Is it Time for a Signage Update?

One of the challenges business owners face is keeping their signage looking fresh and up-to-date. Both interior and exterior signs wear out over time, and the battle against dirt and dust is never ending. Vehicle wraps are especially vulnerable to pollutants and grime from the road. Wind, rain, and other forces of nature can also cause damage to signage.

When is it time for business owners to consider an update to their signage?

  1. When Their Signage is Looking Old and Faded – It’s important to fix and/or replace old, faded signs before the wear becomes noticeable. Worn out signage only hurts a business and promotes a negative impression of the brand among customers and potential customers.
  2. When Signs are in Need of Cleaning or Repair – Signage takes a beating day after day. Signs that incur damage like rips and tears will need to be fixed or replaced as soon as possible. Signs also tend to accumulate dirt and grime over time. Many business owners opt for a sign maintenance plan so problems can be addressed on a regular basis. A sign maintenance schedule also proactively prolongs the life of signage. Vehicle wraps and graphics need regular washings, at least once a week, to get rid of dirt so that they can look their best.
  3. When Signs are in Need of a Technology Refresh – There may be instances where signs need to be refreshed to incorporate newer forms of technology so they can continue attracting attention. Many businesses are taking advantage of interactive digital signs to get people engaged with their brand. Digital signs can communicate messages in real time and encourage interaction with moving, non-static displays. Digital signage also makes it easier for companies to learn about their customers and create personalized experiences based on their interests.
  4. When Signs are No Longer Effective – The purpose of a sign is to draw people in and create a positive first impression of the business. When a sign no longer fulfills those purposes, it’s time to seriously consider an update. The signage might be confusing for customers. The signs might also fail to represent the business well. If a business has noticed that their sales have reached a plateau or dropped off, it might be time to consider new signs.
  5. When the Company’s Purpose or Direction Has Changed – Many businesses evolve over time to provide different products and services. Sometimes their original purpose develops into something else as they adapt to fit the needs of their customers. When that happens, they may need a new brand to reflect their new purposes. Signage and promotional products will need to be updated with this new branding.

The professionals of Infinity Signs are experts at helping businesses refresh their signage and keep it looking new. Contact us to update signage and to take advantage of our professional sign repair and maintenance services.


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