Choosing Effective Signage

Most small business owners know they need signs for their company. Signs accomplish many purposes including building brand recognition and attracting attention. However, many business owners only think of signs as a way to identify their business. Consequently, they fail to be strategic in using signs for marketing purposes.

When used to market the business, signage has the potential to increase earnings. In order to do so, business owners need to, first of all, recognize that different companies have different signage needs. The type of signs that work for one business might not be as effective for another.

To make sure signage is marketing to the desired target audience, the owner must first determine the category of his or her business. Companies generally fall along a business category spectrum. At one end of the spectrum are the businesses that satisfy specific and infrequent customer needs. These companies include accounting and bookkeeping firms, medical offices and real estate offices.

Businesses of this type need to have signage to develop top-of-mind awareness. In other words, their signs must be designed to build brand awareness so the image can be recalled in customers’ minds when the need for that product or service arises. When the customer walks through the door, he or she has probably already noticed the company’s signs and developed an opinion about the business.

The best signs for companies that need to develop top-of-mind awareness are those that increase recall of a business and its brand.  Electronic message boards and variable message displays are effective at doing this because people will keep looking at these signs to see different messages each time they pass by. Plus, a sign takes on more significance in their minds when it contains information they want.

At the other end of the business category spectrum are the companies that meet general and frequent or impulse needs. These businesses include convenience stores, gas stations, restaurants, hotels, car washes, and grocery stores. Most customers of these businesses make a quick decision whether or not to stop, so the signage needs to be able to reach out and pull people in on the spot.

The best signs for these businesses are those that are eye-catching and contain brief messages that are quickly read and understood. The signs should easily communicate what the business is about and what it is selling. These signs are best when designed for simplicity. The key word, logo, or graphic should be located at the top of the sign and read from left to right. Otherwise, passersby may become confused, and it will take longer for them to get the gist of the sign’s message.

Once a business owner determines the category of his or her business, he or she can be more effective in using signs for marketing the company. Of course, there are businesses that will fall in between these two categories. As a result, some companies will need to use a combination of signage strategies.

For help in developing signs for effective marketing, contact the experts at Infinity Signs. Our professionals understand the different signage needs for businesses.


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