly a sale. This also works on events such as clearance sales.

In retail stores, signs need to be hung higher so people can see them from any point in the store. In most grocery stores, you can see the sign for the deli or bakery clearly from across the store because of how large, and prominent it is, and how high up it is placed.

However, stores aren’t the only places that can benefit from directional signage. Any building with multiple departments or offices can as well. Directing people to the office they need with directional signs, will help them feel at ease and less frustrated. This can include department names with arrows guiding them down the hallway, or even a map in the entrance.

Directional signage can also include labeling hallways, exits, restrooms, floor levels, parking and more. Less confusion and not having to ask for help is beneficial for everyone involved.

Talk to Infinity Signs about creating clear and concise directional signage. Our team can make custom directional signage specific to many types of businesses.


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