Benefits of Illuminated Signs

There are many different types of business signage available. One of these options is an illuminated sign. These signs work great for any business and have many benefits. Here are some reasons businesses should consider investing in an illuminated sign:

24 Hour Advertising

For businesses open after dark, an illuminated sign is crucial. People will have a difficult time seeing a sign at night if it isn’t illuminated, which is likely to hurt the business. Even if the business isn’t open at night, people will still see the sign and remember the business later on when they need their services,

Indoor and Outdoor Usage

Illuminated signs don’t have to be used strictly outdoors. They can be used inside as well to illuminate important information, brands, and of course emergency exits.


People are drawn to bright and colorful things, consequently illuminated signs are more likely to grab a passerby’s attention than a non-illuminated sign. They are also easier to see and read, and will attract more interest.

Wide Range of Types

There are many ways to illuminate a sign, making each one unique. Signs can be a light box, where the entire sign is lit up from inside. Or there are signs with glowing LED behind them creating a lighted ring around the individual letters. There are also signs made completely of LED lettering.

Increase Professionalism

Installing a custom illuminated sign can help to elevate a business in the eyes of their customers. When done well, an illuminated sign will look professional and sleek. It can improve the image of the business physically while also elevating the brand.

Talk to Infinity Signs NW about creating a custom illuminated sign for any business. Our team can create one-of-a-kind signs to match and enhance the brand of the business.


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