Using Signs to Increase Sales

Increasing sales is a high priority for most business owners. Ask any owner what their goals are for the company and they will more than likely mention something about getting more customers in the door.  Gaining and retaining customers is at the heart of every business, and one of the ways to do this is through effective signage.

The use or misuse of signs can have a large impact on how well the business does. According to a 2012 survey by Ketchum Global Research and Analytics, 76 percent of customers reported that they have chosen to enter a store never visited before based purely on its sign.

Moreover, 68 percent of respondents said that they made purchases of products or services after seeing a sign. About the same number reported that they recommended a store based on its sign.

So how do signs increase sales?  They do this in a variety of ways:

  • Attract Attention – One of the most important functions of a sign is to attract attention so people will be drawn to the store and its products or services. Effective signs are both memorable and attractive and make the reader want to learn more. Business owners can make sure their signs are eye-catching by seeking out the services of graphic design professionals who are knowledgeable about the colors, text, and layout of promotional items.
  • Create Positive First Impressions – It only takes a few seconds to make a positive first impression with signage. According to the Ketchum study, 68 percent of respondents said that a store’s sign is a trustworthy indicator of that company’s products and services. If the signage is professional and pleasing, customers are more likely to visit that business. Alternatively, inadequate signage can hurt a business. About 52 percent of people surveyed said that they are less willing to shop at a store with poorly crafted signs.
  • Make the Business Easy to Find – Signs direct customers to the business and announce its presence. The Ketchum study also found that 60 percent of respondents would not enter a business if a sign was missing from the storefront and that they prefer two or three signs around the storefront.
  • Increase Brand Recognition – Most people need repeated exposure before they remember something. Signs increase recognition among readers by making a company and its brand more memorable. It’s important to keep in mind that consumers are bombarded daily with marketing messages so signs need to work in conjunction with other marketing efforts.
  • Encourage In-Store Sales – In-store advertising and point of sale signs are invaluable for driving purchases. About half of all in-store purchases are made spontaneously and business owners are able to take advantage of this with signs that remind the customer that they need something. Interior signs also draw attention to special promotions, provide information about products, and guide shoppers around the store.

To continue to be effective, signage needs to be kept fresh. The same signage that worked last year might not be as impactful this year. Contact Infinity Signs for updated signs that continue to attract attention and drive sales.


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