ADA Sign Specifications

When people think of business signs, the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) signs might not be the first thought, but they are important for every business when dealing with the public. ADA signs are building signs specifically designed to provide people with disabilities access to and functionality in business facilities. Without these signs, a business could not only be putting themselves in danger of fines or a lawsuit but people with disabilities will have a difficult, if not impossible, time utilizing the services of the company.

For businesses to be in compliance with the federal law regarding this type of signage, the signs posted in or around the building need to meet the following specifications:

  1. Location of Signs
  • ADA signs that identify rooms must be located adjacent to the door they identify
  • Permanent room signs must be mounted so that the characters are between 48 and 60 inches from the ground
  1. Braille on Signs
  • All ADA signs mist have tactile lettering to assist those with vision impairment
  • Braille must be lowercase except for proper nouns
  • The Braille must but rounded or domed
  1. Fonts/Characters/Backgrounds of Signs
  • The font on ADA signage needs to be a san serif typestyle
  • There must be a minimum of 1/8 inch between adjoining characters
  • The backgrounds and characters on ADA can’t emit a glare
  • Signage with visual characters must have a high light-dark contrast between the characters and the background

This is not a complete list of the ADA signage requirements but is a great place to begin reviewing the existing business signage. Being in compliance with ADA guidelines regarding signage will help businesses avoid government fines or litigation. If the signs are incorrect, a violation could also cause lasting damage to a business’s reputation with the public.

Whether an already existing business needs correct signs or a new business needs to install signs, they should contact Infinity Signs.  The experts at Infinity Signs are aware of the guidelines regarding ADA signage and have experience creating these signs for businesses. For more information on ADA signage for business, contact Infinity Signs.


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