The Popularity of Coolies


One of the specials Infinity Signs NW has for the month of July is coolies. These items have become very popular over the last few years, and have been used in a variety of ways. Coolies keep beverages chilled, and protect the user’s hand from condensation and the cold. Here are some different ways coolies can be utilized:

Promotional Products

For businesses, coolies can be passed out to a large group of people at a convention or other event. Infinity Signs NW can print the company’s logo and slogan on the coolies to help them promote brand awareness.


Coolies have taken over as one of the most popular wedding favors today. They can be personalized with a cute saying, the bride and groom’s name, and the date of the wedding. These favors last a long time, and will remind guests of the wedding whenever they use it.

Company Parties

If the company is hosting an employee sporting event or picnic, why not create some coolies for it? Not only will they commemorate the day, they can help promote brand awareness when the employees use them at a later date.

College Programs

Use coolies to raise college students’ awareness about a certain program on campus. Put the program logo and website or phone number on it so they have a way of getting more information. Sometimes, free promotional items can be the best way to get people’s attention.

Talk to Infinity Signs about creating a coolie design for a special occasion or just to build brand awareness. Don’t have a design in mind? They’re graphic design team can help create the perfect logo and design.

Along with coolies, other specials this month include lip balm, hand sanitizer, and a “stowaway” sign for businesses. Visit their website or call them at (208)473-2916 to get more details.


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