Benefits of Promotional Lanyards

There are a ton of promotional products out there for businesses to take advantage of for marketing purposes. The team at Infinity Signs has a whole catalog of promotional items, but this article is going to focus on lanyards.
Take a look at these five benefits of promotional lanyards:
1. Practical
Lanyards can be used for a variety of things such as keys, flash drives, holding IDs, etc. They are often passed out at conferences or trade shows. A company who is participating in or sponsoring an event should consider handing out promotional lanyards to be used for name tags.
2. Brand Awareness
Obviously the reason companies purchase promotional items is for brand awareness. When designing a lanyard, consider what it will look like from far away. Does it stand out or does it just look plain? Using brighter colors and large logos or lettering can make them stand out and be more recognizable.
3. Cost Effective
Most promotional items are bought in bulk, which helps to cut down on cost. Lanyards come at a reasonable price, making them a cost-effective choice for a business with a small marketing budget.
4. Wide Recognition
Handing out lanyards at promotional events can help the business to target a large number of people in a short amount of time. The lanyard will help people think of that company next time they need the services offered.
5. Increase Revenue
The more people reached, the more people will inquire about the company’s services or products. Investing in promotional items such as lanyards can help a company reach a larger audience at a variety of events.
Visit the Infinity Signs website to see their full catalog of promotional items. Kyle at Infinity Signs can help companies select the right promotional products for their business, whether that is lanyards, pens or one of the many other products available.


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