Advertising with Window Wraps

In buildings with multiple businesses, it can be hard to stand out. One way to catch the public’s eye is with window wraps. Whether it’s for decorative purposes or advertising a sale, a window graphic can draw more attention to the business and provide these benefits:

  1. Brand Building

Window wraps can help a business show off who they are with a logo or slogan, rather than just tell customers the hours of operation like most windows seen on buildings. A creatively designed window graphic by the team at Infinity Signs NW can turn heads and help build a brand.

  1. Enhance Privacy

If the business wants some privacy for their clients, such as a gym or hair salon, window wraps could help. They can be designed to block people from seeing completely in the building, and keep outside distractions from bothering employees as well.

  1. Provide Information

Sometimes a window wrap simply needs to provide information to customers. They can list the hours of operation, which way the door opens, or the services provided.

  1. Promote Specials

If the business is in an area that gets a lot of foot traffic or people driving by, using window decals can be a great way to promote specials. By using bright colors and fun graphics, window wraps can grab attention of passing people and inform them of a sale.

  1. Block the Sun

Windows facing the rising or setting sun can let in blinding light. This can bother both customers and employees. Window wraps can be used to block out some of the sun’s rays and make the building more comfortable. It might even cut down on heating and cooling costs by blocking the sun from heating the building.

Talk to Infinity Signs NW about designing a window wrap for any business or occasion. Their graphic design team can create an eye-catching design or logo to fit a variety of windows.


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