Integrating Print Advertising into Your Marketing Strategy

One of the most important activities that businesses engage in is that of marketing. Marketing is the process of communicating the value of a product or service to potential customers, and it can take a variety of different forms. Building a positive impression of one’s business takes place through several different mediums including print advertising, the company’s online presence, and even how the employees interact with customers.

A business must consider the use of print advertising for marketing purposes. Traditional methods of print advertising include the development of billboards, exterior and interior signs, tradeshow displays, brochures, business cards, banners, decals, and vehicle wraps. These offline advertisements are meant to catch the consumer’s eye and build brand recognition. The overall goal is to educate potential customers about benefits of choosing the business to meet their specific needs.

Integrating print advertising into one’s marketing strategy is not hard but it must be done intentionally. It doesn’t make sense to spend money on advertising that does not appeal to the target audience. Consequently, the first step is to determine who the target audience is and then understanding their particular desires, interests, and needs. A marketing strategy must also identify what their potential objections are. Objections are what keep an individual from purchasing a product or service.

Advertising can then be developed that informs the target audience on how the business meets those needs and overcomes those potential objections. For print advertising to be effective, it must first of all be creative and aesthetically pleasing. All of the details that go into designing a print advertisement like color, font size, and texture matter to consumers.

Prints ads also need to be attention-grabbing and informative. They should prompt the consumer to take some sort of action in response to seeing the advertisement. One way that print advertising can spur consumers into action is by integrating with the company’s online presence. For example, more and more businesses are including links to their website and social media accounts on print ads. QR codes can be added to printed items so that users of mobile devices can quickly access additional content.

Along with other forms of marketing, print advertising can be used to create a consistent brand for any business. That means that the company’s printed items should be composed of a memorable slogan, logo, and other graphical elements like colors and fonts. When these components are blended neatly with the company’s online presence, the brand is reinforced in the minds of potential customers. Consequently, the various individuals on the marketing team have to be on the same page when it comes to promoting the company’s brand.

It makes sense for businesses to not rely solely on one form of marketing but use several different forms for maximum effectiveness. Print is an effective form of advertising that should be part of any business’s marketing strategy. The experts at Infinity Signs are here to help with everything from business card and logo design to interior and exterior business signage. Contact Infinity Signs today to get started!


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