5 Types of Signage for Retailers

Retail Signs

To attract customers and drives sales, retail businesses need to get noticed. The best way to do that is with signage. Signs are like salespeople, they draw people in, direct them where they need to go, and are informative about the product or business. To do this correctly they need to:

  • Be specific
  • Be simple
  • Include a call to action

However, before creating the sign, retailers have to consider which signage they are going to invest in. Here are five types of signage retailers should consider:

Outdoor Signage

This category encompasses a large variety of signage including sidewalk signs, electronic signs, window signs, banners and more. These signs are often the first chance a retailer has to make an impression and draw customers in to the store.

ADA Signage

Many establishments have to comply by including ADA signage within their store. It also makes everyone feel welcome. ADA signage includes Braille and tactile characters, signs letting people know where an accessible entrance is located and more.

Informational Signage

These signs guide customers by giving them directions, or identifying which department of the store they are in, etc. Customers don’t like getting lost in a store and having to seek out an employee to ask where a certain item would be located. Having effective directional and informational signage will make it easier for customers to find their way around, which helps make their entire experience more pleasant.

Persuasive Signage

This type of signage is often eye-catching and witty, drawing people to a featured item. The signs can influence customers though convincing language or imagery. However, they should not be relied on to be the main signage for a product, they are supplemental.


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