5 Signage Mistakes to Avoid

An example of a clean, easily readable sign created by Infinity Signs
An example of a clean, easily readable sign created by Infinity Signs

The main purpose behind creating a business sign is to make a positive impression on potential customers. An attractive sign goes a long way in drawing customers in because it is often the first item people notice. On the other hand, a poorly designed sign can repel or deter potential customers. Professional signage will inspire trust and confidence in the company behind the design.

There are some considerations business owners should keep in mind when deciding what their signs should look like including what not to do. Here are some of the most common signage mistakes:

  • Trying to Do Too Much – A sign should have one primary function and focus on that function alone. Some signs try to convey too much information all at once in an effort to make the sign stand out. The result is an unattractive sign that does not convey what the sign intends to get across. Passersby end up confused. Generally speaking, when it comes to signs, less is more.
  • Not Readable – Sometimes signs are just too hard to read. Many business owners make this mistake when it comes to street signs. The rule of thumb is that one inch of letter height equates to 10 feet of viewing distance. In order for people to read a sign, the text must be large enough to read clearly. It is also important to use a readable font for the text. Fancy script and gothic fonts are not recommended for signs because they are difficult to read, especially for people passing by in a vehicle.
  • A Lack of Consistency with Other Signage – It is always nice to have signs that are consistent with the company’s other promotional materials and branding. Even if a small business does not have an established brand, using similar fonts and colors will enhance the company’s image and work to create brand recognition as well as giving them credibility. This applies to digital marketing materials as well.
  • Improper Signage Installation and Maintenance – Nothing hurts credibility more than to have a sign that is damaged, dirty, or crooked. Business owners should inspect their signs on a regular basis in order to keep them looking the best. Make sure that banners are straight and not twisted or folded and lighted signs are fully lit. Take some time to remove dirt and other pollutants from exterior signs and vehicle wraps that are heavily exposed to contaminants on a regular basis. Damaged signs need to replaced or repaired as soon as possible.
  • Not Getting Help from Professionals – It makes sense to employ the help of professionals when creating a sign to get the job done right the first time. Signage experts have the knowledge and skills to avoid many of these common mistakes. At Infinity Signs, our sign making team has over 30 years of combined experience with graphic design, installation, and repair.

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