5 Items Businesses Need to Begin Marketing Themselves


Starting a new company is an exciting time for the owner or owners. It can also be overwhelming and stressful. New business owners have the responsibility to carry out many different tasks to get their ventures off the ground. One of the most important duties for owners involves marketing and promoting the business, essential activities for its success.

The purpose of promotion is to convey to others the value of the company’s products or services. Owners must continually find ways to market themselves effectively and keep customers coming in. So how can business owners begin spreading the word? What essential items do they need to get underway?

Here are five key marketing items that every owner needs in order to start promoting their business:

  1. Business Logo – Once the owner has decided upon a name, the next step is to decide on the company’s branding and develop a logo. The brand is something that communicates the company’s values and creates trust with consumers. The logo should reflect the company’s branding and follow suitable design principles. Most business owners need the help of a graphic designer or graphic design team in order to obtain a professional logo that may include a relevant tagline or slogan.
  2. Business Cards – Many new owners begin marketing themselves by simply handing out business cards. The company’s name, logo, address, phone number, and website are standard items to include on a business card. Using businesses cards for promotion has many advantages. Business cards are portable and can be easily stored in wallets, purses, and briefcases ready to be given away when the opportunity presents itself. They are also ideal for new business owners on limited marketing budgets as they are inexpensive to make.
  3. Signage – Business owners who locate their companies in physical spaces need professional signs to announce their presence. New business owners often start with at least two signs, one installed on the company building and another sign near the road to draw in passersby. There are a wide variety of signs for business owners to choose from including monument signs, electronic signs, banners, and channel letters. It is important to remember that signage should reflect the look of the company’s other marketing materials.
  4. Flyers and Brochures – Flyers and brochures go beyond the basic business card to give readers more information about the company. Well-designed flyers and brochures are able to be scanned quickly so that consumers get an idea of what the company is all about. They are usually developed with a targeted audience in mind, and the content, layout, and graphics should support the overall message. Whereas flyers are generally one-sided and promote a special event or offer, brochures are printed on both sides and contain folds for multiple pages.
  5. Promotional Items – Pens, t-shirts, mugs, and other promotional items that feature logos and contact information can help business owners create brand recognition for their companies. Promotional items tend to stick around longer than other marketing materials, especially if the object is something that the recipient will use over and over. Promotional items are easy to make and can be given away in a variety of settings like networking events and tradeshows.

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The Power of Promotional Items


Business owners, especially those who are new, often struggle to find different ways of promoting their companies. Since advertising represents a significant investment for small companies, businesses want to get the most bang for their buck. So what advertising options are available for businesses on limited budgets? How can companies begin to promote themselves using strategies that work?

Giving away promotional items provides powerful ways for businesses to begin advertising. The Ad Specialty Institute named promotional products as one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies with the potential to make the highest impact. When businesses hand out free products, those who receive them are more likely to do business with that company. A study done by Baylor University found that companies who used promotional items did 22% more business than those who did not.

Most businesses start promoting themselves with company branded items along with business cards and flyers. These marketing materials are relatively inexpensive and are extremely portable. Owners are able to carry promotional items in their wallets, purses, and briefcases, ready to be handed out whenever and wherever they go.

Promotional items can help businesses accomplish several different purposes.  First of all, they increase brand recognition. As items are passed around, the company’s name, logo, and slogan are seen hundreds, if not thousands, of times, which is very helpful since it usually takes repeated exposure for customers to remember a company.

Promotional items also help open the lines of communication with potential customers and help attract attention. Whereas conventional advertisements, like television and radio spots, only run for a limited amount of time, promotional items tend to stick around longer. A survey done by Promotional Products Association International found that over 90% of respondents had a promotional item in their kitchen.

When it comes to deciding what promotional items to hand out, it makes sense to invest in things that relate to the business. Dentists, for example, love to give away toothbrushes and floss. It is also helpful to give away products that people will actually use. Some of the most popular promotional items are cups and mugs, writing instruments, bags, caps, and shirts, things that people use every day. Branded t-shirts and other clothing items are living, movable advertisements for companies.

Marketing strategies that incorporate promotional items need to be carefully planned. Promotional products should be used with a specific purpose in mind. For businesses to increase the effectiveness of promotional items, it also helps to target a particular audience.

Promotional items should be neatly incorporated into all the other aspects of a company’s marketing program. When all the business marketing materials, including things like flyers and product packaging, are linked together by the same logos and color schemes, the company creates a powerful and instantly recognizable brand.

The design team at Infinity Signs is passionate about helping businesses develop their brand and promote themselves.  We offer a variety of ways for companies to get started including promotional products that aid in getting companies noticed.

Benefits of Digital Signage

Signs are often used by business owners as traditional ways to advertise their products and services. A digital or electronic sign is one type of signage that is becoming more and more popular. Digital signage can be defined as a specialized form of promotion that uses multimedia content for advertising purposes. Examples of digital signs can be found in many places including airports and shopping malls.

There many are reasons behind the growing popularity of electronic signs for promotion. The most important benefit is that the information broadcast on digital signs can easily be changed. Unlike static displays, digital signage allows users to make frequent, rapid modifications to the message it conveys. Digital or electronic signs help cut down on waste and make companies more environmentally friendly too. The ability to quickly make modifications to a sign is especially important in industries like restaurant and retail establishments where elements change quickly.

Electronics signs can be used for many different purposes such as offering additional content for customers. Patients in a doctor’s office, for example, can use electronic signs to learn more about healthy living, and concert attendees can learn about and purchase tickets for upcoming performances. Digital signs are extremely versatile and allow messages to be tailored to particular audiences.

Moreover, businesses can increase their revenue by highlighting specials and featured items with digital signs. They can be placed either in-store to entertain customers or outside to drive traffic into the building. In-store customers and walk-ins might be persuaded to make additional purchases as a result of digital advertisements, improving the company’s upselling power. In addition, digital signs often take up less space than traditional print signs.

Interactive and dynamic displays also tend to attract more consumers. These displays can enhance the customers’ experiences, making a positive impression on them so they want to return. Studies show about 47% of audiences retain the information they received from a digital sign a month after being exposed.

In addition, digital signs can help with cross promotion and enhance the marketing efforts of other mediums. It might be helpful for some businesses to set up digital signs that display examples of their work. They can use photographs, testimonials, and even social media on their electronic signs as proof of the quality of products and services they offer. To help increase brand recognition, many businesses use digital signs in conjunction with other advertisements.

Digital signs have many advantages over traditional print signs. Infinity Signs offers the design and installation of electronic signs to help businesses market more effectively.