5 Signage Mistakes to Avoid

An example of a clean, easily readable sign created by Infinity Signs
An example of a clean, easily readable sign created by Infinity Signs

The main purpose behind creating a business sign is to make a positive impression on potential customers. An attractive sign goes a long way in drawing customers in because it is often the first item people notice. On the other hand, a poorly designed sign can repel or deter potential customers. Professional signage will inspire trust and confidence in the company behind the design.

There are some considerations business owners should keep in mind when deciding what their signs should look like including what not to do. Here are some of the most common signage mistakes:

  • Trying to Do Too Much – A sign should have one primary function and focus on that function alone. Some signs try to convey too much information all at once in an effort to make the sign stand out. The result is an unattractive sign that does not convey what the sign intends to get across. Passersby end up confused. Generally speaking, when it comes to signs, less is more.
  • Not Readable – Sometimes signs are just too hard to read. Many business owners make this mistake when it comes to street signs. The rule of thumb is that one inch of letter height equates to 10 feet of viewing distance. In order for people to read a sign, the text must be large enough to read clearly. It is also important to use a readable font for the text. Fancy script and gothic fonts are not recommended for signs because they are difficult to read, especially for people passing by in a vehicle.
  • A Lack of Consistency with Other Signage – It is always nice to have signs that are consistent with the company’s other promotional materials and branding. Even if a small business does not have an established brand, using similar fonts and colors will enhance the company’s image and work to create brand recognition as well as giving them credibility. This applies to digital marketing materials as well.
  • Improper Signage Installation and Maintenance – Nothing hurts credibility more than to have a sign that is damaged, dirty, or crooked. Business owners should inspect their signs on a regular basis in order to keep them looking the best. Make sure that banners are straight and not twisted or folded and lighted signs are fully lit. Take some time to remove dirt and other pollutants from exterior signs and vehicle wraps that are heavily exposed to contaminants on a regular basis. Damaged signs need to replaced or repaired as soon as possible.
  • Not Getting Help from Professionals – It makes sense to employ the help of professionals when creating a sign to get the job done right the first time. Signage experts have the knowledge and skills to avoid many of these common mistakes. At Infinity Signs, our sign making team has over 30 years of combined experience with graphic design, installation, and repair.

Taking Care of a Vehicle Wrap

For business owners, a valuable tool for marketing their products and services is a professional vehicle wrap. Vehicle wraps are important because they are seen by thousands of people every day. Once a vehicle wrap is installed, though, it is essential to take care of it. Regular cleaning and maintenance of the wrap will help to extend its life for years to come and minimize the effects of wear and tear.

The maintenance of a vehicle wrap will keep the graphic looking its best. No one wants a dull, faded wrap which can be difficult to read. Plus, businesses want to make sure their wrap is looking great because it is a reflection upon the company itself. A clean, professional vehicle wrap will make the right impression to potential customers.

One of the best ways to extend the life of a vehicle wrap is to keep it clean. Wash it at least once a week to get rid of dirt, grime, dust, bird poop, and other pollutants. The wrap might need a thorough cleaning more often depending on how much it is exposed to contaminants. Hand washing the wrap is recommended over using a car wash. Cash washes can sometimes damage the wrap because of the use of harsh brushes and waxing.

To wash the wrap by hand, first rinse the vehicle with clean water. Gently scrub the wrap with a mild automotive detergent using a soft, clean cloth or sponge. Rinse the graphic completely when finished. Allow the wrap to air dry or hand dry it using a clean, microfiber cloth. To minimize fading from exposure to the sun, keep the wrapped vehicle in the garage or shade when not in use.

Insurance coverage should also be added to cover the vehicle wrap in case of an accident or vandalism. Wraps are not automatically covered by insurance agencies if you are involved in an accident. Once a wrap has been installed on a vehicle, the automobile insurance carrier needs to be informed. It is easy to add a wrap to an existing insurance policy just like any other custom modification.

To add the wrap to a policy, the individual’s insurance agent will need basic information about the wrap. They usually only want a copy of the invoice that shows the type of materials used for the wrap, the date the wrap was installed, and the cost. It is also recommended to take photos of all sides of the wrap and keep the photos with the original invoice for safekeeping. Copies of the photos can be given to the insurance agency as well.

If a vehicle wrap is damaged, the professionals of Infinity Signs are available to repair it. We offer wrap maintenance and repair so the vehicle wrap can look its best. We also are happy to provide detailed information about the vehicle wrap and installation so that it can be covered under an insurance policy.

The Installation of a Vehicle Wrap

Vehicle wraps, graphic designs installed on the outside of an automobile, boat, trailer or motorcycle, are fun, colorful ways to advertise your company. These designs can also be customized to fit your company’s branding and include the contact information of your business. Vehicle wraps are effective ways to spread the word about your company as you drive all over town.

The good news is that modern technology has made it much easier to do vehicle wraps at affordable prices. Still, the installation of a vehicle wrap takes a large amount of time and effort. It can take anywhere from six to 10 hours to wrap a vehicle, depending on how difficult the project is. Plus, the right tools are required in order to cut down on air bubbles and crooked lines. Tools that are needed for a vehicle wrap include:

  • Masking tape
  • A Squeegee
  • A Tape Measure
  • Razor Knife
  • Heat Gun

A high-quality vehicle wrap begins with the selection of quality materials. Vinyl is a popular choice for wraps because of its ability to be molded around curves and edges. It is also relatively inexpensive and can be removed later on. Plus, vinyl wrap can help to protect the vehicle from chips, scratches, and fading caused by sunlight.

Once the material has been selected, the vehicle can then be prepped for the wrap. This involves a thorough cleaning and the removal of any dirt and grease on the vehicle’s surface. Washing the vehicle ensures that the graphics will stick properly. A commercial detergent and water can do job the effectively, and many sign companies also apply a mix of rubbing alcohol and water to remove dirt and oil.

The vehicle should be allowed to dry completely before moving to the next step. It can be helpful to remove mirrors, wipers, and molding to make the job easier. It is also helpful to do the wrap indoors so that the temperature can be controlled. Wrapping a vehicle indoors also cuts down on contaminants like dust. Some types of vinyl adhere the best in certain temperatures.

After the vehicle has been prepped, it’s time to apply the graphic. A measuring tape is used to determine the proper dimensions of the vinyl for the vehicle. The vinyl can then be positioned on the surface of vehicle with masking tape to hold it in place. The backing is removed section by section as the vinyl is then applied to the vehicle.

The next step is smoothing out the vinyl with a squeegee. This will help to get rid of any air bubbles created when applying the wrap. Any wrinkles in the vinyl can also be removed by applying heat. Heat works well for wrinkles around corners and curves. Any excess wrap is often removed with a small razor knife.

Producing and installing a high-quality vehicle wrap takes a good measure of skill. It is best to seek the help of a professional. At Infinity Signs, our experts are experienced in vehicle wraps. We will make sure your vehicle wrap installation is of the highest quality.

Integrating Print Advertising into Your Marketing Strategy

One of the most important activities that businesses engage in is that of marketing. Marketing is the process of communicating the value of a product or service to potential customers, and it can take a variety of different forms. Building a positive impression of one’s business takes place through several different mediums including print advertising, the company’s online presence, and even how the employees interact with customers.

A business must consider the use of print advertising for marketing purposes. Traditional methods of print advertising include the development of billboards, exterior and interior signs, tradeshow displays, brochures, business cards, banners, decals, and vehicle wraps. These offline advertisements are meant to catch the consumer’s eye and build brand recognition. The overall goal is to educate potential customers about benefits of choosing the business to meet their specific needs.

Integrating print advertising into one’s marketing strategy is not hard but it must be done intentionally. It doesn’t make sense to spend money on advertising that does not appeal to the target audience. Consequently, the first step is to determine who the target audience is and then understanding their particular desires, interests, and needs. A marketing strategy must also identify what their potential objections are. Objections are what keep an individual from purchasing a product or service.

Advertising can then be developed that informs the target audience on how the business meets those needs and overcomes those potential objections. For print advertising to be effective, it must first of all be creative and aesthetically pleasing. All of the details that go into designing a print advertisement like color, font size, and texture matter to consumers.

Prints ads also need to be attention-grabbing and informative. They should prompt the consumer to take some sort of action in response to seeing the advertisement. One way that print advertising can spur consumers into action is by integrating with the company’s online presence. For example, more and more businesses are including links to their website and social media accounts on print ads. QR codes can be added to printed items so that users of mobile devices can quickly access additional content.

Along with other forms of marketing, print advertising can be used to create a consistent brand for any business. That means that the company’s printed items should be composed of a memorable slogan, logo, and other graphical elements like colors and fonts. When these components are blended neatly with the company’s online presence, the brand is reinforced in the minds of potential customers. Consequently, the various individuals on the marketing team have to be on the same page when it comes to promoting the company’s brand.

It makes sense for businesses to not rely solely on one form of marketing but use several different forms for maximum effectiveness. Print is an effective form of advertising that should be part of any business’s marketing strategy. The experts at Infinity Signs are here to help with everything from business card and logo design to interior and exterior business signage. Contact Infinity Signs today to get started!