Advertising with Sidewalk Signs

Small businesses in areas with high volume foot traffic often use sidewalk signs for advertising purposes. They can be used to let customers know of a sale, promote restaurant specials, discounts, and more. These practical and affordable signs have many benefits for these businesses.

  1. Attention

Businesses using signage that is purposefully placed outside, increase their sales and profitability according to studies. Sidewalk signs with a clear message will attract customers to the business. To make the sign more readable, leave blank space around the text. Attract more attention with a border around the message.

  1. Changeable

Sidewalk signs with changeable lettering allow the business to create as many different messages as they want. Often sidewalk signs include a section with a chalkboard or whiteboard so a new message can be easily drawn at any time. They are also generally double-sided, giving the business the opportunity to gain exposure from both directions.

  1. Portability

At the end of the day, businesses can bring sidewalk signs inside to protect them from vandalism and the weather. They can also be moved to different locations if needed due to being lightweight. If the sign is not needed, it can be folded flat for storage as well.

  1. Inexpensive

These signs are relatively inexpensive, and can draw a lot of attention from potential customers. After the sign is purchased, it can be used to advertise every day without any additional money being put into it. That’s what make sidewalk signs a good investment for storefronts and other small businesses.

  1. Customization

Most businesses will want to include their business logo in a permanent fashion on their sidewalk sign. However, since many of these signs allow for writing, it gives the business the ability to customize the sign any way they want. They can use colorful markers or chalk, create a border, draw a picture, and more. Customization lets the business show their personality to customers.

Talk to Infinity Signs NW about purchasing a sidewalk sign. They can help direct businesses to one that matches their businesses needs perfectly from the materials it’s made of to the proper size. Visit the Infinity Signs NW website to see more of their sign services.

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