Getting the Most Out of Real Estate Signs


Real estate signs need to grab people’s attention, whether they are for commercial or residential purposes. Real estate signs are just one type of sign that Infinity Signs can create. To get the most of the real estate signs, try these tips when designing:

  • Use Borders

Borders can be used to direct the eye exactly where it needs to go whether that is the name if the realtor, the price, or the contact information. Use them to box in the most important information.

  • Color Combination

There should be two other colors besides white on the sign. Generally the color combination are decided by the company logo and branding. Use strong colors, but make sure they complement each other well. Avoid using red alone because it can be too alarming to the eye.

  • Graphics

Be sure the logo is large enough for people to see it and recognize it when driving by. Having a larger logo will help potential buyers remember the sign and be able to recall the real estate company. If a new realtor doesn’t have a logo yet, Infinity Signs can help come up with the perfect logo too.

  • Personalize

Unique signs will stand out more than a standard “for sale” sign. The graphic design team at Infinity Signs can help design a unique sign to draw in potential buyers. Signs with a unique twist help potential buyers be able to recall them.

  • Frame

The frame for the sign doesn’t have to just hold the sign up. Frames can also be used to distribute materials such as flyers and brochures.

For unique, personalized real estate signs that will get a property noticed, contact Infinity Signs. Their graphic design team can help design exactly what the realtor dreams up. Or they can work with the realtor to come up with a design to fit their needs.


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