Choosing the Right Promotional Product

At Infinity Signs we really enjoy seeing how companies use promotional products for advertising.  Over the years we have discovered a few ideas of how to create a better return on your investment with promotional products.

Promotional products provide creative ways to get your company name in front of your current customers and attract new customers.  There are a whole world of creative and unique promotional products that, when used correctly, will increase sales and gain more attention than you ever imagined.  There are three basic uses for promotional products: brand awareness, increase sales, and gift giving. Businesses will want to keep their primary objective in mind when selecting the promotional products.

Brand Awareness

Promotional products used for this purpose are either introducing a new company or promoting a new product or service.  We all have experienced receiving an inexpensive pen, poorly designed business cards, flimsy hats, or a plain water bottle.  The purchasing agent bought “on the cheap” hoping for a great ROI, however, is this the first impression you want of your new company?  Remember the quality of the promotional product sends a message about the overall quality of the business.

Increase of Sales

Nearly all companies would like more sales. Choosing the right promotional product can help keep you’re your name in front of your client when they are ready to make their buying decisions. Consider where your potential customer is likely to be located when they are making buying decisions. Are they likely to be in the office, at home, or out and about? Choose a product they are likely to need in the location where the buying decisions are made.

Gift Giving

Business owners often decide to present their customers or employees with a special thank you gift. Careful consideration should be given to selecting the most appropriate gift or promotional product. Selecting a unique item that matches not only your business but the customer or employee personality is ideal. When purchasing gifts for a larger number of people, focus more on the uniqueness of the gift. This is not the place to cut costs though. Better to give a nicer gift to only the top customers than to purchase inexpensive items for everyone.

Right product for the right event

At Infinity Signs NW we have a wide range of promotional products available. Let us help you select the perfect item to promote your business. Using the right product for the right event helps you achieve the goal of why you used the promotional product in the first place.

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What Business Owners Need to Know About Print Marketing

Many business owners find it difficult to prepare printed marketing materials. The fear of being stuck with thousands of printed brochures or postcards with the wrong message, the wrong color scheme or the wrong information often keeps owners from getting started. Here are a few items to keep in mind when considering print marketing materials:

Brand consistency – It takes a lot of effort to create a recognizable brand and even more to maintain it. Identify the company colors by pantone (PMS) or Hex Value to keep a consistent color scheme across all marketing materials. Fonts and verbiage for text should also be uniform throughout the company. For example, the company slogan should be exactly the same on all materials.

Keep it simple – People tend to error on the side of attempting to include too much information for one printed marketing piece. Keeping it simple generally prompts better results. An uncluttered marketing piece is easy for readers to scan which is how most people consume business marketing information.

Logo simplicity – Complex logos with many colors may look nice for some applications but consider how they will look in black and white. Is the logo still recognizable if it’s printed in only 1 or 2 colors? Will it be possible to embroider the logo on items such as hats or shirts? Colors that fade into other colors are not likely to work in all situations. When designing or redesigning a logo, create several versions of the final logo such as a black and white version, a vertically oriented and a horizontally oriented logo.

Words and images – Regardless of whether the printed piece will be a 10 page brochure or a postcard, it should tell a story both in words and images. The old saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words” is true today more than ever. With people seeing thousands of messages a day, it is imperative to create a message in a format where viewers are able to glean the gist of the message with just a quick glance. The correct balance of words and images is essential in accomplishing this goal.

Importance of white space – Often overlooked, white space in a printed piece is nearly as important as the text and images. White space can be used to frame the information and when used correctly it will make the images and content really pop.

Make it measurable – When creating printed marketing materials, consider how the effectiveness of the piece will be measured. Using a discount coupon, a promo code, or a unique phone number are just a few tools available for measuring the effectiveness of the piece.

Be creative – Although most marketing materials come in standard shapes and sizes, a creative shape or texture can make a big difference in getting the materials noticed. Using humor is another creative way to encourage people to look more closely and to share the item with others.

Printing companies are not all created equal – When choosing a company to design or print marketing materials be sure there will be someone available to answer your questions, ideally being able to sit down with the designer to share ideas and perfect the design. Check the quality of the paper to be used to be sure it matches the message being sent. A fabulous design printed on flimsy paper will lose its effectiveness.

The graphic designers at Infinity Signs NW would be happy to help eliminate these concerns by creating the printed materials to match the existing corporate branding. Or if it’s time for a new look, we can help with a new or redesign of your corporate branding materials.