Getting the Most Out of Signage for the New Year

One of the many challenges that business owners face is finding ways to effectively market their companies. They typically want methods that produce results yet fit within their budgets. It’s a good idea for business owners to constantly reevaluate what’s working and what’s not.

The new year is often a good time to examine the effectiveness of print marketing strategies and understand how they are driving sales. Here are some ways to get the most of signage for 2016:

  • Go Digital – Digital signage is ever growing in popularity. Electronic signage includes LED signs and message boards. The nice thing about digital signage is they pull people in with changeable content and interactive features. Moreover, digital signs create engaging experiences for customers and are becoming standard components of modern marketing strategies. They are not just for retail stores and restaurants anymore. In order to stay competitive, small businesses need to start considering more interactive signage and displays.
  • Consider a Vehicle Wrap – Vehicle wraps and graphics are probably the most effective in terms of print advertising. Wraps and graphics are seen by thousands of people every day and people most often can recall advertisements they see on vehicles. Vehicle wraps also last for a long time when properly maintained. For business owners who are worried about the cost of a vehicle wrap, there are many options available including partial vehicle wraps and decals.
  • Update Signage – The beginning of a new year is good time to determine if the current signage is in need of a refresh. Signage wears out over time and might need to be repaired or replaced. If the business is in need of a branding update because their purpose has changed, then their signs also need to be updated.
  • Change Signs that are Confusing – The last thing business owners want to do with their signs is confuse their customers. Signs need to be straightforward in order to attract attention. If signs aren’t drawing people in, it’s time to evaluate what message the signs are trying to get across. Keep in mind what the signs are communicating and what message people are actually receiving from those signs might be two different things.
  • Try Unusual Forms of Print Advertising – Business owners usually stick to print advertising methods that work for others like brochures, outdoor signs, and vehicle graphics. It’s a good idea, however, to think out of the box in order to set oneself apart. Some unusual forms of print advertising include custom wall paper graphics, product wraps, stickers, and unconventional promotional items. Since people are bombarded with thousands of ads every day, all of these things can help people remember the company’s brand.
  • Get Help from a Professional – Even though business owners have to be a jack-of-all trades at times, there are instances where they need help of professionals. The experts of Infinity Signs know how to get the most of out of signage. Start 2016 off right by contacting us for graphic design services as well as sign manufacture and installation.

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