Getting the Most Out of Signage for the New Year

One of the many challenges that business owners face is finding ways to effectively market their companies. They typically want methods that produce results yet fit within their budgets. It’s a good idea for business owners to constantly reevaluate what’s working and what’s not.

The new year is often a good time to examine the effectiveness of print marketing strategies and understand how they are driving sales. Here are some ways to get the most of signage for 2016:

  • Go Digital – Digital signage is ever growing in popularity. Electronic signage includes LED signs and message boards. The nice thing about digital signage is they pull people in with changeable content and interactive features. Moreover, digital signs create engaging experiences for customers and are becoming standard components of modern marketing strategies. They are not just for retail stores and restaurants anymore. In order to stay competitive, small businesses need to start considering more interactive signage and displays.
  • Consider a Vehicle Wrap – Vehicle wraps and graphics are probably the most effective in terms of print advertising. Wraps and graphics are seen by thousands of people every day and people most often can recall advertisements they see on vehicles. Vehicle wraps also last for a long time when properly maintained. For business owners who are worried about the cost of a vehicle wrap, there are many options available including partial vehicle wraps and decals.
  • Update Signage – The beginning of a new year is good time to determine if the current signage is in need of a refresh. Signage wears out over time and might need to be repaired or replaced. If the business is in need of a branding update because their purpose has changed, then their signs also need to be updated.
  • Change Signs that are Confusing – The last thing business owners want to do with their signs is confuse their customers. Signs need to be straightforward in order to attract attention. If signs aren’t drawing people in, it’s time to evaluate what message the signs are trying to get across. Keep in mind what the signs are communicating and what message people are actually receiving from those signs might be two different things.
  • Try Unusual Forms of Print Advertising – Business owners usually stick to print advertising methods that work for others like brochures, outdoor signs, and vehicle graphics. It’s a good idea, however, to think out of the box in order to set oneself apart. Some unusual forms of print advertising include custom wall paper graphics, product wraps, stickers, and unconventional promotional items. Since people are bombarded with thousands of ads every day, all of these things can help people remember the company’s brand.
  • Get Help from a Professional – Even though business owners have to be a jack-of-all trades at times, there are instances where they need help of professionals. The experts of Infinity Signs know how to get the most of out of signage. Start 2016 off right by contacting us for graphic design services as well as sign manufacture and installation.

Is it Time for a Signage Update?

One of the challenges business owners face is keeping their signage looking fresh and up-to-date. Both interior and exterior signs wear out over time, and the battle against dirt and dust is never ending. Vehicle wraps are especially vulnerable to pollutants and grime from the road. Wind, rain, and other forces of nature can also cause damage to signage.

When is it time for business owners to consider an update to their signage?

  1. When Their Signage is Looking Old and Faded – It’s important to fix and/or replace old, faded signs before the wear becomes noticeable. Worn out signage only hurts a business and promotes a negative impression of the brand among customers and potential customers.
  2. When Signs are in Need of Cleaning or Repair – Signage takes a beating day after day. Signs that incur damage like rips and tears will need to be fixed or replaced as soon as possible. Signs also tend to accumulate dirt and grime over time. Many business owners opt for a sign maintenance plan so problems can be addressed on a regular basis. A sign maintenance schedule also proactively prolongs the life of signage. Vehicle wraps and graphics need regular washings, at least once a week, to get rid of dirt so that they can look their best.
  3. When Signs are in Need of a Technology Refresh – There may be instances where signs need to be refreshed to incorporate newer forms of technology so they can continue attracting attention. Many businesses are taking advantage of interactive digital signs to get people engaged with their brand. Digital signs can communicate messages in real time and encourage interaction with moving, non-static displays. Digital signage also makes it easier for companies to learn about their customers and create personalized experiences based on their interests.
  4. When Signs are No Longer Effective – The purpose of a sign is to draw people in and create a positive first impression of the business. When a sign no longer fulfills those purposes, it’s time to seriously consider an update. The signage might be confusing for customers. The signs might also fail to represent the business well. If a business has noticed that their sales have reached a plateau or dropped off, it might be time to consider new signs.
  5. When the Company’s Purpose or Direction Has Changed – Many businesses evolve over time to provide different products and services. Sometimes their original purpose develops into something else as they adapt to fit the needs of their customers. When that happens, they may need a new brand to reflect their new purposes. Signage and promotional products will need to be updated with this new branding.

The professionals of Infinity Signs are experts at helping businesses refresh their signage and keep it looking new. Contact us to update signage and to take advantage of our professional sign repair and maintenance services.

Choosing Effective Signage

Most small business owners know they need signs for their company. Signs accomplish many purposes including building brand recognition and attracting attention. However, many business owners only think of signs as a way to identify their business. Consequently, they fail to be strategic in using signs for marketing purposes.

When used to market the business, signage has the potential to increase earnings. In order to do so, business owners need to, first of all, recognize that different companies have different signage needs. The type of signs that work for one business might not be as effective for another.

To make sure signage is marketing to the desired target audience, the owner must first determine the category of his or her business. Companies generally fall along a business category spectrum. At one end of the spectrum are the businesses that satisfy specific and infrequent customer needs. These companies include accounting and bookkeeping firms, medical offices and real estate offices.

Businesses of this type need to have signage to develop top-of-mind awareness. In other words, their signs must be designed to build brand awareness so the image can be recalled in customers’ minds when the need for that product or service arises. When the customer walks through the door, he or she has probably already noticed the company’s signs and developed an opinion about the business.

The best signs for companies that need to develop top-of-mind awareness are those that increase recall of a business and its brand.  Electronic message boards and variable message displays are effective at doing this because people will keep looking at these signs to see different messages each time they pass by. Plus, a sign takes on more significance in their minds when it contains information they want.

At the other end of the business category spectrum are the companies that meet general and frequent or impulse needs. These businesses include convenience stores, gas stations, restaurants, hotels, car washes, and grocery stores. Most customers of these businesses make a quick decision whether or not to stop, so the signage needs to be able to reach out and pull people in on the spot.

The best signs for these businesses are those that are eye-catching and contain brief messages that are quickly read and understood. The signs should easily communicate what the business is about and what it is selling. These signs are best when designed for simplicity. The key word, logo, or graphic should be located at the top of the sign and read from left to right. Otherwise, passersby may become confused, and it will take longer for them to get the gist of the sign’s message.

Once a business owner determines the category of his or her business, he or she can be more effective in using signs for marketing the company. Of course, there are businesses that will fall in between these two categories. As a result, some companies will need to use a combination of signage strategies.

For help in developing signs for effective marketing, contact the experts at Infinity Signs. Our professionals understand the different signage needs for businesses.

Using Signs to Increase Sales

Increasing sales is a high priority for most business owners. Ask any owner what their goals are for the company and they will more than likely mention something about getting more customers in the door.  Gaining and retaining customers is at the heart of every business, and one of the ways to do this is through effective signage.

The use or misuse of signs can have a large impact on how well the business does. According to a 2012 survey by Ketchum Global Research and Analytics, 76 percent of customers reported that they have chosen to enter a store never visited before based purely on its sign.

Moreover, 68 percent of respondents said that they made purchases of products or services after seeing a sign. About the same number reported that they recommended a store based on its sign.

So how do signs increase sales?  They do this in a variety of ways:

  • Attract Attention – One of the most important functions of a sign is to attract attention so people will be drawn to the store and its products or services. Effective signs are both memorable and attractive and make the reader want to learn more. Business owners can make sure their signs are eye-catching by seeking out the services of graphic design professionals who are knowledgeable about the colors, text, and layout of promotional items.
  • Create Positive First Impressions – It only takes a few seconds to make a positive first impression with signage. According to the Ketchum study, 68 percent of respondents said that a store’s sign is a trustworthy indicator of that company’s products and services. If the signage is professional and pleasing, customers are more likely to visit that business. Alternatively, inadequate signage can hurt a business. About 52 percent of people surveyed said that they are less willing to shop at a store with poorly crafted signs.
  • Make the Business Easy to Find – Signs direct customers to the business and announce its presence. The Ketchum study also found that 60 percent of respondents would not enter a business if a sign was missing from the storefront and that they prefer two or three signs around the storefront.
  • Increase Brand Recognition – Most people need repeated exposure before they remember something. Signs increase recognition among readers by making a company and its brand more memorable. It’s important to keep in mind that consumers are bombarded daily with marketing messages so signs need to work in conjunction with other marketing efforts.
  • Encourage In-Store Sales – In-store advertising and point of sale signs are invaluable for driving purchases. About half of all in-store purchases are made spontaneously and business owners are able to take advantage of this with signs that remind the customer that they need something. Interior signs also draw attention to special promotions, provide information about products, and guide shoppers around the store.

To continue to be effective, signage needs to be kept fresh. The same signage that worked last year might not be as impactful this year. Contact Infinity Signs for updated signs that continue to attract attention and drive sales.