New Sign Considerations

New business owners need to allow room in their budget for an eye catching sign when opening a new storefront. Signs let the public know the business exists, and make an initial impression of the business so make sure to schedule time for careful consideration of the sign design.

When thinking about the type of sign needed for the business, keep these things in mind:

Size and Placement

The size of the sign has a lot to do with the location of the business. If the business is on a road with slower traffic, the sign doesn’t have to be as large as if it was on a road with higher traffic speeds. This is because legibility distance is directly correlated with the speed people are driving. For example, smaller letters become unreadable at speeds of 45 mph.

When deciding where the sign should go, keep in mind other items surrounding the building. Signage needs to be clear of trees, bushes, lampposts, and even other signs. If it’s tucked behind another object people won’t be able to easily read it.


The color of the background and text can have a huge impact on how the sign is received. White or yellow backgrounds are the most readable. Text colors that are easily read include black, dark blue, and red. Also, adding a border around the sign has been shown to help people take in the information 26 percent faster.


Signs should be short and to the point. If there’s too much text on the sign, people will gloss over it and not pay any attention. The goal of signage is to engage the public’s attention, identifying the business location, and highlight a few services. It’s best to avoid trying to explain everything the business has to offer.

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