What Business Owners Need To Know About ADA Signage


There are many rules and guidelines business owners must follow from IRS filings to employment laws. At times it can be difficult to keep up with all the regulations. One area often overlooked by small business owners is ADA compliant signage. ADA stands for the American with Disabilities Act and was put in place in the 1990’s to protect the rights of disabled people. It covers things like building accessibility and employment accommodations. Also included are specifics on required ADA signage.

Many business owners are unclear on the specific requirements for ADA signage. For example, people often believe that every sign in the business building must be ADA compliant. This however, is not accurate. There are actually many business signs that are exempt such as temporary signs which are only in place for 7 days or less, signs not in public use areas, company names, logos and business addresses, and parking signs except accessible parking space signs.

On the opposite side, all permanent rooms and spaces are required to have an ADA compliant sign to identify spaces. Signs related to safety such as those identifying exit doors and stairwells are required to be ADA compliant and must include raised characters and Braille copy. Signs that are overhead, are flag-or wall-mounted signs to provide direction or identify a space also need to follow ADA guidelines but are not required to use tactile copy.

In addition to where and when ADA signage must be used, there are specific requirements as to font type and size for lettering and coloring of the signs. ADA signage cannot use italics or script. It must not be highly decorative and the characters must be upper case. Recommended fonts include Arial and Sans Serif. The height and spacing of the letters is also restricted. The minimum height is 5/8” and the maximum is 2”. The spacing between individual raised characters shall be 1/8 inch (3.2 mm) minimum and 4 times the raised character stroke width maximum.

If all of this seems overwhelming, contact Infinity Signs. We can help with all your ADA compliant signage both interior and exterior.