5 Reasons To Use Promotional Products


Promotional products are considered a traditional form of advertising, and some people have decided traditional advertising is down for the count. However, promotional products are still an incredibly powerful marketing tool. Here’s why:

  1. Brand Awareness

Promotional products allow for businesses to share their brand, and spread awareness of it. This leads to more sales as people learn to associate and recognize that brand.

  1. Target Markets

Businesses try to reach out to their specific audience or niche. They can do that with promotional products targeting those specific people. For example, gyms may choose t-shirts or gym bags, because their customers are interested in these items and use them regularly.

  1. Variety of Usage

Promotional products can be used in a variety of ways to reach customers. They can be sent as a free gift, distributed during a trade show, given to new customers as they purchase something, and more.

  1. Customizable

The catalog on the Infinity Signs NW website offers so many promotional products that there’s something for everyone. Customize these products with the company name or logo, or include a website and contact information.

  1. Long-Lasting

Radio and television ads have a limited run time. Promotional products help businesses stay in people’s minds longer because they notice they logo every time they use that product. The more someone uses a promotional product, the more that business or company will stay top of mind.

People aren’t going to stop loving free stuff anytime soon, which is why promotional products are still a great marketing tool. When promotional products are implemented properly, they can be hugely successful for sales, as well as the company’s reputation.

Talk to the team at Infinity Signs NW about creating the perfect promotional product for a marketing strategy, grand opening, or trade show. Or visit our website to see the wide variety of products that Infinity Signs NW can customize.

The Importance of Directional Signage

When the word ‘signage’ is mentioned, most people think of big, bold signs in front of businesses. They don’t seem to think about the signs above grocery store aisles or the signs leading them to the restroom. Those signs, called directional signs, are just as important for a business to succeed. Here’s why:

Customers like to quickly locate what they’re looking for in stores. If they have a hard time, they might get frustrated and decide to shop somewhere else. Simple, easy-to-read directional signs can help guide customers to different departments around the store so they can easily find the items they are searching for and have a pleasant shopping experience.

Directional signage might also help with impulse buys. New customers might see a sign for a product they didn’t know the store carried, prompting excitement and possibly a sale. This also works on events such as clearance sales.

In retail stores, signs need to be hung higher so people can see them from any point in the store. In most grocery stores, you can see the sign for the deli or bakery clearly from across the store because of how large, and prominent it is, and how high up it is placed.

However, stores aren’t the only places that can benefit from directional signage. Any building with multiple departments or offices can as well. Directing people to the office they need with directional signs, will help them feel at ease and less frustrated. This can include department names with arrows guiding them down the hallway, or even a map in the entrance.

Directional signage can also include labeling hallways, exits, restrooms, floor levels, parking and more. Less confusion and not having to ask for help is beneficial for everyone involved.

Talk to Infinity Signs about creating clear and concise directional signage. Our team can make custom directional signage specific to many types of businesses.

5 Promotional Products for Real Estate Agents

Promotional products can be used by almost any type of business to increase brand awareness and increase sales. Real estate agents can really take advantage of promotional items to spread the word about their company and get buyers or sellers interested in using them as their agent. Here are five promotional items real estate agents should have for marketing purposes:

  1. House-Shaped MagnetsHouse-Shaped Magnets

These magnets are unique because of their shape, and can be used for many things. Real estate agents can simply add their contact information on them. Magnets can be made more useful by putting a yearly calendar on them as well.

  1. Pens

Pens are one of the most popular promotional products because they are extremely useful. There are many different options and styles available. Infinity Signs NW can personalize the pens with a real estate agent’s information, so clients or potential clients will see it when they use the pen.

  1. Key Chains

When someone buys a home, they receive the keys and will need something to keep them on. That’s where branded keychains come in. They’re practical, but also a nice gesture when handing someone the keys to their new home.

  1. Coffee Cups

Real estate agents often have coffee brewing during an open house. Offer potential buyers a cup of coffee in a to-go mug or even a normal ceramic coffee mug with the real estate company’s info. If they don’t end up buying that house, they might still use your company down the road for buying or selling.

  1. Notepad

Another useful promotional item is a notepad. Often they have a magnetic strip on the back so they can be put on the fridge for grocery lists. Real estate agents can put their information on the header of the notepad to keep their name in front of potential buyers and sellers.

Talk to the team at Infinity Signs NW about creating the promotional products to spread brand awareness and draw in potential customers. Visit our website to see the full catalog of promotional items.

Benefits of Illuminated Signs

There are many different types of business signage available. One of these options is an illuminated sign. These signs work great for any business and have many benefits. Here are some reasons businesses should consider investing in an illuminated sign:

24 Hour Advertising

For businesses open after dark, an illuminated sign is crucial. People will have a difficult time seeing a sign at night if it isn’t illuminated, which is likely to hurt the business. Even if the business isn’t open at night, people will still see the sign and remember the business later on when they need their services,

Indoor and Outdoor Usage

Illuminated signs don’t have to be used strictly outdoors. They can be used inside as well to illuminate important information, brands, and of course emergency exits.


People are drawn to bright and colorful things, consequently illuminated signs are more likely to grab a passerby’s attention than a non-illuminated sign. They are also easier to see and read, and will attract more interest.

Wide Range of Types

There are many ways to illuminate a sign, making each one unique. Signs can be a light box, where the entire sign is lit up from inside. Or there are signs with glowing LED behind them creating a lighted ring around the individual letters. There are also signs made completely of LED lettering.

Increase Professionalism

Installing a custom illuminated sign can help to elevate a business in the eyes of their customers. When done well, an illuminated sign will look professional and sleek. It can improve the image of the business physically while also elevating the brand.

Talk to Infinity Signs NW about creating a custom illuminated sign for any business. Our team can create one-of-a-kind signs to match and enhance the brand of the business.

3 Tips for a Successful Grand Opening

An effective store grand opening can be quite time consuming and expensive. Get the most benefit from your grand opening by getting the word out and attracting potential customers. To create a successful grand opening event, incorporate these:

  1. Signage

Get the attention of people walking or driving by with a grand opening banner. Often people aren’t aware there is a grand opening for a new store until they see the new banner advertising it. They are usually large and bright, with bold colors and text. The team at Infinity Signs NW can create the perfect grand opening banners to hang outside the new store.

Signage might also include smaller signs or flyers posted around town, or for people on street corners to hold and spin. The more signage used to advertise, the more people will know about the grand opening. Seeing signs more frequently also increases brand awareness and creates a certain excitement for the grand opening event.

  1. Advertising

Advertising is a must for any business. Different businesses will reach their target audience with different forms of advertising. They can use print, yard signs, radio, television, benches, social media, etc. Most new businesses will want to advertise the grand opening using more than one advertising medium.

  1. Promotional Items

People like free stuff. That’s why promotional items work well to attract people to grand openings and other events. Have smaller promotional items, like key chains or bottle openers, on hand to give away to guests when they arrive. A great way to attract an even larger crowd is to create a drawing or contest for visitors to enter. A large gift basket full of promotional items and merchandise from the store makes a great prize for the winner.

The team at Infinity Signs NW can help coordinate all of the grand opening signage and find the perfect promotional products for the event. With the right mix of the three factors mentioned above, any grand opening can be a success.